Angel's Watch

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Chapter 31 (v.1) - What has he said

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Submitted: November 15, 2010



....................... We walked back to the parking garage across the street Levi opened the door for me.
“Rhia I’m sorry if Ike made you feel uncomfortable”
“He didn’t” I shook my head “It was just strange that he’s going to hear Ethan’s voice it’s something I’ve never let anyone do”
“I can stop him if you want” Levi said his eye brows furrowing together
“No” panic edged my tone I clutched Levi’s arm before I regained my senses and let go “I’m sorry” I putmy head in my hands “I think I should really stay at a hotel”
“Yeah right my Mom would make me come and get you” Levi smiled he rubbed my back “You look exhausted again”
“I’ll be okay”
“Well it’s 2 pm so lets go to my Parents house they’ll still be at work and you can take a soak in the tub or have a nap if you want” he said as we pulled out into the city streets.
“So I saw a wedding band on your brothers finger” I wanted to make some conversation to take of how sick I was feeling, with the thought of the message and what Ethan had said to me on it as well as the pictures of Kai.
‘Yeah I have no idea why he’s still wearing it his wife walked out on him 13 months ago and ran off to I think Ohio with his ex partner” Levi explained “She was some slack piece of work I never liked her” I saw the nerve twitch in his cheek. Damn it trust me to bring up something like that.
“Sorry” I looked down and messed with the ring on my hand.
“Is that the ring Ethan…” he hesitated
“No” I shook my head that’s in the box” I swallowed hard “I can’t even open the box and look at it” we pulled into the drive way of a large house and he shut off the engine, We both got out and walked inside the house an old retriever wagged his tail but didn’t get of the large pillow he was lay on. Levi turned to face me and helped me off with my jacket he put it on a hook by the door
“I should stop asking you these sort of questions shouldn’t” He moaned he took my hand and rubbed his thumb over the back of it “I’m trying my best to understand what it must be like to lose what you’ve lost”
“My heart’s broken and I struggle to go day to day, even though I can put on a smile and get on with work inside I’m dying, the night I was with Evan” I looked down “My mind wasn’t thinking straight I wanted to feel something that I hadn’t for a long time and it was the date that we should have been getting married” I looked up at Levi. “I shouldn’t have done it and I shouldn’t have slept with you those two nights”
“Why all I did was hold you” he caught my hand and turned me to face him.
“It feels like I’m being unfaithful” my voice was cracking “every time you touch me or hold me it’s like I’m cheating on Ethan” my free hand went to my mouth I couldn’t believe I’d come out and said it. Levi took a slight step back.
“Why would you think that?” he gabbled
“I don…” the front door opened and there was a shriek and a flash of deep red hair
“I knew you were here already”
“Avery” he hugged his little sister “Shouldn’t you be in school?”
“Study hall and we got the chance to leave” She chattered as a guy walked in with short black hair “See I told you” she poked her tongue out at the guy as he dropped two back packs on the tile floor.
“Hey Chase” Levi shook the guys hand ‘You still putting up with her crap?”
“Yup” he smiled as Avery payfull Gibbs slapped her brother
“So you must be the girl from the bar” Avery beamed a warm friendly smile “Rhianna right?”
“Close it’s Rhiannon” I nodded trying to memory of the half done conversation with Levi to the back of my mind.
“Nice one Levi” Chase laughed walking past us all and going into the kitchen Levi blushed beet red
“I was just about to take Rhia to the guest room” Levi butted in before Avery could say anything else “She’s not feeling to good right now”
“And she’s in the guest room Why?” Avery pulled a face and looked from me to Levi “I thought you said…”
“Okay go and make sure Chase is okay” Levi snapped pushing his sister into the kitchen and turning to me quickly ‘I’ll show you the guest room and you can take that bath or nap” he gabbled taking my bag from me and walking up the stairs I would have killed for a phone right now so I could g find a way to get out of here I felt out of place and awkward. I slowly followed him up the stairs and into a room that was pale blue with a large wood framed bed that looked warm and inviting. Levi put my bag on the top of the comforter. “Er… the bathroom’s through there” he pointed to z door that was slightly ajar.
“Thank you” I nodded
“Again I’m sorry for the mouth my family has my brother and sister tend to put their mouths into gear before their brains when the talk” he smiled I couldn’t look at him there was a awkward pause “Rhia” he took my hand in his again “Can we talk after dinner or something?”
“We’ll see” I nodded he opened his mouth as if he was going to say something but he let go of my hand and walked out closing the door behind him I lay on the bed and tried to compose my thoughts I’d said way more than I wanted too to Levi and from the sounds of it he’d told his family about me which was a really scary thought

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