Angel's Watch

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Chapter 34 (v.1) - He'd send you the right person

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Submitted: November 16, 2010



....................... I nodded as I took the memory stick I looked at Levi.
“You all ready to leave?” he smiled weakly
“Yes” I looked at the memory stick on my hand.
“Please don’t go” His Mom walked over “We must have made a really bad impression on you and I swear we’re normally not like this” She smiled. I backed away a little she looked to Levi for help.
“I think we should go” He shrugged “it’s a long ride and it’s been a rough after noon”
“You can’t go while this storm is raging” his dad shook his head “The roads were already bad when I came home and the DOT won’t be keeping up with it right now” Levi looked at me. I nodded
“Okay we’ll stay”
“Thank you” She touched my hand “And I hope you take my apology”
“Mom” Levi tipped his head to the side
“I’ll get dinner sorted” she walked away I didn’t look at anyone”
‘You want to come to my room for a while?” Levi asked turning to face me “I know you’re uncomfortable”
“Sure” I followed him as he picked up my bag and took it down the hall to his room he closed the door. I walked over to his window. “You feel trapped right now don’t you”
“Is it that obvious” I smiled a little looking at him
“You might as well have a neon sign round your neck saying so” he sat on his bed “Can we talk… I know you probably don’t feel like it right now but, I think we need to clear some things up”
“Okay can I use your phone though to call Kelly?”
“I already called her and Evan and told them we were coming here to sort out your phone” I smiled at him
“Thank you”
‘But I will go grab us a couple of beers” he got off the bed ‘can you close the blinds and shut out the cold night” I nodded as he walked out I was pulling the strings to close them.
“Hi” I looked round Avery was stood in the door way “We didn’t really get introduced” she walked in and smiled “I’m Avery I’m Levi’s little sister”
“Rhia” I smiled back at her and diverted my eyes.
“All I want to say is Isaac isn’t really a bad guy and I’m really sorry that you lost…”
“Avery” Levi came to the door
“I was just introducing myself to Rhia” she pouted.
“Yeah well I think she’s had enough of our family for today” he chided.
“Its okay” I said sitting on the edge of his bed “Nice to meet you Avery” She smiled and poked her tongue out at her brother.
“I’ll go and help Mom with Dinner and get Chase to call his parents as they’ve shut the school tomorrow already and Mom said he can stay here the night” she got a twinkle in her eye that made Levi grind his teeth together “I hope you’ve got a good appetite Mom always cooks way too much” she walked out of the room closing the door behind her.
“I’m sorry she snook past me when I was getting these” he lifted the two beer bottle handing one of them off to me. He sat back so he was lay against his pillows I took a drink of the beer.
“I’d kill for a cigarette right now” I curled my legs up and leant against the high foot of the bed.
“You and my Mom will get on she sneaks out to have them when she thinks we’re not looking” he chuckled. He took a mouthful of beer and looked at me. “What you said earlier about it feels like you’re cheating on Ethan when you’re with someone else” I nodded
“He was my first” Levi slightly raised an eye brow “Strange I know a girl being good till she was almost 19 but I wasn’t interested” I shrugged “until I met him and then he changed my life” I played with the edge of the label that was slightly curling on bottle “The only other guy I’ve been with was Evan” Levi sat and watched as I opened up to him more “And like I said my body wanted more that night than my head… hell if it had been you that took me home” I ran my fingers through my hair as he choked on his beer “Sorry what I’m trying to say is I needed to feel that sort of love that night and believe me it’s killing me I did it” I looked up at him his face flushed “And the nights you spent in my bed” I closed my eyes
“I held you to make you feel safe that’s all” I felt him move on the bed and his knee touched mine. I opened my eyes and looked at him he was sitting next to me his knees pressing against mine “Do you really think that Ethan would want you to go through life without friends?” I shook my head and looked down at the beer bottle “Do you really think Ethan would want you to turn into a nun and not try to have a relationship with someone else?” He didn’t give me a chance to say anything else “I can tell how much he loved you and loved your son but I’m sure he’d want you to be happy again and with a guy that understands what you and he had and is happy to be part of you and will never let you forget Ethan or Kai” He took the bottle from me and put it on the floor before lifting my chin with his thumb and forefinger  “You had everything taken away let someone try to give you some of it back… it may take a while for you to love them again but you don’t need to feel guilty for being human and needing human things like the touch of someone” he lifted his other hand and stroked the side of my face with the backs of his fingers “Ethan was someone special and I think he’d make sure he’d send you the right person you have to know you have a guardian angel in him”
“Levi” my voice was nothing more than a croak. There was something in his eyes that made my breath catch in my throat and intensity I’d only ever known once before… every time I looked in Ethan’s eyes……………………..

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