Angel's Watch

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Chapter 45 (v.1) - Old Foes and new protectors

Submitted: November 22, 2010

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Submitted: November 22, 2010



.................... “So what do you think house wise?” Levi asked spooning up the chili.
“They were all nice” I shrugged the first one thought you’d need to do so much work on just to get it to look less like some old person’s nursing home” he nodded and balled up the info on it and threw it to Nick behind the bar.
“I think the second one was a little too far out of town” he chewed the end of his spoon “but it did have that awesome bar in the basement” he laughed
“True if you didn’t mind it looking like some sort of cheap motel bar” I laughed picking up my beer and taking a drink and the stars on the ceiling tiles in the master bedroom were right from some 50’s tv show” Levi hung his head and groaned balling up the information on the second house.
“Alright what about the third one it had that hunting land with it” he pointed with his spoon at me.
“Okay first question do you own a gun?”
“Er… no” he shook his head.
“Second question. When was the last time you went hunting?”
“Er… for a Wisconsin boy I’m ashamed to say this but Er… never”
“Okay so why would you want 20 acres?” I laughed “the house was cute but there was water damage in the basement and the roof needed to be re done”
“So it’s down to the last one” he looked up at me through his eye lashes “What did you think to it?”
“It was huge, it was really nicely done you could move in and not have to touch anything” I leant on the table “But wouldn’t you feel a little lost in something that big on your own?”
“Maybe” he leant back in h is chair “But I can see my family visiting, and when we all have drunken nights in town it’s closer than it is for you , And Evan and Kelly to have to go home” he moved in his chair and reached for my hand “But a roommate wouldn’t be a bad idea” I looked at him
“Who would you get to put up with your singing” I teased feeling a little less than comfortable.
“Oh thanks and you tell me you love me” he feigned looking hurt “I was thinking…. That may…”
“Rhia any chance of you helping” nick called over as a party of people walked in. I nodded
“Sit at the bar and we’ll talk” I dropped a kiss on Levi’s cheek as I got up. He sighed as I walked away.
“Yeah something always gets in the damn way” he muttered as he picked up his phone and dialed he got up and walked out of the bar.. I was busy serving to notice that Levi had been outside he sat down and threw a $20 on the bar.
“You want a beer?” I smiled
“Yeah” he rubbed his hand over his head “I just called Joan and told her to start the paperwork on the offer for the house” I stopped half way through cracking the top off the bottle.
“So you’re going to go for it?”
“Yeah… I called my Mom and Dad as well and they’re going to come down tomorrow to take a look” I nodded
“You okay you look a little pissed?”
“I’m annoyed that when I want to say something to you we get interrupted” he rubbed his thumb over the bottle.
“Well everyone’s served now” I leant on the bar in front of him the front of his shirt I was wearing opening up a little giving the perfect cleavage view to him. “So what did you want?”
“Er… I think… Er… damn it Rhia” he reached over and fastened the button on the shirt “You were putting me off” he pulled a pug dog face making me laugh
“I’m sorry… I thought you wanted the school girl look” I teased
‘Oh so help me I’ll spank your ass for you” he put his head on the bar “I’m trying to be serious” I stood up and put on a serious face making his crease into a huge smile “I love you… look I’m going to go grab some groceries and I’ll be back later and we’ll talk” he leant in for a kiss.
“I love you, drive safe”
“I will” he walked out of the bar leaving me with the afternoon crowd all watching the Basketball on the screens and giving me crap.
“I’ll take three fingers of scotch honey” I looked up as Greydin smiled at me across the bar “I was expecting to see Kelly”
“Yeah well you got me”
“Something good still to look at” he looked me up and down as I walked to get the glass and the scotch and poured it “Take one for yourself”
“I’m good ui have to work all night” I  put his changed on the bar.
“So you still living on the north of town” he asked as I worked.
“Maybe I can give you a ride” he paused “home that is”
“I’m covered” I put a pitcher on the bar for the guys on the pool table.
“So you and Evan still doing the bedroom tango?”
“Really?” I stopped wiping the bar and looked at him.
“Hey I was making conversation because hell you sounded like he was making you happy that night”
“I have the right to kick your ass out the bar” I said leaning on it in front of him.
“Hey I’m sorry” he held up his hands and sank the whiskey and pushed the glass to me I refilled it and took the money. I was irritated that he was back he was a overbearing rich kid before and he still was the night dragged on I was watching the clock as my phone beeped I pulled it from my pocket.
***New Message***Isaac***okay I know it’s bum fuck nowhere but which bar do you work in this damn town is filled with bars***9.14pm***
I smiled no wonder Levi was taking so long he was waiting on his family I started to text back.
***it’s easy it the one that says Nick’s on the sign and has the hot girl behind the bar***
I hit send smiling before stopping, What if Isaac had heard something about Ian? What if he wanted me to face him in court?
“Hey Babe can we get a round of drinks” I was brought to my senses by Evan’s brother waving the empty pitchers at me.
“Sure” I nodded taking them from him the sick feeling rising inside of me.
“Hey Rhia you okay you look like you want to puke” Tommy asked taking the refilled pitchers from me.
“I’m fine just thinking about something” I patted his hand
“Okay oh and when’s Levi getting here we’re short for pool”
“Call him” I said as my phone beeped again
***New Message***Isaac***My brother would kick my ass if I called you hot and I’ll take a MGD***9.21pm
I looked up as Isaac walked through the door…………………..

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