Angel's Watch

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Chapter 30 (v.1) - Big Bro

Submitted: November 15, 2010

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Submitted: November 15, 2010



.................. I slept fitfully for most of the journey the sounds of the radio were the only sound other than the wheels of the SUV on the wet road. I rubbed my eyes as we came up on the outskirts of Madison and stretched.
“Feel any better?” Levi asked as he slowed as he reached the off ramp.
“I think so” I rubbed my neck “can I ask you something?”
“Why aren’t we staying in the place where you live with your friends?”
“Well I gave up the apartment when I came back to see you” he looked at me as we waited at the lights. “I don’t know what it was… well a mix of meeting you and Evan and now Kelly and I really, really liked the town you live in”
“so you gave up your apartment all for that?”
“Yep I’m ready to be done with school and ready to find a job” he shrugged as we pulled away from the lights heading deeper into the city. “I plan on graduating early and getting a head start on all the other people that will be going after the teaching jobs in the state” We pulled into a parking lot across the street from a grey building he turned off the engine and turned to look at me “You’re alright with me coming up there aren’t you?”
“It’s your choice as to what you do and where you do it Levi” I put my hand on the door handle “It shouldn’t matter what I think” I opened the door and waited at the front of the car for him.
“I sort of think I does matter what you think” he stopped and looked at me “I like the opinion of my friends”
“Okay we only have one high school in the town so it limits you” I shrugged “But whatever you decide you have to make the right choice in here” I tapped his head “and in here” I pointed to his heart “You have to make yourself happy” he started to laugh “What?”
“The advice you’re giving is advice that you need to take yourself” I moved my hand away from h is chest.
“Sometimes it’s easier to give it than take it” I pushed my hands into my pockets.
“Lets go see my big brother” I could tell he wanted to say something else but he held back we walked out of the garage and across the street I stopped at the door “You okay?”
“This is the FBI building?” I pulled a face as I looked at the emblem on the wall and etched onto the glass of the doors.
“Yeah they’ve got some of the best geeks on the planet including my brother” he pushed the door open and held it for me to walk inside and over to the desk.
“Can I help you?” the guy behind the desk asked
“Yeah We’re here to see Isaac Becker” Levi smiled “He’s expecting us” the guy picked up a phone and dialed a number while handing Levi a thumb print scanner before handing it to me. He hung up the phone “He’ll be right down and here’s the visitors passes for you”
“Thanks” Levi nodded taking the passes and clipping it onto my hoodie before doing his own the elevator dinged and the doors opened and a guy got out unmistakably like Levi apart from he was in a suit and he had more hair. Levi stepped forward.
“Mom’s pissed with you for leaving the apartment and disappearing to the back of beyond” He laughed as they embraced each other “And for a girl of all things”
“Dude” Levi groaned. “I’d like you to meet a friend fo mine” he moved back from his brother “Rhia this is Isaac, Ike this is Rhiannon Tate” Isaac smiled the same broad smile as Levi.
“Nice to meet you” he shook my hand “Excuse my mouth” he let go of my hand “So what is it you want?” he looked back at Levi. “And lets go up to the office” we walked back over to elevators and got inside.
“Can you take a look at this” Levi pulled the bag from his pocket and handed it to Isaac.
“Okay someone went to town with this didn’t they” Isaac whistled.
“I was slightly angry” I said quietly
“It’s your phone?”
“Yeah, she got a little pissed with the person on the other end of the line and bounced it off a wall” Levi nudged my playfully
“So was it a call from you?” Isaac teased.
“No it was my sister” I chewed my lip nervously the elevator doors opened
“This way” Isaac stepped back allowing me to get off first “So I suppose you want the numbers and stuff like that off of it” he said opene idng a door and pointing at the two chairs on the other side of the desk Levi sat down next to me.
“The numbers I’m not to bothered about” I looked at Levi for support.
“There was a voice mail and some photos on there that Rhia really wants” Levi explained “So do you think you can pull them for us?”
“I’m sure I can” Isaac nodded “Are you staying at the apartment or at Home?”
“Home mom threatened me” Levi nodded “and Avery wanted to talk to me about something” Levi shrugged “and I gave up the apartment” Isaacs eyes flicked to me and then back to his brother.
“So where are you living right now?”
“Jeez Ike you sound like Mom” Levi groaned “I’m a big boy and I can make it on my own”
“I know that… I was just asking” Isaac smiled wryly “I’m going to be coming over for dinner so how about I bring over whatever I’ve managed to get off this” he pointed to the bag.
“Okay” you could hear the irritation in Levi’s voice as he got to his feet.
“Nice to meet you Rhia and I’ll see you at dinner”
“Thank you for helping” I shook his hand.
“You’re welcome” Levi was already standing by the door waiting for me he closed the door behind us and we walked to the elevator.
“I’m sorry about him he’s been a apin in the ass for as long as I can remember” He sighed
“It’s okay at least you trust your family” I watched as Levi closed his eyes and groaned inwardly yes his family were a little over bearing but they wouldn’t stoop to the depths that mine had……………………

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