Angel's Watch

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Submitted: November 18, 2010



……………………. I didn’t sleep any longer, Levi held me to him as I relived the dream over and over in my head. Levi jumped as his phone rang. He sat back down and answered it
“Evan you suck it’s 6.30 in the morning” Levi groaned “No I wasn’t up” he looked over at me and smiled “You want to talk to her because you woke her up as well…Okay here she is” he held out the phone to me “I’ll go and make a pot of coffee before everyone else gets up” I nodded and put the phone to my ear.
Me * hey
Evan * sorry I woke you guys
Me * you didn’t I was awake he was the one sleeping
Evan * okay I won’t ask… so how did it go? Did you manage to get anything back?
Me * all of it. Levi’s brother works for the FBI
Evan * oh damn… hey Kelly you need to start to behave yourself.
Kelly * why?
Me * Levi’s brother is and agent for the FBI
Kelly * damn, how you doing Nick said to take as much time as you need
Me * you told him?
Evan * no I told him you were having family problems I wouldn’t tell him anything.
Me * I’m sorry… We’re going to be heading back to you guys today tell Nick I’ll be in work tonight and I’ll work Friday all day so you don’t have to Kel
Kelly * you don’t have to do that
ME * I know but I owe you and Evan I’ll pay for dinner for you to=night and at the weekend
Evan * we’re friends and friends don’t have to pay back unless it’s down to money
Kelly * look you guys drive safe and let us know when you get back to town
Me * we will
I hung up the phone as Levi walked in with two steaming coffee cups he handed one to me and sat down facing me
“So how did you sleep after the dream?” he asked taking a drink of the coffee.
“I didn’t” I wrapped my hands round my cup “and how do you know I was dreaming about Ethan?”
“You talked in your sleep and you cried” he looked at me and tipped his head to the side “I hated to see you cry like that over a dream and you said his name a couple of times”
“It was like it was real” I looked at him “We used to go to the woods and have a picnic it was the thing he did for us on our first date and we were together in the same place in the warm sun” a smiled played on my lips as I thought about it “He told me he hears me when I talk to him and he kisses Kai for me when I ask him to” I chewed the side of my lip “He told me to be the Rhia he fell in love with and to be happy” I glanced up at Levi.
“I told you didn’t I?” Levi winked a smirk spread across his face. “Now Mom is making Pancakes and bacon you up for some breakfast?” he got off the bed and took the coffee from me and put it on the nightstand.
“Sure” I smiled pushing back the covers he waited by the door for me “Thank you for not leaving me last night”
“Don’t mention it” he linked his fingers with mine and pulled me to the kitchen. “Mom we’re going to eat and then leave” he said dropping my hand and handing me a plate
“I don’t like it the roads are still bad” she shook her head.
“And I have snow tires on and I can handle the car in this weather he made me take the defensive driving course” he pointed a strip of bacon at Isaac as he walked in on his cell his tie lose round his neck. He closed his phone and pushed it into his pocket
‘Okay do we need to bring that up” Isaac groaned “Morning Rhia” he walked behind me and kissed his Mom on the cheek.
“You’re just pissed that I beat you” Levi laughed putting pancakes on mine and his plates.
“You beat most of the guys that day”
“See Mom” he nudged her arm I sat at the table Isaac sat next to me while Polly poured juice for everyone and Levi flipped the bacon.
“Rhia I need a little more from you” Isaac said quietly as Avery and Chase walked in giggling about something.
“More what?” I asked feeling slightly uncomfortable.
“Information… I meant what I said last night about making people accountable for what happened to Ethan and Kai” he put down his fork and turned to look at me “We’ve reopened the case and a judge is going to be over tuning the accidental death verdicts on both of them” my felt my head drop a little. “You shouldn’t be the one that feel guilty you did nothing wrong” he put his hand over mine “I trust my brother more than I trust even my own partner” I looked at him remembering what Levi had said about one of his previous partners running off with his wife “And Levi… well Levi’s really…”
“Okay Bro you need to stop and stop now and let the girl eat” Levi sat down and glared at Isaac. Isaac held up his hands.
‘What do you need?” I asked quietly.
“I need information on Ian he’s a lawyer isn’t he in Montana?” I nodded “Yeah I came up a few wall of security when I was trying to find stuff out about him”
“My sister met him at a football game the year before my parents died” I shrugged “he had no family other than some old uncle that when he dies left him a boat load of money they were together 2 months and they got married and I never really liked him he made my sister change” I took a deep breath “I used to be close to Laura till he came around and all she wanted was him it was like he had something over her that made her scared to leave” Isaac was making notes as I  talked.
“Ike really its breakfast time” Polly chastised as she put a drink in front of him
“I’m sorry Mom but yeah” he nodded without moving his eyes from the paper he was writing on “Did you ever meet any of his friends?” I shook my head
“No they ran to Vegas to get married and then moved right to Montana”
“He hit on Rhia at her parents funeral while his wife was knocked up” Levi butted in.
“He did what?” Polly dropped the spatula
He tried to get me into bed the evening of the funeral” I sighed looking at her “And he ended up on the floor in a heap for his trouble” I felt Levi’s foot stroke the back of my calf making me look at him. He gave me a smile of support “I left the house right after that and never went back”
“What about your Inheritance? Your Dad had a thriving business” Isaac asked
“I don’t know Laura and Ian probably took it all” I pushed my plate away losing my appetite. Isaac closed the pad he was writing in
“I’m sorry no more questions okay” he gave my hand a squeeze. I nodded.
“Okay Mom can you fill us two travel cups with coffee, I think we need to get going I have an appointment with a realtor at 3” Levi got up from his seat.
“Sure honey” Polly smiled warmly I got up quickly and left the room Levi stopped and turned back to his family
“You guys need to calm down your freaking her the hell out” he hissed
“Okay who was the one in her bed last night” Avery teased
“I was the one holding her when she cried” Levi sighed “and I’ll be that one as long as she needs me so please back off guys”…………………………….

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