Angel's Watch

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Chapter 42 (v.1) - Seal of approval

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Submitted: November 19, 2010



...................... My nerve endings were still sensitive as Levi slid back into bed next to me he pushed his lips against my shoulder blade.
“You are okay aren’t you?’ I turned over to face him and kissed him.
“How many times do you need to ask me that?” I chuckled “I fine… I’m more than fine” I tipped my head and looked at him “You haven’t said much other than are you okay, you aren’t regretting what just happened are you?”
“No” he jumped quickly “Far from it” Levi stroked the side of my face “I’ve dreamt of touching you and making love to you for months now but there was no way I was going to push anything” he chewed the side of his lip “I didn’t want for you to think I was trying to replace Ethan”
“I can’t think that” I smiled “because no one can replace him, but I can fall in love with a man that has made it okay to love again and to feel like me again”
“Who’s the lucky guy?” Levi smirked “It’s not Evan is it I mean I think Kelly…” I grabbed the pillow from under his head and started to beat him with it “hey no fair” he shouted as he fell off the bed he reached up and pulled on the sheet that I was kneeling on and pulled me on top of him he held my hands “So did you say you were in love with this awesome guy” he pushed his tongue into his cheek I nodded feeling a little vulnerable I looked down. “You know I think I know him well enough that I’m sure he’s head over heels in love with you as well” he cupped my face in his hands “I fact I know I’m in love with you” he murmured kissing me gently “thank you for letting me in”
“I should be the one thanking you for not thinking I was a total basket case” I smiled
“Well…” I grabbed the pillow again and swatted him with it “I’m kidding… I surrender” he laughed I stopped with the beating and kissed him “Now can I hold you in my arms all night” he looked at the clock “Well for the remaining few hours of it at least?” I climbed off the floor and back into his bed. Levi got in and drew me across his chest kissing me lightly on the forehead “I love you Rhiannon Tate… I love you with everything I am”
“I love you” I murmured sleep taking me suddenly as the steady drumming of his heart sounded like a lullaby…..
I felt hands, calloused hands rubbing my shoulder.
“Ethan” I smiled
“I told you he could make you happy didn’t I” he chuckled I was sitting between his legs as he wrapped me in his arms “Love him with half as much passion that you loved me and he’ll be the happiest guy on the planet Baby” he whispered in my ear “You deserve him”
“Thank you” I caught a whiff of his smell the slightly sooty smell he could never truly get rid off for days after being at a fire “Thank you for being my angel”
“I’d never leave you and I will always be there but I think I should step back a little now I have someone that can trust with you”
‘You never did answer me” I turned and looked into his green eyes “Did you send him to me?”
“Maybe he winked Ethan always liked to string me along on good secrets “Promise me Rhia you’ll be happy and you’ll love him”
“I already do and I already am” I nodded
“Good I love you Baby” he brushed his lips against mine as I heard a cry. “I have to go I think someone needs his Daddy”
‘Kiss him for me Ethan” I clutched his hand as he got up
“I will Baby we love you”…………..
My eyes shot open, Evan’s steady breathing signaling he was still sleeping I smiled and snuggled against Levi. It was okay to love him and be loved back as long as Ethan was okay with it then surely it was right.
…………………. “You think we need masks so we don’t catch what they have?” Levi asked as we pulled up to the farm.
“They both have colds that’s all not the plague” I teased. Getting out in the spring sunshine I grabbed the pots of Chicken soup from the trunk and we walked inside. “Hey guys” I shouted putting the things down on the side in the kitchen
“Hey” Evan croaked walking in wrapped in a blanket
“Ew you look like crap” Levi laughed.
“Very funny and what’s that on your neck” he poked Levi in the side of the neck “You dog where did you go last night to get that” Evan perked up as Kelly came through the door.
“He hooked up with Rhia” Kelly smiled blowing her nose on a Kleenex I looked at her
“How… who?” Levi spluttered
“Okay you’re both in the same clothes from last night, you have a hickey on the side of you r neck that wasn’t caused by a vampire and she has the after animal sex glow to her” she lifted the lid on the soup leaving us all standing looking at her “What? Tell me I’m wrong”
“Damn she’s good” Levi whistled slipping his arms round me
“I know” I groaned “It’s scary what she can tell sometimes” Kelly sat down and started to laugh
“I’m happy for both of you”
“Thank you” I smiled back at her
“About damn time” Evan laughed nudging Levi “But nice move’ Levi nodded his thanks as his phone rang.
“It’s the high school” he walked outside
“As in our high school here?” Kelly asked
“He had a job interview last week” I nodded “he didn’t want to tell anyone about it but the AD came into the bar and was talking to Nick about Levi and I sort of overheard so he made me promise not to say anything to anyone because he didn’t know if he’d get the job with not having finished school yet” I put a bowl of soup down in front of both of them.
“He’ll get it he’s good” Evan smiled
“I know that” I giggled
“Okay TMI” Kelly pulled a face as Levi walked back in. I looked at him.
“I think I’m going to have to move” he sighed leaning on the sink my heart dropped
“What… why… you love it here” I stammered
“I know but I only have 3 more months on my lease and I think should buy a place if I’m going to be here permanently” he picked me up and spun me round “You’re now looking at the new Gym teacher at the high school”
“See I told you that you’d do it” I pressed my lips to his “I’m proud of you Levi Becker and I love you” Evan dropped his spoon and looked a little shocked as Levi put me down.
“We because I love you as well you’ll have to protect me from the old lady lust realtor again” he chuckled………………………..

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