Angel's Watch

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Chapter 29 (v.1) - Out of town

Submitted: November 14, 2010

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Submitted: November 14, 2010



………………. “Rhia wait” Levi ran after me “Rhia”
“I can’t believe I did that” my heart was in my mouth and the tears stung my eyes.
“Rhiannon” Levi caught up to me “It can be saved”
“I broke it, shattered it… I was so stupid, I don’t deserve his memory” Levi grabbed me and held me tightly.
“Yes you do, you loved him and you had a baby with him and he loved you” He made me look at him “Rhia you’re a good person that bad things have happened to and the stuff on your phone, I’m sure can be retrieved”
“I’m scared without it I’ll forget the sound of his voice” I buried my head in Levi’s Jacket
“Its okay” he soothed “But this is another reason for you to let your friends help you and for you to lean on us” he rocked me slightly as he held me “I promise you we’ll get the voicemail back and the pictures” he murmured.
“Look do you trust me?”
“I…” I must trust him to a point if I’d told him almost everything of my life “Yes” I all but whispered, another wave of guilt washing over me as I stood in Levi’s arms while talking about Ethan. I pulled back from him and looked down.
“Let me take the pieces of your phone” Levi lifted my chin a slight look of confusion written on his face at me backing away from him. But he carried on talking “I know someone that works wonders with electronics” he gave me a reassuring smile.
“Rhia please” he almost begged me “I want to help you to stop hurting at least a little” I nodded before looking back down feeling vulnerable and empty. “Come here” he moved forward and hugged me pressing his lips against my temple, I froze, if he noticed he didn’t let it show. “It’s getting cold out here, lets go back to your apartment and warm up” I moved away from him again and started across the parking lot and up the stairs. I pushed open the door. Evan walked out of the kitchen.
“Hey we wondered where you’d gone” he tipped his head to the side “I have to run and get to the farm and Kelly went down to her place to grab a shower and she’s taking your shift for you at the store” he grabbed his jacket “We love you” he dropped a brotherly kiss on my head “See you later” he looked across at Levi “Look after her”
“I will” Levi smiled closing the door after Evan. I went over to the pieces of my phone and closed my eyes trying to remember the sound of Ethan’s voice. I jumped as warm hands were put on my shoulders. “Come with me while I take the phone to get it looked at”  I moved away and into the kitchen to get a zip lock bag I handed it to Levi and watched as he carefully placed the broken pieces inside.
“Where are you taking it?”
“Well we’ll have to drive down to Madison and go see my family” he closed it and placed it down “My Brother can do wonders with stuff like this”
“I can stay here” I walked over to the coffee pot and poured two cups.
“Rhia, right now do you really feel like being alone?” I kept my back to him “We can go down there now and come back tomorrow”
“I… I” I truly was lost for an excuse. My head was mixed up and my heart was aching with all the raw emotion.
“Let’s get you out of here for a while it’ might be a good thing for you” he reached round me and took one of the coffee’s
“Fine: I nodded.
“Go grab an overnight bag while I make a couple of calls” I walked out to my room and pulled some clothes from my dresser and put them into an backpack. Levi was on his phone as I came out. “Sure Mom it’ be a couple of hours and we’ll go right to Isaac’s office” he looked at me and smiled warmly. “Oh Jeez Mom… no the guest room will be fine” he flushed a little pink “I love you too” he hung up “All ready to go” I nodded and he took my bag.
“I didn’t think we’d be stying with your family” I commented as I followed him out to his truck.
“You wait till you meet my Mom theres noway we could have gone down there and stayed somewhere other than their house you should have seen how much she fought with me when I moved across town with my friends to an apartment” Levi settled back as he drove out onto the highway “I was born and raised in Madison and she thought because if we lived in the biggest college town in Wisconsin that when me and my Brother and my sister when she graduates high school we’d all stay at home and go to school”
“And you and your brother left home?”
“Yup, Isaac left when he was a sophomore but I moved out as a freshman” He looked over at me and smiled “and Avery is planning on leaving as soon as she can only she wants to move in with her boyfriend”
“How old is she?”
“She’s a Junior and just turned 17” he smiled “And mom and Dad have this thing about her boyfriend”

“Don’t they like him”
“No the opposite they love him it’s the son of one of their best friends” He glanced across at me as I yawned. “I don’t mind if you want to close your eyes and go to sleep” he reached for the radio and turned it on low. I don’t think you got much sleep last night” I nodded and leant back and watched the road my eyes getting heavier and heavier before blackness pulled me under………………

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