Chapter 36: A Dream

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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.................... The movie finished and Levi sat up.
“You have a comfortable lap” he stretched.
“We’re going up to bed guys” Kyle got up and pulled Polly to her feet “Chase you get the couch remember”
“I know” Chase groaned.

“Night guys” we watched as Kyle and Polly left the room.
“You want to go to bed” Levi asked Avery, Chase and Isaac looked at each other “She’s in the spare room” Levi clicked his tongue at them
“Can I talk to you first?” Isaac got up with is computer and walked into the kitchen. Levi walked in with his hand resting gently on the small of my back “I’ve been doing a little bit of digging” Isaac said setting the computer down on the table and turning it to face Levi and I, I felt sick at the image on the screen and turned away.
“If that’s supposed to be a joke then its sick” I snapped
‘I’m sorry I’m in work mode Rhia that accident was horrific” Levi sat down and looked at the computer where there were the accident photos from Ethan’s wreck as well as the coroner’s report and the police report. “You said that your brother-in-law knew that his brakes weren’t working properly right?” I heard the click as Levi closed the screen I turned back round.
“Yeah he knew because he was arguing with my sister right before the police showed up about it” I wrapped my arms round myself “He told her he didn’t care and nothing could happen but he was waiting to call the repair shop to come and collect it to replace the brakes but if Ethan got into a wreck at least the insurance would mean he would get a new car” Levi looked at me horrified.
“Did you tell the police about this?” Isaac said sitting down and beginning to type
“I did but the state I was in my sister said since my parents had died I’d taken to lying about things to cover up my grief” I was literally shaking.
‘So she knew as well that the brakes were dead”
She did but she wasn’t in when Ian told Ethan to take the car because I think… well I hope she would have said something”
“Ike do we have to do this now” Levi got up. And put a protective arm round me.
“No it’s okay I have enough right now” Isaac nodded “Rhia I’m really truly sorry for jumping to the wrong conclusions about you and I’m going to try to make sure that the people that caused this are held accountable” HE got up and crossed the room “try to get some sleep okay” I nodded and allowed Levi to steer me back to the guest room. Unsure of what Isaac was trying to do.
“We’ll try to leave as early as we can in the morning” he said rubbing the chill from my arms.
“Can you stay?” I asked my throat becoming hoarse
“What>” he stopped rubbing.
“Please I don’t want to be alone right now” I rested my head against his broad chest.
“Sure” he hugged me to him “Let me go take a shower and get into some P.J.’s and then I’ll be back” he held my face gently in his hands and lightly brushed his lips against my forehead before walking away toward his room, I went into the room and I pulled on some shorts and a t-shirt that used to be Ethan’s and buried my face in it trying to remember the smell of him.  I lay on the bed and I closed my eyes…….
I could feel the warm sun on my face and I could hear the birds in the trees.
“Hey Baby” I opened my eyes and Ethan sat down next to me, he was fresh and clean from the shower wearing the blue ECFD t-shirt and some jeans, I could feel my heart fluttering wildly “Have I told you how beautiful you are today?” his lips brushed mine
“But the accident… Kai” I stammered
“It’s okay Kai’s fine he looks like you which makes me smile every day” Ethan hands held mine “We’re both fine but worried about you” he moved one of his hands and touched the side of my face, I leant my cheek into his hand he felt warm and I could feel the rough calluses that I always teased him about from the work he did at the fire department “Rhia what happened to the tough determind woman I fell in love with?”
“I lost everything that I loved without a chance for saying goodbye, I didn’t get to kiss you or hold Kai before you were gone and now I feel alone” I felt the tears roll down my cheek” he pressed his lips to my cheeks and kissed away the tears
“You’re never alone, I hear you when you talk to me and I kiss Kai for you every time you ask me to” He soothed “But baby you can’t put your life on hold there a good people out there that would love you like I did and that’s what you need”
“I don’t want to forget you”
“Come on baby you know I’m to unforgettable” he chuckled “You don’t have to forget me” he became serious “te people that are close to you right now won’t let you forget they’re good people baby and they do love you”
“I’m sorry about what happened with Evan”
“Hey don’t apologize” he rubbed my cheek again with his thumb “But you can do better” I looked at him and saw the intensity that I missed and had seen in Levi earlier “Let Levi help heal this” he put his hand over my heart “He won’t let you forget and if anything he’ll make sure you remember us”
“Did you send him?” I asked, Ethan threw his head back and laughed his infectious laugh before looking at me.
“I love you Rhia I’m sorry our time was short but you gave me the world when I met you” he rested his forehead against mine “I promise I’ll look after Kai till you get to met him again and we’ll listen whenever you need us” he held my face “Be happy Baby for me be you again and show people the real you I fell in love with” he kissed me with passion my tears mixing with his……………………
….My eyes shot open my heart was racing I sat up my cheeks were wet with tears and I was shaking I looked round the room expecting… no hoping to see Ethan standing there but the room was lit pale blue from the reflection coming off of the snow outside. I tried to slow my breathing, I had never experienced something that had felt so real since losing Ethan. I felt the bed move and arms wrap around me.
“It’s okay” Levi murmured “It’s okay that was some dream” he stroked my hair as I leant back into him I was still in a state of shock as Levi lay down and held me tightly to him………………………..

