Angel's Watch

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Chapter 46 (v.1) - Not again

Submitted: November 22, 2010

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Submitted: November 22, 2010



.................. “One MGD” I laughed putting it on the bar as he sat down “on me”
“Thank you” he leant across the bar and kissed my cheek “Si where’s lazy ass?”
“I thought he’d be with you” I stepped back and started to do another drink order for a customer.
“No I called him to say I was in town and he was with Joan” Isaac pulled a face.
“Damn he’s really quick” I muttered
“Okay just so you know all the men in the family don’t have that problem” Isaac held up his hands. I looked at him and groaned.
“He’s buying a house”
“I know he sent me pictures of it a few weeks ago” Isaac took a drink and scanned the bar “Have you been carding people?”
“Isaac I know how to do my job and what do you mean he sent you pictures weeks ago?”
“Oops” Isaac looked down “I wasn’t supposed to say anything”
“What are you going on about?”
“Nothing” he grinned as the door opened again and Joan walked in with her family and her husband.
“That’s’ the realtor he was with” I hissed across the bar as Isaac Greydin was watching us intently. Isaac pulled out his phone and dialed his brother as I started to serve Joan.
“So you got a new plaything them” Greydin asked looking at his manicured nails “Looks a little uptight” I watched Isaac’s eyes flick up to Greydin weighing up the way I’d watched him weigh everyone up in the bar.
“And you don’t stand out like a sore thumb here” I sighed shaking my head “Just why are you here Greydin”
“I’m looking for a little bit of fun” he shrugged “I was hoping that Kelly would be around but I was really hoping that the farm boy and you hadn’t hit it off” he smiled “I could give you so much more than some farmer” he whispered “I could have you screaming my name twice as loud as Evan ever did”
“Why you going to run over my foot with your car because I know what Kelly said about you” I wiggled my pinkie finger in the air wit out breaking a stride as I filled glasses. Isaac snorted beer down his nose “I like my men a little more endowed than that” I walked away carrying 4 beers.
“Dude I’d leave her alone” Isaac said looking at Isaac
“Keep your nose out she’s fair game and I was here first and she loved it then” Isaac nodded and stood up and walked over to Greydin Joan nodded in their direction as I took her money I looked round and groaned.
“She’s not fair game and you don’t talk about a lady like that” Isaac put his hands on his hips and glared at Greydin.
“She’s not fair game the guy she was banging isn’t with her and I can’t see anyone else with a claim, so back off because I don’t see you as competition” Greydin picked up his glass to drink Isaac grabbed his wrist.
“Oh competition you want how about the busted tail light on the fancy Merc outside and the license tags that expired last month” Isaac threw his badge on the bar “You want to go for competition then let’s go because I think this trumps everything” I walked over and put my hand on Isaacs arm.
“Okay Ike back off he was just being a jerk” I looked over my shoulder at Greydin “You must like pissing off the wrong people”
“You didn’t say you had a guy” he looked at Isaac in disgust “and a guy with a badge at that” I felt Isaac move I put my hand flat on his chest
“Hey for all intense and purpose this is my bar I will not let either of you get into it” I looked from one to another “Do I make myself clear”
“Yes Ma’am” Isaac nodded without taking his eyes from Greydin.
“I guess” Greydin looked back at his drink I picked up Isaac’s badge and handed it to him
“You stop showing off” I winked at him and steered him over to the pool table. “Tommy you said you were one short for pool”
“Yep” Evan’s brother put his drink down and smiled
“Well Ike meet Tommy, Tom this is Ike”
“Dude you look like a skinnier Levi” Tommy laughed holding out his hand Isaac groaned and hung his head I stopped Isaac from shaking his hand.
“okay he is Levi’sd brother” I smirked “and Isaac he was inseminating cows this afternoon so I wouldn’t shake his hand” Isaac’s face was a classic picture as I walked away back to the bar.
“Rhia really I wore gloves and I’ve washed my hands” Tommy yelled across the bar. “I swear they’re clean” he looked at a still unconvinced Ike I carried on working Greydin was joined by his Grandfather and the two of them proceeded to get drunk.
“Hey Tom” I called over the bustle of the bar “Can you watch this for a few minutes I want to make a call and grab a cigarette”
“Sure” Tommy walked behind the bar as I grabbed my phone and lighter and walked outside and dialed Levi.
***Hey You’ve reached Levi Becker leave me a message and I’ll call you back***
I groaned as I waited for the beep.
‘Hey It’s me, so Joan’s here, your brothers here where are you it’s 9.45 and I’m getting worried Levi call me or get your ass in here to the bar, I love you’
I hung up and leant against the wall there was still a spring chill in the air but it felt good, the sound of sirens making me look round as a police car raced by the bar followed by a fire truck and an ambulance me heart leapt into my throat my mind making it’s own wild and crazy thoughts panic rising… it couldn’t happen twice could it I couldn’t loose my world again so soon………………………………..

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