Angel's Watch

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Chapter 38 (v.1) - Old Lady Lust

Submitted: November 18, 2010

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Submitted: November 18, 2010



............................. Levi closed my door after we’d said goodbye to his family Isaac pulled out of the drive before us heading into the city and to his office. Levi hurried round and got in and started the engine.
“Damn it’s freezing” he shivered.
“Really it’s Wisconsin and it’s January” I teased. ‘And you’re in a t-shirt”
“Smart ass and the heater will warm up the car soon and then you’ll be stripping off all your layers” he wagged his finger at me.
“I need to get a new cell phone” I sighed rubbing my neck
“Well how about when we get back to your place we grab some lunch and then head to the store and then you can come and see the places the realtor has to show me” he smile as he gently eased down on the gas and ran up the ramp onto the interstate.
“You don’t need me to help you find a place to live”
“Oh you do” he glanced at me “My choice is really bad. My Sister says I have no taste at all” he laughed “So please I’m begging you come and help me out” he pouted.
“Okay… okay as long as you stop with the two year olds face” I reached over and tugged his bottom lip.
“Fine” he sighed. “You seem… brighter?” he went back to watching the road.
“I feel… I can’t describe it” I rested my elbow on the window ledge and ran my hand through my hair “The dream upset me but in a good way if that makes sense” he nodded “I feel like Ethan won’t let anything or anyone bad get in my way” I watch a small smile spread over Levi’s lips.
“It’s that guardian angel thing” Levi breathed “Good people will make sure good people are loved” I felt the hairs stand up on the back of my neck “and like I said from the way you spoke and the picture I saw of Ethan he looked like one of the really good guys”
“He was” I smiled I rested my head back “I think there’s a few men out there like that” I could feel the blush rise in my cheeks. The rest of the ride home was filled with empty chat Levi filling me in on what he has to do to graduate from school earlier, I liked listening to his ambitions again he reminded me in ways of Ethan they both want to be the best at what they want to be and would make sure it was going to happen. We pulled into the parking lot of the apartment my car covered in a layer of snow. “Damn I’m going to have to dig that out before I go to work”
“I’ll drive you… oh and I never did ask you” he turned off the engine “Do you mind if I crash on your couch for a couple of days… I mean if not I can stay at a hotel”
“It’s fine” I put my hand on the door handle “After the things you’ve just done for me I’ll take the couch and you can take my bed” I got out and waited for Levi before going up the stairs.
“No way” he said taking the keys from my hand and opening the door he stepped back and let me go inside “I fell bad just asking”
“Well don’t” I sighed walking over and adjusting the thermostat. I went into my bedroom and pulled the memory stick from my pocket I held it for a minute before I lifted the lid and placed it inside. I touched the ring box that held my engagement ring......
“It’ll get easier” I heard Ethan’s voice in my head making me jump “Be you Baby” I smiled to myself I was either cracking up or Ethan really was watching over me…
“Hey Evan called” Levi put his head round the door “oh sorry” he disappeared back into the living room I quickly grabbed a sweater and went out to him
“I was just putting away the stuff Isaac got off my phone for me” I smiled “So what did Evan want?”
“He just drove past and saw my truck he’s going to be at the bar by 5 and pizza sounds awesome” Levi looked a little confused “I hoe to god you know what he’s talking about”
“I do” I laughed “So will you still take me to get my new phone?”
‘I said I would I need to pee first and grab a hoodie from my bag” he pointed to a black bag in the corner of the room
“You want me to grab it for you?”
Sure” he scuttled off the the bathroom I walked over to the bag and unzipped it I pulled out a grey hoodie I smiled as I looked at it it was one of his college ones that had really seen a better day” I tossed it onto the couch and dug back in and pulled out a navy blue one as he walked back in.
“Do you sleep in that” I asked pointing to the grey one.
“No it’s the sitting down watching the game when we have company one sleeping I normally do naked” I raised an eye brow “Okay not the last few times you’ve seen me asleep and I promise when I sleep on your couch I’ll wear shorts” he laughed pulling on the blue one. “Come on we can get to the store and then go look at apartments: he grabbed his keys and opened the door “What time do you have to be at work?”
“Okay so hustle” he grinned scooting me down to the car.
I went and got a new cell phone and we drove to the realtor’s office and walked inside.
“Rhia nice to see you Kelly said you weren’t feeling too well” the realtor stood up and walked over to me
‘I’m doing better”
“I have an appointment to see some places today” Levi said beaming his big infectious smile at her.
“Okay I’m Joan you must be Levi”
“Yes ma’am”
“Okay I have two apartments and a house for you to look at” she started grabbing her papaers from the desk you can come along with me or you can follow me if you like”
“We’ll follow you because I have to take Rhia to work later” Levi nodded she looked to me and then back to Levi and smiled, I knew the entire town would be thinking I had a man within minutes of her getting into hercar and her getting on the phone.
“Alrighty then” Joan walked out “the first is a two bed roomed place newly built” she walked to her car. I went over to Levi’s truck and got in.
“Oh you’re going to be the talk of the town by 6 tonight” I giggled as we followed her down the road.
“I guessed that by the looks she was giving me” he laughed “I’m glad you’re here because I think she wants me” I snorted on the water I was drinking “What she has that old lady lust in her eyes”
“Well I think you need to drop me at the bar I don’t want to get in the way of old lady lust” I put my hand on my chest
“Oh hell no I need you for protection Missy” he looked at me
“Hey she might take her teeth out for you”
“Oh you so need to stop right there” he groaned.
“What you gave her the come to bed eyes, I saw you” I poked him in the ribs
“I did not”
“Don’t worry I’ll look after you” I smiled I can’t remember the last time I actually felt like I had no worries but how long would that feeling last?????????

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