Angel's Watch

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Chapter 47 (v.1) - shock

Submitted: November 23, 2010

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Submitted: November 23, 2010



…………………….. I pulled open the door of the bar and grabbed Isaac fear gripping me to the point of wanting to throw up. He looked at me.
“Rhia what’s wrong?” Another fire truck screamed it’s way past the bar my grip getting tighter on Isaac.
“Where is he Isaac where the hell is he?” The words all but choked me to say them.
“He’ll be here he just got caught up” he tried to calm me.
“But what if”
“Now stop Levi’s fine” he stroked the side of my face
“Hey Guys” we looked round as Levi walked in the door “Hey there’s a huge fire…” he trailed off as he looked at me and then at his brother. “What’s going on?”
“Where’ve you been?’ I walked over to him “Isaac called you… I called you and got nothing but voice mail and then the sirens and the police cars and the fire trucks and” I leant on the bar my head in my hands Isaac rubbed my back with one hand and punched his brother’s arm with his other
“Ow… what was… Oooo” the penny finally dropped “Baby I’m sorry I didn’t’ think” he pulled me to him “I’m so so sorry”
“I have to work” I moved away from him feeling foolish and still afraid all at the same time :Thanks Tommy” I smiled weakly at him as levi sat next to Isaac I put two beers down in front of them.
“Rhia I was doing stuff and lost track of time” He said trying to catch my hand
“Okay” I nodded I walked away to serve someone.
“Really you were supposed to meet me here at 9” Isaac hissed at him “I had to text Rhia because I didn’t know which bar she worked in she went outside to call you and have a cigarette and how do you think she felt when a stream of Fire trucks, police cars and an ambulance raced by in the direction that you have to come in” Levi hung his head. “You need to treat your friends better especially ones that have gone through what she’s been through”
“Are you done with the lecture?” Levi sank half his beer “I was trying to planning something for Rhia and I honestly lost track of time… and I should have told you but shes not my friend anymore” Isaac choked on his beer and looked wide eyed “Me sort of moved to the next level last night”
“You hooked up”
“Yes if you need to put it that crudely” Levi smiled as he watched me serve someone
“Well I feel like a third wheel” Isaac moaned.
“Don’t be a dumb ass” Levi laughed sinking the rest of his beer “You’ll just need to use earplugs”
“Ew… you still a noise SOB in the sack I thought you stopped snoring” Isaac punched his brother playfully “Hey do you know that guy over there with the old man” he nodded toward Greydin.
“Yeah it’s a guy that I think his family came from here he’s hooked up with Kelly the first time I met Rhia but I think he originally wanted Rhia” he reached for his brother untouched bottle “He’s a bit of a creeper I think”
“Hey” Isaac took back his beer “I had to say a few things to him about the way he was talking to Rhia” The nerve in Levi’s cheek twitched “But I think she can handle the odd drunk”
“Oh she can” Levi nodded “But she has a boyfriend now that can sort them out”
“If he doesn’t give me a heart attack first” I said walking behind him and picking up the empty beer bottle both he and Isaac jumped.
“I’m really sorry would a kiss make it better” he laughed
“We’ll see” I walked away collecting more glasses and bottles.
“Oh you have some making up to do there Bro” Isaac whistled
“Yeah well as soon as we can get everyone out of this bar the sooner I can start to make it up to her” Levi nodded “You can take the keys to the apartment and don’t wait up”
“Ew I’m not even going to ask” he shuddered “Oh and I really really need to talk to Rhia tomorrow” He stopped while I cracked 2 more beers and put them down.
“Is this about Ian” Levi became serious.
“Yeah, he’s something else from what we’ve found out” Isaac picked up his beer “and he’s been trying to locate Rhia”
“He hasn’t though and you guys can stop him right?” Levi sounded slightly panicked
“He hasn’t and right now we can’t stop him just throw hurdles in his way” Isaac smiled “I think things could get a little rough pretty soon”
“Well she has a support system in place this time” Levi sighed “I’m going to stand with her through all of it”
Finally the bar emptied around 1am Isaac walked over to me and hugged me
“I’m going to go crash at Levi’s place, See you later”
“Sure, watch out the police tend to be lurking just round the corner” I laughed as he walked to the door shaking his brother’s hand as he went. I closed up behind the bar Levi walked over to me and pulled me to him.
“You still mad with me”
“I wasn’t mad I was…” I looked down “I had flash backs to the police turning up and telling me my world was gone” I put my arms round his neck “I couldn’t go through that again”
“So I’m your world” he smiled a sexy smile at me.
“You know you are… you saved me” I rested my forehead against his.
“Come on are you ready to leave I have a surprise for you” He took my hand and pulled me to the door.
“Okay let me set the alarm and lock up” I nodded he pushed open the door and waited for me………………

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