Angel's Watch

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - One vice

Submitted: October 15, 2010

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Submitted: October 15, 2010



………………….. “Sorry I wasn’t ignoring you” I smiled at the guy “So what do you want to drink?”
“You do a shot off me… sorry with me” he pushed his tongue into his cheek and smiled.
“I’ll take a shot WITH you” I grinned back at him “My choice though”
“Fair enough” he sat down on a stoll at the bar as I reached down the glasses and then went for the shot glasses. I poured the jeager inside of the shot glass that was inside of the larger glass before I added the red bull.
‘Jeager girl I like it” he chuckled.
“yeah I can drink these and still get up for work in the morning’ I pushed his glass toward him “Thank you”
“You’re welcome” he looked at me “Ready”
“Oh yeah” I nodded “on three… one… two… three” I picked upi the glass and knocked it back putting it down as he was half way through drinking his “Beatcha”
“Damn your fast” he smiled putting his glass down and wiping his mouth on th back of hs hand.
“This don’t sound good but I think it’s down to practice” I picked up the glasses and put them in the dishwasher.
“I’m Levi by the way”
“Rhia” I held my hand out to hm over the bar andhe shook it. “So what are you guys all doing in a town like this?”
“Oh we heard there was a bar with the cutest bartenders” he teased.
“Don’t let Nick here you say that he already think he’s something special” I leant on the bar. Levi pulled a face as Evan came over.
“Hey baby”
“Oh don’t you even go there Evan Madeson” I snapped “are you a total hick that you couldn’t actually hide your truck after pileing the snow up round my damn car” Evan treid to keep his face straight “Dude you need to be thankful that there is a bar inbetween us or I’d take you out side and turn you into Mr. frosty”
‘What?” he held up his hands “Come on Rhai you have to admit it’s funny”
“Dude my car is jammed in the snow… so I need a ride home”
“I can do that for you Rhia” greaydin butted in “I have to run my gramps hom eand drop Kent off along the way but I can swing back for you in the Merc” Levi and Evan looked at each other even though they had never met and rolled their eyes “I mean it’s not every chance a girl from butt fuck nowhere gets to ride in a Mercedes is it” he winked.
“Hey it’s not butt fuck nowhere jack off” Evan defended he was a farm boy born and rasied and loved his life here.
“Yeah right” Greydin scoffed I butted in before Evan could redecorate the inside of the bar with Greydin’s entrails.
“No it’s not often a girl from her wuld get to ride in one of those flash mercs but really Greydin they aren’t that hot my dad used to have a new one every two years… I was born and raised in the city not here, but please while you’re here don’t knock our little town, it’s given your Grandparents a good life and a safe place to live” he looked a little shocked as Even stood gripping the bottle of beer in his hand.
‘Greydin come on your Grandma wants to see you” Walt called over
“what time do you get done I’ll still give you a ride home”
“I won’t be done till at least an hour after the last person leaves so I can’t give you a time” I smiled politly but Kelly’s done in 40 minutes I’msure she wouldn’t say no to a ride home” he looked at Kelly who was talking with Nick.
“I can give her a ride home” Even turned to face Greydin with his arms folded over his chest.
“Evan back down son” Walt warned him
“Yes Sir” Evan nodded stepping out of Greydin’s way so he could walk over to Kelly
‘Way to through your friend under the bus” Levi laughed as Evan sat down
“God damn city jerk” Evan hissed
“Oh unlike the farm boy ass I suppose” I pulled his truck jeys from my [pocket and waed them at him “And I didn’t throw her under the bus” I driected at Levi “Believe me he’ll have to know how to handle high performance with her” Evan broke into a fit of laughter. ‘Oh and you’re either digging out my car or I’m taking your truck” he stopped laughing
“I’ll take you home and got get your car in the morning” He held out his hands for the keys.
“Oh no I have to be at work at 7 in the morning” I pushed his keys into my pocket
“So it looks like I get to spend the night at your place then” he leant on his amrs Levi was watching it all play out. Hmmm another one that like to people watch.
“On the couch yes if you want my bed’s full with me and Oscar”
“I can keep you warmer”
“I have blankets” I walked away to serve someone.
“Damn shes fine” Evan thought out loud.
“I know I am now what do you want” Kelly blocked his view “And isn’t it wrong to go after an ex’s best friend under the”guy code”” she put quote marks in the air.
“Hell no” Levi and Evan said at the same time making each other laugh.
‘As long as at least 2 weeks has past them hey free shot” Levi shrugged.
‘I like you hear we say 6 months” Evan nodded “Evan” he held out his hand
“Levi” Kelly groaned and rolled her eyes “Nick can you serve Doofus and his buddy” she walked over to me as I wiped over the menu’s
“So it looks like Evan has h eye on you”
“Ew… no I don’t play that game with the ex of a friend… unless he was really hot” I laughed
“Evan is really hot”
“Does he have a tattoo?” she shook her head “does he have the perfect six pack and ass you can bounce a quarter off”
“Oh yeah” her eyes glinted.
“Okay I’l give him that but after taking those parts to his Dad that time and seeing where he had his hand with that cow” I pulled a face and shuddered.
“Oh I forgot he’s got good hands” she sighed
“Okay I’m going to have a smoke while your still here and EW” I Gibbs slapped her. I walked out from behind the bar and put on my jacket.
“I thought you were on till the end?” Levi called over.
‘I am I just have a vice I need to staisfy” I held up my cigarettes before walking outside and lighting up. I looked to the empty parking spot that Greydin’s car had been parked in and shook my head he might be a nice guy but I wasn’t prepared to think of city life again I was happy wherei was to the point no one judged me here because they didn’t know me except what I wanted them to know and no one knew why I’d left my old life behind and some of those reasons I wanted to keep to myself……………………

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