Angel's Watch

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Chapter 48 (v.1) - Bindfolded in love

Submitted: November 23, 2010

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Submitted: November 23, 2010



....................... I slid into the passenger seat of his truck and looked at him.
“Okay I have to do something to you” he smiled leaning across
“I like the sound of that especially if it’s we have fun before we get back to your place… or are we going to go to mine” I asked his wamr breath on my neck.
“just wait” I jumped as I was plunged into darkness
“Please leave the blind fold on” he begged “I’ve worked hard on this surprise and I’m trying to be a little romantic”
“Okay I trust you” I sat back still unsure about what he was about to do the last time I’d been blindfolded I was taken in to the middle of a cornfield with the warm summer sun on my face and body and when I was told to take off the blind fold Ethan had been on one knee with a ring in between his thumb and forefinger and he’d asked me to marry him.
“That’s smile looks like your planning something” Levi’s chuckled stopped the memory
“I was just thinking that’s all” I sighed reaching across for his hand his warm fingers linked with mine I felt him lift my hand and press it to his lips.
“Good memories”
“Yeah” I put my head back and waited as we drove, I had no idea where we were going his hand was holding mine his thumb rubbing the back of it.
“Okay you need to wait here for a minute while I come round and get you” he was gone before I could say anything, I so badly wanted to peek from under the scarf that was covering my eyes. The door opened and I felt Levi next to me “right I’m going to carry you as the ground isn’t really even and I don’t want you on your back just yet”
“Really and I thought that’s what the blind fold was for” I teased as Levi lifted me into his arms
“Oh don’t you worry Miss Tate we can keep the blind fold for after” he murmured into my ear making me instantly aroused he climbed a couple of steps before he set my feet down. “Right bear with me yet again” the sound of a door opening was the only thing before he guided me into the warmth of a building “You know I love you right” I nodded I could hear the creak of wood as I walked over the floor. Levi stopped me “Ready” I felt a knot in my stomach.
“I think so” Levi tugged the scarf undone and slid it off my eyes I blinked a couple of times to focus on the room slightly different from the last time I’d seen it… this time it was lit with a roaring fire candles lined the mantle the family picture was gone. The couches that were in there had been replaced with the overstuffed one from Levi’s apartment a small coffee table was in the center with a bottle of champagne and strawberries, I looked at him he was standing waiting for my reaction. “Isn’t this…?”
“The house I just brought” he nodded reaching for my hand and pulling me to the couch “I sort of lied to you” he looked like a naughty little boy. “I didn’t’ need to come see any houses. I’d already decided that I was staying here in town” he sat down and patted the seat next to him “There was no way I want to be anywhere where I couldn’t get to see you every day” he fidgeted nervously “Look I know we finally got our act together yesterday but all I know is I want to wake up with you next to me everyday and considering most days were staying over in each other’s places albeit on the couches” he smirked.
“Whoa back up” I shook my head “So when I told Isaac tonight that you’d brought a house and he said he knew you’d sent him pictures weeks ago, you had already brought this place” I gestured with my hands
“So what was with all the getting Joan to show you the other ones” I scratched my head.
“I wanted to get your reaction on this and if you had nothing to compare it to” he chewed his lip.
“But I still don’t get why you didn’t tell me”
“Because I didn’t want to scare you into thinking I wanted more when you weren’t ready to give it” he smiled “But you love me right?” I nodded “You trust me right?”
“Yeah we’ve been through this already tonight” I groaned
“So move in here with me” he blurted out “Live with me let me love you and take care of you… you said yourself you liked the house and you’ve seen the bathroom we have” he chuckled “So you ready to leave the apartment with the paper thin walls and live with a gym teacher?”
“You want me to live with you?”
“Oh yeah” he nodded “The house and the furniture apart from the stuff in the kids rooms and the tv room on the top floor is all ours”
“The bed in the master” I got wide eyed remembering the huge oak bed.
“A gift from my parents” he nodded “But if you don’t like stuff them I’m sure we can change it so come on baby what do you say you want to take the plunge and live with your boyfriend of one day” he laughed.
“How about you let me sleep on it” I smiled kicking off my shoes and straddling his lap on the couch I think we need to break it in don’t we”……………..

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