Submitted: November 17, 2010

© Copyright 2020 Kirkyb. All rights reserved.


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So was that totally wacky or was it okay (all ikept thinking about was the shower scene in Dallas and now i'm showing my age LOL)

Wed, November 17th, 2010 1:32pm


That was awesome kirst... its like hes telling her its okay to love some one else....

Right im out guys, i need to a shit load of stuf around the house...

Wed, November 17th, 2010 1:33pm

Emily Brown

Loved it :) Ethan is saying everything is ok, maybe Rhia will be able to fix herself up now, with a bit of help :)
But i think Ike knows more than he was saying :/ x

Wed, November 17th, 2010 1:37pm


That was crazy! I loved it!

Wed, November 17th, 2010 1:38pm


made me cry again... mom called me a simp

Wed, November 17th, 2010 1:39pm


LOL I like the reactions from you guys right mow and lets hope it has done what she needs

Wed, November 17th, 2010 1:41pm


okay i have to go get the girls i don't know if i can get another done today or not back in a few

Wed, November 17th, 2010 1:47pm


oh god...tears tears tears kirk! that was such an amazing chapter! maaaaaaan the tears wont stop... :( thankyou so much kirk :) x x x

Wed, November 17th, 2010 1:56pm


awwwww bless rhia
i wonder how she reacts to this :/

Wed, November 17th, 2010 1:58pm


GRRRR i've peeved
theres a girl thats dating richs mate & i just dont understand her, i swear she's a psycho & needs professional help

one minute she loves her bf, then she doesnt talk to him for no reason, then she texts me sayin "we're over, done. i need stability" there there ok then i get another text "im having doubt about moving to plymouth" then i get another 1 "he's gone to sea w/o saying bye, we're done i cnt have this" then she writes on his wall on fb "Miss you

Wed, November 17th, 2010 2:18pm


this is such a sweet chapter i hope she does find happiness, she deserves it. and ive just got to say you are such a talented writer your books are by far the best i have ever read, and congratulations on gettin the amber series published

Wed, November 17th, 2010 2:18pm


dammit didnt write most the comment

then she texts me "if he accepts promotion we're done, i dont want to move 2 scotland, if hes not out my 2015 we're done" & now just updated her fb saying he's her soulmate but wont move to be with him & wont support his career :/

Wed, November 17th, 2010 2:20pm


okay i'm back

Fluff i'm sorry i mde yuou cry so much

Cherry thank you :D

Kat that woamn needs a damn slap and her BF needs to be told he's on wioth a looser with her

Wed, November 17th, 2010 2:25pm


your welcome one of the only reasons i still read stories on booksie is because i get to read such brilliant stories. sorry if im interupting but you should show her boyfriend the texts so he knows thats shes twofaced and to make his mind up about her

Wed, November 17th, 2010 2:31pm

Flames of Night

omg. that was so good Kirst. different, but in a very good way. i loved how you added the dream

Wed, November 17th, 2010 2:31pm


i want to tell him cos its obvious she only wants to know him when he's around & she gets pissed off when the navy arent sure how long there going away for or whats happening in the future.

you wouldnt think this is a 26yr old, i hope when they next argue he ask's me what to do, cos i know he loves her but she's up & down more than a yo-yo! & there meant to be livig with us in the new yr :/
kinda dont want to incase she turns psycho whilst rich
& sam are away

i really want to cherry & ur not interrupting i like peoples opinions, but i cant show him as i'll be getting involved even though she's already involved me but when they break up which i recon they will, he's going to fall hard

Wed, November 17th, 2010 2:36pm


i get what you mean. shes bein pathetic really if shes cant deal with him being in the navy then she doesnt deserve him, he obviously deserves someone a lot better who can deal with the job, i hope there not together if there goin to be livin with you that would be disastorious (sp?)

Wed, November 17th, 2010 2:40pm


im not sayin its easy as i wouldnt know to deal with it, im guessin your boyfriend is in the navy, so i dont mean to come off sayin its easy when i properly couldnt deal with it myself

Wed, November 17th, 2010 2:44pm


yh it will be, i like her as a person & they do look great together & make each other happy but jeez its too dramatic lol

Wed, November 17th, 2010 2:45pm


Thank you Aly how was school

Cherry welcome to our booksie family feel free to chat to us and please excuse the fact our minds are well and truly in the gutter

Kat tell Rich and see what he says

Wed, November 17th, 2010 2:48pm

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