Angel's Watch

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Chapter 33 (v.1) - Opening wide

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Submitted: November 16, 2010



....................... “If you are using my son then you can leave this house right now young lady” She carried on as Levi walked over to me I looked up at him.
“Mom what is it with you guys I tell you I’m coming home and bringing a friend with me and you all jumped to the conclusion I’m sleeping with her” Levi stood in front of me as if to defend me “I’m not she’s a friend” he looked round as the door opened and his dad walked in and looked shocked “If you can’t respect that some people have some things in their lives that they don’t want to share then I think you’re getting to citified”
“Levi” his Mom stammered
“I asked you to do one small thing for me and you have to stick your damn nose in to it and not think of asking me before you make up your own mind” he poked Isaac in his chest.
“It’s okay” I put my hand on his arm making him look at me
“Rhia I’m so sorry you got treated like this” he rubbed my arms. I looked round at the faces looking back at me. I took a deep breath and stepped round him.
“I can assure you I’m not planning on playing anyone” my voice was shaky Levi rested his hands on my shoulders “I’m sorry to come here and cause problems”
“So do I need to go back to work and do a background check on you?” Isaac asked briskly.
“If you like” I nodded “But all you‘ll find if my Mom shot and killed my Dad before turning the gun on herself” I heard the intake of breath from both Avery and Levi’s Mom.
“You don’t need to explain anything” Levi murmured in my ear.
“I know but you shouldn’t have to defend me against your family” I shrugged
“It still doesn’t explain the guy and the messages” Isaac pushed again
“So help me I’ll put you on your damn ass in a minute” Levi glared at him.
“No that was the man I was supposed to marry” my voice was stronger now the messages were the last ones I had from him before he died with our baby in a car wreck” Isaac took a small step back I felt Levi’s hands move and rub my arms. “Thank you for getting them back for me”
“I’m… I…”
“Dude you should use your damn brain before you open your mouth” Levi said quietly “If anything why didn’t you do the background check before you had to come here”
“Did you know about this” Avery asked.
“Yes I did” Levi nodded “If you’ll excuse us” he put his arm round me and steered me back toward the stairs not saying anything until he closed the door behind us I walked over to the bed and started to put my things into my bag.
“I should have stayed behind” I shook my head
“I’m sorry that he played it for everyone” Levi came over and took the bag from my hands and sat on the bed and looked at me
“I hadn’t listened to the last one for at least 6 months” I sighed “That one is the hardest of all of them” I closed my eyes “I never got to say good bye”
“I know” Levi stood up and pulled me to him and he stroked my hair “I’ll go and get the stuff from Ike and then we can leave if you like” I nodded and sat down on the bed.
“Levi…” he stopped at the door “Why?”
“Just because” he smiled he walked out and closed the door before walking down the stairs where his family were all heatedly whispering. “I hope you guys are happy”
“Why didn’t you tell us?” His Mom said walking over to him “And Isaac was only sticking up for you” Levi looked at Isaac who was sitting next to Avery still with his laptop open in front of him. “And I still want to k now why you’ve dropped out of school and why the hell you’re now living so far away?”
“Okay I haven’t dropped out of school I’m in front of the class and I can finish up my degree without having to be there in class” he looked at her and shook his head. “I found a place I feel happy and comfortable” He leant against the door frame “Yes it has something to do with Rhia but not everything. You guys have no idea how broken that girl is. The guy she was in love with, the guy she had a baby with was killed in a stupid crash in the space of minutes she lost everything”
“She had a baby” Isaac swallowed hard.
“Yes she had a son who was two months old when he died and it was only just over a year ago”
“Oh that poor girl” his Mom looked toward the stairs tears welling in her eyes
“I’m sorry” Isaac stood up and walked over to Levi “I really thought…”
“Yeah do you really think she would have let me take the pieces of her phone to be sorted out if she was still with someone else” Levi held out his hands. Isaac ran his hand through his hair
“No I guess not”
“I’m taking her home”
“She can stay” His mom stepped over to Levi.
“What you don’t know is that until two days ago she told no one about this she has no one other than me and two other friends” Avery leant her head on to Chase.
“What about siblings?” his Dad asked
“She has a Sister who’s married, but her husband from what I know is a dirt bag and he actually gave the keys of his car to Ethan even though he knew the brakes were shot” Levi rubbed the back of his neck.
“He knew and he let a guy take a baby out in it still… Did Ethan know?” Isaac narrowed his eyes
“No he didn’t everyone jumped again as I spoke “He wouldn’t have risked himself and he definatly wouldn’t have risked Kai” I put my bag down “He was a firefighter so he’d seen his fair share of car wrecks”
“I’m sorry I jumped to the wrong idea” Isaac walked over to me “Here’s everything I got from your phone” he handed me a memory stick “And again Rhia I’m truly sorry”…………………….

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