Angel's Watch

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Chapter 32 (v.1) - Questioned

Submitted: November 16, 2010

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Submitted: November 16, 2010



……………………… I walked into the bathroom and took a hot shower instead of a bath I let the hot water rain down trying to soothe the knotted muscles I had in my shoulders. I stepped out and dried off slipping into clean jeans and a t-shirt I brushed out my hair and sat on the edge of the bed looking out of the window watching the snow falling heavily outside, I wanted to know what Levi had told his family about me. Did they know how much baggage I had? Would they think I was lame for sleeping while my Fiancé and baby boy were lying dead in a wreck? Would they think I wasn’t good enough for their Son? I shook my head why the hell was I even worried if they thought I was good enough for Levi. My head hurt with the tension. I wanted to be home and working in the bar so I could keep busy, I shouldn’t have come here.
Levi walked into the kitchen as the door from the garage opened and his Mom walked in with shopping bags.
“I’m glad you made it here safely before this storm set in” She smiled wrapping Levi in a huge hug “I want to talk to you as well but so does your dad and he’ll be home in about 20 minutes” she moved away from him and started to unload the groceries. “So where is she?”
“Rhia is upstairs she’s tired?”
“You dog” Chase laughed.
“It’s not like that” Levi groaned as Avery started to laugh. “It’s… It’s…” the door opened and Isaac walked in his face filled with concern and anger. “Hey Bro”
“Don’t you hey Bro me” he threw down his bag and yanked out a laptop “What the hell are you getting into?”
“What?” Levi was wide eyed
“I got all the info off of the busted phone listen to this and tell me you ain’t being played” He snapped as he hit a key and a media file began to play.
***Hey baby, well it’s 2 am and we just got in from a call and I wanted you to know I miss you and all I want is to be curled up with you in my arms, you still want to marry me? because I know I love you more than anything and anyone I’m going to grow old with you Miss Tate and when I have someone as hot as you I’ll never need a little blue pill… I’ll see you in the morning and Rhia I love you baby***
There was a stunned silence in the kitchen Levi opened his mouth to say something.
“Wait there’s one more” Isaac held up his hand to his brother
“We shouldn’t be listening to this” Levi snapped trying to stop Isaac from hitting play again but it was too late Ethan’s voice came over again.
***Hey baby, I know you don’t feel well so Ian let me take his car out because Kai was fussy, get some rest okay as soon as he settles I’ll come back to bed, We love you so much talk to you in a short while Baby***
Levi put his hand to his mouth as he realized that was the last call that Ethan had ever made minutes before he and Kai were killed.
“Levi what’s going on?” Avery looked confused.
“You have no right to do that” Levi growled at his brother “I asked you to do something for me I expected at least a little respect” he slammed his hand down on the counter top.
“Screw respect when I think my brother is getting played” Isaac snapped back.
“Er…” Chase coughed making everyone look at him and he nodded toward the doorway where I was standing tears brimming in my eyes as I listened to the voicemails.
“Rhia” Levi looked pained I shook my head.
“I think you need to explain to my brother why you have another man leaving you messages on your cell phone” Isaac snapped stepping in front of his family.
“Isaac” Levi grabbed his brothers arm “Leave her alone she doesn’t have anything to explain”
“I think she does if you want to be with her she needs to own up to being with someone else” Isaac squared up to his brother.
“Back off Ike or you’ll regret it”
“Levi” I stepped forward suddenl;y feeling horrid that I was causing a fight between brothers Levi looked round at me and stepped back from Ike.
“Well” I jumped as there was a snap from a woman that must be Levi’s Mom………………….

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