Angel's Watch

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Chapter 35 (v.1) - A smile

Submitted: November 17, 2010

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Submitted: November 17, 2010



………………. My head was reeling as I looked into his eyes after everything he’d just said He smiled weakly at me.
“You don’t need to be alone” he moved his hands from my face and wrapped them round me enveloping me in a hug that made me feel safe. Levi’s bedroom door knocked. He sighed and kissed my head. “Yep” the door opened and Isaac put his head round the door.
“Mom said dinner’s ready”
“Thanks” Levi still held me to him protectivly.
“I’d like to talk to you both after we eat if that’s okay?”
“We’ll see” Levi nodded, Isaac closed the door. “You want to face everyone or do you want me to bring you some food?”
“I’m not…”
“You’re eating Rhia or I’m going to take you to the hospital and get you put on a drip” he took my hand “I promise if you feel out of place I’ll drive through the storm and we’ll go home” I followed him out and back down to the dinning room the smell of pasta and meat sauce filled the air.
“Okay Rhiannon you can sit between Avery and Levi” His mom smiled as she bustled round the table putting out plates “Kyle can you grab the wine from the kitchen counter”
“Yes Honey” Levi’s dad smiled as he walked in with Isaac behind him, isaac had three beers in his hand.
“You don’t seem like a wine kind of girl” he offered me a beer
“thank you” I nodded still not making eye contact with him Levi held out the chair for me I sat down. The chattered round the table was like when I was a kid and things were right with my family, the talk of how everyones day had gone.
“So Rhia Levi said yu work in a bar” his mom said “Is he and his friends as goofy there as they are when they party here”
“They were well be haved and poilte” I answered
“Wow were you with the guys you live with” Isaac pulled a face “because there’s nothig well behaved about you guys”
“Hey I was rasied better and actually I think Rhia and Kelly would have chewed us up and spat us out if we had stepped out of line” Levi laughed “And the two old guys at the end of the bar look like they probably keep a shotgun in their trucks”
“Oh they do and so does Evan” I smiled at Levi
“Where the hell are you living?” Kyle sat back and looked at me
“It’s a small farm town” I looked at him “Everyone knows everyone”
“I grew up in a place like that” Kyle smiled
“Oh here we go” Avery grumbled “I used to walk 3 miles to school in all weathers and I had to work from sun up to sun down” everyone apart from me started to laugh.
“Well I did” Kyle threw his napkin at his daughter “It was a good life not the life you guys all have everythig handed to you”
“Hey Dad that’s not fair” Isaac said as he pushed his empty plate away we worked hard and play hard.
“We raised them with ethics Kyle” Levi’s Mom chasized her husband.
“I’m applying for a job at the high school in the town” Levi said as his mom handed him a slice of apple pie.
“You haven’t graduated yet” Chase pulled a face
“I know but I want to get a head start on every other teacher that’s going to be graduating” Levi leant back and put his arm over the back of my chair “I’m looking at apartments tomorrow afternoon” I could feel eyes on me
“So why there?” Avery asked the question they all wanted to ask.
“I like the town it’s simple and different and the people are genuine and not fake” he shrugged “And there’s some crazy people I met at a bar that I really like being around.
“Like Rhia” Avery giggled
“Rhiannon is one of them” he rubbed my shoulder but her crazy best friend and her boyfriend are insane and really fun drunks” I groaned as I rememebred the drunken phone call I had had with him. “And they have this mad drunk dialing thing they do”
“Okay I think we need to stop with this conversation” I shook my head smiling properly for the first time in days.
“What?” Levi chuckled
“The drunk dialing conversation we had”
“It was a classic” he nodded “Nice to see the smile back” he dropped his voice as the family started talking and laughing about drunk dialing.
“Thanks for what you said before about” I looked down
“You want to go back to my room and talk some more” he moved his chair.
“No I think you gave me enough to think about” he got up
“Okay… lets go into the den and put on a movie”
“I’ll help clear the table first”
“No you won’t honey” Kyle shook his head Polly and I can do it Chase call your parents and tell them that you’ll be staying here… on the couch tonight and Isaaac you too are staying over the weather is to bad”
‘Yes sir” isaac nodded Levi walked ot the door and waited for me.
“So what movie do you feel like watching.
“Anything my heads not in a right place to watch much” I sat on the couch. He grabbed the remote and dumped down next to me. and turned on the TV and flicked through the channels till he found some old movie.
“I’m sorry if I stepped out of line when I was talking about Ethan before”
“You didn’t” I shrugged like I said you gave me something to think about. He looked at me “after he died some old woman stopped me in the store and said that everythign was going to be okay and that she could see I had someone watchiung over me and he would always love me and keep me safe” I rested my head on the back of the couch “It freaked em the hell out at the time because I didn’t know here and she didn’t know me it was so random I pushed it to the back of my mind and then what you said and how you…”
I got coffee” Avery walked in foloowed by everyone else. Levi groaned
“Nice timing sis” he grumbled low. Kyle turned the lights down low as we all settled to watch the movie with Isaac on his laptop while in the recliner, Levi moved my arm and put his head in my lap with out taking his eyes from the screen, I felt a tug on my heart because every time we were together watching TV that’s how Ethan used to lay……………………….

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