Angel's Watch

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Chapter 43 (v.1) - One track mind

Submitted: November 21, 2010

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Submitted: November 21, 2010



……………………. Levi was buzzing around making calls to his family and to Joan the Realtor. I stood talking to Evan as Kelly crashed out on the couch.
“So you and Levi are hot and heavy now” he chuckled
“Something like that” I nodded and looked over to where I knew he was talking to Isaac my mind wandering to thoughts of Ian making me shudder a little. “I’ve had Dreams of Ethan telling me its okay to love him”
“And it is he’s a really good guy Rhia” Evan nudged me “We like the way you are when he’s round you… you seem … happier”
“Sometimes he says and does things that Ethan used to, I know it’s wrong to compare them and there’s a lot of stuff that is just all Levi but…”
“It’s okay” Evan hugged me to him “I don’t think he’ll mind you thinking like that… and you might be one of those lucky people that finds a second soul mate and maybe Ethan had something to do with it” I looked at him and smiled.
“Damn you’ve been living with Kelly way to long you’re starting to sound like a girl” I teased.
“I know my brother’s been giving me shit about it” he sighed shaking his head “We love you Rhia and we’re happy that finally you guys have hooked up because the sexual tension was getting ridiculous”
“Well you’re not going to have to worry about that anymore” Levi’s hand slipped into the back pocket of my jeans “Oh I spoke to Joan and she has 4 places she knows would be perfect for me” He grinned.
“Yep. We have enough time to grab a shower” he got a twinkle in his eye “Before we get to go view the houses”
“I think I’m going to throw up with the lust round her” Evan laughed “Get out of here and thanks for the soup” he pushed us to the door. Levi opened the door to his truck for me.
“So you want to go take a shower at mine?” I asked “You have jeans and a shirt there”
“Sure he nodded “Are we saving water?”
“No I just want to get you naked and…” I slid my hand up his thigh as he drove, Levi swallowed hard.
“I won’t last till the shower if you keep rubbing like that” he pushed his tongue in his cheek
“Maybe we should save the shower for after…” I slid across to him my mouth next to his ear “I lick my way from here” I pushed my lips lightly against his neck “all the way” I began to trail my fingers down the outside of his t-shirt “Until I find something to fill my mouth” I felt the car swerve a little as he gulped his excitement becoming all to obvious.
‘Wow, there’s no stopping you is there” he chuckled hoarsely. I suddenly felt shy and embarrassed what if I was being to forward and too much. I moved back in my seat.
“I’m sorry” I blurted  out as we pulled up in front of my apartment building I tried to hide my face in my hands.
“Hey, I wasn’t complaining” he caught my hands and pulled them from my face.
“I just… what happened last night made…” I hesitated
“What Baby?” he breathed I looked at him,
“You made me feel again” the flush returned to my cheeks “The way you touched me and held me… was”
“And I want to make you feel like that every time I touch you” he smiled at me “Hell Rhia every time I look at you I want to feel myself inside you” he stroked the side of my neck making me shiver “How I’ve lasted this long is amazing I’ve loved you for months but I wasn’t going to make any move on you till the time was right”
“How did you have the patience” I chided weakly
“Because I love you, because you needed a friend more than you needed a lover and because I truly believe we were supposed to meet each other” he drew me close for a kiss, my mind was lost as soon as his mouth connected with mine. Levi’s Cell began to vibrate making us both jump apart.
“Oooo old lady lust is calling” I laughed pointing to the number of the Realtor on the display.
“I suppose talking to her will make the blood flow away from my groin and enable me to at least walk out of the car in public” he winked at me I bit my lip as he answered the phone trying not to laugh at the way he was having to sit to stop his jeans from crushing his essentials.
I slipped out of the car and up to my apartment to get changed, the warm spring sun and the heat from the hot man I had was making me want to ditch the sweater and jeans. I pulled out a denim mini and a white tank from my dresser discarding my warmer clothes into the laundry basket I looked in the mirror, it seemed strange not being in jeans it looked more like a bar hopping outfit right now, I went to the closet and pulled a blue button down shirt from a hanger and put it over the top of the tank.
“Hey you left me” Levi called from the living room his footsteps bringing him closer to my room “Damn I’ve never seen you not in jeans” he whistled “Is that my Interview shirt” he pulled a face “I thought Avery had taken it when they visited.
“Er… I don’t know if it’s your interview shirt but remember the night we played poker at your place and you spilt beer over me” I poked him in the ribs “You let me wear it to come home in”
“I was looking for that when I had to go to the high school”
Well I think the white one you wore was way better” I tipped my head and smiled at him “Hotter” he pulled me to him
“Well hotter want’ really what I was going for but” he laughed “why hotter by the way?”
“You could see your tattoos through it” I batted my eye lashes innocently “They do things to a girl”
“Uh Huh” I nodded
I didn’t know you liked them” he licked his lips.
“Oh yeah” I ran my fingers up the sleeve of his t-shirt over the black ink “It’s one hell of a turn on”
“So you’d be good if I got another”
“Yep” his lips curled into a dirty smirk as his hands slid to hold my ass. “By the way what did Joan want” Levi dropped his head to my shoulder.
“Damn I forgot about her with you distracting me” he groaned “She wants to meet in the next hour” he pulled back
“You still want me to come?’ I asked
“Oh yeah” he winked “But we need to look at the houses first”
“Levi Becker do you have a one track mind” I swatted him and moved to pick up my purse.
“Only when you walk into the room Miss Tate” he called after me………………..

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