Angel's Watch

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Chapter 44 (v.1) - House hunting

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Submitted: November 22, 2010



................. We pulled up at the last of the four houses that Joan had to show Levi it was in the center of town a large three story house I got out and leant on the hood of his SUV.
“Okay does she think you’ll be living here with half your friends?” I whispered as Levi walked over to me.
“I asked to see this one actually” he smiled linking his fingers together with mine “I’ve liked it every time I’ve driven past it”
“It’s huge”
“Thanks baby but we’re here to look at the house” I groaned and swatted him as Joan waited on the wrap round porch for the two of us.
“So Levi this is it and it’s just been reduce in price” Joan pushed open the door. Three floors a bathroom on each floor as well as a brand new master suite” she said walking in and turning on the lights a kitchen opened out in front of us I trailed my finger over the stone counter tops as she prattled on about this upgrade and that upgrade. We walked through to a living room that had window seats in the two large windows either side of the fireplace a family picture hung over the mantle as we carried on to the stairs. “There’s three bedrooms in this level including the master” she pushed open a door that lead into a chocolate and tiffany blue room with a large dark oak framed bed set at an angle with doorway to the left that lead through a closet intot he master bathroom a whirlpool tub nestled under a window with a large shower taking over the other corner of the room.
“See handles already in the shower for when things get a little” Levi pushed himself against me as he whispered in my ear making the breath catch in my throat. There was a slight cough from behind us we looked at Joan Levi flashing one of his winning smiles at her. “And what’s on the third floor?”
“Well it could be used as anything the family moving from here have it as a TV room for the kids” she explained bustling us out and up the last flight of stairs
“I could work out up here?” he mused looking round the large room on wall covered in mirrors. He looked at me “What do you think?”
“I think it would be a work out getting you exercise stuff up here” I pulled a face Joan laughed a little
“It’s a wonderful family home” she smiled coyly I felt a slight tug at my heart as she mentioned a family home. I turned and started back down the stairs leaving her talking to Levi I walked round the other bedrooms one a teenage girls room the other a small boys room a car track laid out on the floor I bent and picked up the only vehicle left out a small fire truck my heart was racing as I rubbed the shinny paint work with my thumb. Was I wanting another sign or was it just some coincidence that the fire truck was the only visible toy other than the track. I put it on the dresser and turned bumping into Levi as I did, worry etched on his face, I raised a smile as he saw the fire truck.
“You want to go grab some food?” he asked as Joan came down the stairs
“Sure” I nodded.
“I’ll be in touch by the end of the day” Levi said shaking Joan’s hand
“You don’t have to rush” she beamed at the thought of earning commission
“I know but I have the loan already agreed and I just have to weigh up what will be best” he pulled the keys from his pocket.
“Rhia are you working tonight?” Joan asked as she locked up the house.
“Yes Ma’am and I know I have to pick up the cake for your husband’s surprise tonight” I nodded
“Thank you honey” she opened her car door “and by the way nice to see you two finally got it together we’ve all wondered how long it was going to take you” I stood there open mouthed as she waved and drove away.
“Hey earth to Rhia” Levi honked the horn making me jump I shook my head and got in and closed the door. ‘You okay” he laced his fingers through mine as he drove through the small town to the bar “You looked a little lost in that room”
“I was just thinking about stuff” I shrugged.
“It’s okay to morn them Rhia it doesn’t bother me if that’s what you’re worried about…”
“I keep wondering when you’re going to get pissed off with having to be compared to a dead man” I sighed
“Okay this might sound harsh but Ethan died there’s nothing that can bring him back I don’t care that you loved him I know that you loved him all I know is that life has to go on and I feel so happy that you let me love you” he looked at me and leant in and kissed me “I love you Rhia” I got butterflies as he said it making me smile “Now lets go get something to eat and you can help me work out which house” I followed him into the bar Nick was working his wife and baby sitting at one of the tables.
“Hey guys” Nick waved “Rhia do you think you could start work earlier tonight we have to take the baby to the in-laws for family pictures”
“Sure let me get something to eat and then I can work” I looked at Levi he pouted I tugged his bottom lip with my fingers “I’ll make it up to you” I laughed
“I’m going to hold you to that Miss Tate” he wagged his finger at me
“Yes sir” I batted my eye lashes at him, “You’ll want me dressed like a school girl next” I caught his ear in my lips and tugged gently.
“Oh you’re evil sometimes” he groaned as I walked into the kitchen…………………………

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