Angel's Watch

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Snow plow

Submitted: October 15, 2010

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Submitted: October 15, 2010



………………I was behind the bar refilling a pitcher as Kelly walked back in grabbing two more empty ones as she walked by the pool tables.
“You are so going to tell me who it was and when you had time” she laughed hip bumping me.
‘Maybe” I winked picking up the pitchers and walking them back over to the guys.
“Oh come on something like that is news round here”
“exactly why I don’t say anything” I smiled back and batted my eye lashes. I looked over to where Gredin was sitting in between Walt and Kent laughing and chatting his expensive jacket slung over the back of the stool he was sitting on and sleeves on the white shirt pushed up showing one hell of an expensive watch and an obvious spray tan which made em giggle to myself wondering how whait his ass would be.
“You know you kinda look a little crazy when you stand there with two pitchers of beer and laughing to your self” I jumped at the sound of the guy that had first ordered the drinks.
“Well I guess my friend would say in a little cuckoo” I looked at at him
‘Huh a little yuour a fruitbat of the highest order” Kelly jeered walking behind be to the juke box on the wall
“Hey who said you were my friend”
“you did yesterday when you’d run out of coffee” she stuck her tongue out at me.
‘Okay you got me there” I put down the beer and walked over to her resting my head on her shoulder.
“before you ask yes I’ve put on Nickelback and yes you also have to listen to some country”
“I wasn’t goiong to say anything”
“Liar” she hit some buttons on it and watched as the C.D. moved into place “We really need to get Nick to invest in a digital one of these”
“Yeah right considering we’re the only ones that ever put music on” I walked away and wiped over some tables.
“Hey Miss are you still doing food” I got a poke in the butt cheek with a pool cue.
“we are but if you poke me with that again I’ll have to put it wherethe sun don’t shine”
“Oooo fiesty” he laughed “But I apologize”
“It’s okay just don’t step out of line again” the door opened letting in a huge flurry of snow.
“Evan close the god damn door” Kelly yelled shivering as she turned round.
“Damn let me walk throught he damn thing first and by the way your cars snowed in Rhia.
“How the hell does my car get snowed in it was 3 inches deep when I last went out there”
“Looks like someone plowed up to it” he shrugged shaking the snow from his hair. I reached over the bars for ome menus handing them over to the guys round the pool table before hurrying out side sure enough there was at least 4 feet of snow piled up round the back of my car no way I was going to back out of there and with one 6 inch clearence to the wall of the bar at the front I was stuck I looked round the parking lot mine was the only one snow bound I peered round the far side to see the plow coveredin snow attaced the the front of Evan’s new pick up.
“Wow the snow drops fast round here” I looked round at the huge smile and blue eyes of the guy with the pool cue.
“Yeah you think” I ground my teeth together “I’m really sorry about the poking with the cue can I buy you a drink to make up for it?” I took a deep breath and looked back my my car “Sure can you give me a couple of minutes” he nodded I waited till he went back inside before I walked over to evan’s truck knowing full well he kept his keys under his seat I reached in and took them closing the door and locking it I pushed the keys in to the pocket of my jeans and stomped the sonw off me as I went back inside.
“If you’d have asked I would have let yu borrow my jacket” Greydin said as I bumped intohis as he came from the bathroom.
“I didn’t expect to be outside so long” I sighed feeling my cheeks burn with the heat inside of the bar after the chill outside.
 “So my Grandpa seems to think you’re single and wouldn’t mind going out for dinner withme if I asked you” My mouth fell open and I looked round at Waly who was watching us with Kent, both of them quickly turning round and pretending to watch the game.
“Yeah well your grandpa will get is ass kicked if he keeps trying to fix me up with every male under the age of 30 in this town” I called out loud enough for Walt to hear . Greaydin started to laugh.
‘Ahh now there’s the difference I’m not from here”
“No and I’m not opting for a one night stand either” I said bluntly.
“Okay but I was offering you dinner not my body” He cocked his head to the side the same way his Grandpa did when he was trying to get something from someone.
“Damn you have a quick tongue” I shook my head
“So my last girl told me but the offer is still dinner”
“I don…” I shook my head “I have to get back to work” I walked round him and poke Walt in the ribs as I walked by him.
Don’t you what me” I scolded as soon as I’ve cleaned the glasses I’m so calling your wife” I walked over to the dishwasher and tried to ignore the eyes that seemed to be burning into me . I’d forgotten I was mad with Evan for plowing me in, I’d forgotten that the guy playing pool had offered me a drink. For the first time in years I was actually at a loss for something to say to a guy.
“So what was Mr. Rolex talking to you about” Kelly whispered in my ear.
“Well I think I was asked on a date and I think he was trying to brag about how good he is in bed” Kelly choked as she took a drink of her soda.
“Well I wouldn’t say no to giving him a test drive”
“You need to be caerful you’re going to get a reputation if you carry on like that” I pointed out.
“I’m teasing” she held up here hands I’m just board with the guys round here I grew up with them and went to school with them they ain’t nothing special”
‘And you think some big shot from the city would be I leant with my back against the bar and shook my head
‘No just different” she pouted.
“Yeah different because it’s easier to use people when you can get lost in a crowd, here 90% of people are the person that you meet not two faced not egotistical” I glanced over to Greydin who was now watching both of us. “Look see the watch in his wrist it’s $8,000 the car parked out side wouldn’t give you change out of $50,000 and the suit easily $4,000” she looked at me and then at Greydin “If you want that false sort of life then you ask him on a date I grew up watching people like that and I hate it… it’s false and it’s wrong” I turned away as image  of my Dad’s arm wearing a Rolex along with Mom with diamonds on her fingers and at her ears and throat putting on a front for all the birhtday’s and christmases came into my mind. I rested my hands on the bar.
“so you going to let me buy you a drink?”……………………………

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