Angel's Watch

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Chapter 41 (v.1) - Healing touch

Submitted: November 19, 2010

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Submitted: November 19, 2010



......................... We stepped through the door of his place he pushed me against the door his mouth seeking out mine eagerly, my hands again pulling at his shirt not satisfied till it was off and my fingers were dug into the skin of his back as my shirt followed his. His head bent and his lips brushing the lace of my bra my back arched in response my eyes were closed and I didn’t even know he’d removed it until his hand moved up to replace his mouth and he looked at me.
“You’re beautiful Rhia” he murmured He lifted me wrapping my legs round his waist as he took me to his room his hand supporting me till he put me on the bed I released my hands from his neck and lay back as his fingers popped the buttons of my jean. I could feel his fingers tremble a little as he slid them down over my legs. Levi rained butterfly kisses on my hip as his finger hooked the lace of my underwear and he sent them in the direction of the rest of my things leaving me naked in front of him while he was still in his jeans. He moved so he was lay next to me on the bed his fingers drawing tiny circles working from the side of my neck down across my stomach making me almost scream his name my hand gripped the comforter under me as he moved and licked my hot skin stopping to blow gently across it. “So beautiful” he sighed rubbing his cheek against my stomach. I moved my hand and reached for his belt he looked at me I pushed him on to his back and returned the favor of undressing him. I climbed on to him straddling his hips feeling the desire in both of us Levi swallowed hard as I moved slightly. It was thrilling terrifying and intimate all at the same time his fingers dug into my hips as he resisted pushing himself upwards. I put my hand on the side of his face.
“its okay” I stammered my voice sounding raspy as I felt him on the edge of me I wanted him so much right now I felt like I was going to explode the minute he was inside of me.
One of his hands moved quickly grasping the back of my head and bringing it forcefully to his the kiss was like explosions of tiny fireworks behind my eyes he managed to sit up pressing me against his chest as he kissed me hungrily his excitement becoming more and more obvious he positioned me on him lifted me before bringing me down on him. The noise that came from me shocked me to the core it was like some animal had been released as his teeth grazed my skin my head tipped back exposing my throat to his hungry mouth. He turned me so the softness of the bed was under me his body pushing mine to the limit I had forgotten about. This was pure need and want from both of us months of waiting was being driven now by pure lust. I could feel the tingle begin at my toes before rushing through me I pulled myself up to meet his body as mine shook and I screamed his name.
“Damn Rhia, I wanted to…’ he couldn’t finish the sentence before I felt him convulse against me he weight pinning me to the bed as he gasped for breath ‘holy hell that… that” he stammered I moved my finger and pushed it to his lips silencing him he smiled under my touch and pressed his lips against my damp hair. Levi moved off me and pulled me to him his heart still racing like a race horse. I didn’t want it to end the deliciousness of his body was making me want more. I shakily got to my knees and started to kiss my way down his body the salty sweat taste on my lips was intoxicating as my tongue flicked back and forth teasing him back to life in twitchy movements before I took him whole. His hands holding on to the back of my head moving it in sync with his own movements as he groaned. He gently pulled me up to him before getting off the bed and taking my hand ne took me to the bathroom and turned on the shower, no words were needed he stepped under the hot water and pulled me to him the hot water felt so good as he picked up the soap ran it over my back rubbing gently I wanted to drop to my knees again but he was faster than I was and he had me against the wall trying to keep my balance as he worked his magic my body shaking and rocking with each movement he smiled up at me as he stood taking my weight and lifting me out of the shower.
“That was mean” I smiled “I was ready…” he cut me off with a kiss
“We’ve had the wild animal sex” he chuckled “Now” he wrapped a towel round me and dried me off “Lets try the slow passionate sex” he had walked out backing me to the bed, he hands more gentle and caressing then they were his kisses more featherlike against my skin his movements slower somehow making it so much more intense his fingers linking with mine as we both reached the top together his eyes holding mine. I had fallen in love with this man the broken pieces of my heart were beginning to knit back together I felt the tears run down the side of my face before he kissed them away……………………..

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