Angel's Watch

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Chapter 39 (v.1) - Busted

Submitted: November 18, 2010

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Submitted: November 18, 2010



.................. The next few months were filled with working and helping Levi move into an apartment not far from the bar, He and Evan had become really good friends, Levi’s family had been up to see him but I had been in bed with a really bad dose of flu so I hadn’t seen them and I hadn’t heard anything from Isaac about Ian but on that I wasn’t’ to worried the less I had to think about Ian the better.
Kelly and Evan were now moving into the farm together and were so loved up it was insane. Levi had been with me to visit the graves of Kai and Ethan and he had been a rock the few times I had lost it since opening up. Kelly kept asking me when I was going to make the move on Levi and I kept telling her that it wasn’t that type of deal with the two if us even thought I had found him looking at me a few times and whenever we all went out he always stood as close as he could and his hugs were enough to clear the worst clouds on a rainy day.
“Levi will you take Kelly home she has a raging fever and snot is flowing faster than the river” I said walking over to the pool table where Levi was playing against one of the other guys “Evan is already home sick”
“Sure” Levi smiled “You still up for going out after you close up?” he pulled his keys from his jeans.
“Hell yeah” I smiled “They have a late bar down the street tonight for a party that’s why we’re so quiet” I said picking up his empty bottle “Oh can you swing by my place and grab me the blue tank I have on my bed I forget to pick it up and I spilled beer on this” I pointed to the stain on the front of my grey top.
“Okay” I walked back behind the bar and pulled the keys for my apartment from my bag and threw them to him. “You need anything else?”
“Nope” I went over to Kelly “Okay sneezy Levi’s going to take you to the farm and I’ll come round and bring you some stuff tomorrow”
“But you’re on your own” she sniffed her eyes red and running almost as much as her nose.
“So we’re not busy” I laughed handing her, her purse “Now go get your ass into bed with Evan and sweat it out together”
“I don t’ even want to think about sex right now” she grumbled as Levi waited for her
“Oh yeah right you two are like rampant rabbits” I called after her
“Hey Rhia I’ll be back around ten I’m going to try to finish that last assignment for school” Levi called across the bar.
“Okay” I went back to serving the few regulars that were in. The bar was empty by 9.30 and I closed the door apart from the one I knew Levi would use as I turned off the signs and closed the blinds I picked up the empty glasses and bottles before going over to the jukebox and finding a bunch of my favorite songs and cranking up the volume, I went back behind the bar as ‘Saturday night’s alright’ flooded from the speakers I sang along as I cleaned the bar and washed the glasses putting things away and ready for the next day. I looked at the clock it was just before 10 I grabbed a beer and threw the money in the register as I cracked it open I grabbed the pool cue and started to sing into it as ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ by Guns n’ Roses came on I was singing and dancing round something I tended to do when no one was around and I’d only done it a few times since Ethan had died it was something he’d caught me doing one day he came home early from his shift and had ended up with me throwing all the cushions from the couch at him as he was laughing so hard. I closed my eyes and spun around on the spot losing my balance and tripping over my own feet I bumped into something warm and hard.
“So American Idol here we come then” Levi chuckled catching me before I hit the floor “You knew I was there right and I love that song” I felt my cheeks burn with embarrassment.
“I didn’t know you were there” I groaned
“You looked cute when you stood on the pool table and wiggled your ass” he laught I hung my head. “Hey don’t be shy” he lifted my chin and grinned at me “I do it in the shower” I pulled back from him and grabbed my beer “Rhia come one I’m teasing you, you look like you want to throw something at me right now”
“Yeah couch cushions” I muttered he reached and took the bottle from me and took a drink the song changed from Guns n’ Roses to I run to you from Lady Antebellum.
“I like this one as well” he cocked his head to the side and looked at me
“I listened to this the night you had the dream” I said looking at him he stepped closer to where I was sitting “I can’t help but think of how we’ve become” I swallowed hard he had the look in his eyes that screamed he wanted more the intensity felt like sparks in the air.
“I know” he moved his hand to the side of my face the warmth seemed to soothe the butterflies in my stomach my hands were gripping the bottle to the point of it hurting.
“He wants you so much baby… and he’ll make you happy” Ethan’s voice flooded my ears and my brain as I looked into Levi’s face and saw the gentleness there………………….

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