Chapter 5: Guilty feeling

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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……………… Evan joined Levi and his friends playing pool as Greydin walked back into the bar. I watched Evan take a defensive stance his hand tightening on the pool cue in his hand while he watched Greydin walk over to where Kelly and Nick were talking. I stepped out from behind the bar and went across to grab the empty shot glasses from the edge of one of the pool tables.
“Ignore it” I murmured standing in front of Evan.
“I’m Fine” he shrugged “But he’s rubbing me up the wrong way”
“I can see that, but you’re better than he is and taking this to him” I put my hand over his on the pool cue “Will only get you in trouble with the Police” he looked at me.
“I know… But Rhia when will I ever be able to afford a car lie he has” He threw a slightly envious glance across to Greydin who was laughing his hand resting lightly on the small of Kelly’s back. “Or the things he has”
“Well obviously he has a small dick and he’s trying to compensate” Evan’s face finally cracked and he smiled “I rubbed his arm “You want another Beer?”
“Sure” He nodded.
“Hey Evan you taking a turn or are you forfeiting my $10” one of the guys called out at him
“I’m still playing” Evan turned away from me and walked back to the pool table.
“Hey Miss, can we get...” Levi leant into his friend and whispered something in his ear. “Hey Rhia can we get another round of shots please?”
"No problem” I walked back behind the bar and lined up another set of shot glasses.
“I’m heading off” Kelly smiled walking over to me and reaching the Tequila from the shelf for me and putting it on the bar “You want to go shopping tomorrow?”
“I have to work till one… but after that I’m good till I have to come here at 7”
“Okay I’ll meet you at the store and I’ll drive as I don’t think he’ll have gotten your car out of the snow by then” She shot a look across at Evan who was leaning over the pool table taking a shot. “I’m going to go see if Greydin wants to get a drink” She smiled wickedly “He’s hot and smells of so much more than Axe shower gel and engine oil or Cows” I raised and eye brow at her.
“Please be careful” I suddenly had a feeling of guilt for pushing Greydin on to Kelly I wasn’t jealous because his type just didn’t do it for me but there was something I wasn’t quite sure of… unless I was just being to weary.
“I can look after myself” he tone woke me from my thoughts with the sharp edge to it “And it makes a nice change to not have to deal with a calloused handed meathead”
“I’ll see you tomorrow Rhia” she walked away.
“Rough hands never used to bother her” I jumped at the sound of Evan’s voice from the other side of the bar.
“Yeah well she’ll change her mind if he’s like the others” I chewed the inside of my cheek as I looked at the shot glasses and poured the liquor into them.
“You know him?”
“No and I might just be stereotyping him” I stopped pouring and recapped the bottle and leant on the top of it and looked at Evan “But I’ve seen too many false people in my life” He looked at me like he was about to ask more about my life.
“Rhia, Joanne called and was wondering what time I was going to be home” Nick said walking up and standing next to Evan.
“Just go” I smiled “I’ll lock up… I think your wife if getting worried you won’t get home fast enough if her water breaks”
“Yeah” he smiled as he thought about his wife sitting at home ready to pop with twins and after her last doctor visit they were told it could be anytime “So you’re good with locking up” He eyed the guys still playing pool.
“Don’t worry I’m here if she needs a hand” Evan looked at Nick.
“Thanks Buddy” Nick smiled as I handed him his jacket from behind the bar
“Tell Joanne I’ll bring her the cookies round tomorrow afternoon” I laughed
“She’s going to kill you after the babies are born because she’s lived on those cookies you make” He chastised playfully “Night guys”
“Night Nick” I watched as he walked out and got into his car and pulled away from the bar “Okay guys shots are ready” I wasn’t going to give Evan the chance to go back to the previous conversation that had seemed to be heading where I didn’t want it to go. There was a mass exodus from the pool tables as the guys lined up along the bar.
‘You don’t have one” Levi pointed to the glasses.
“No, me and tequila have this relationship that ain’t pretty” I smiled back with a slight shudder as I remembered back to Kelly’s 21st 4 months ago.
“What about if you took it off these?” One of the guys lifted his shirt to show a set of washboard abs.
“Nope even if I took it of those” I giggled shaking my head.
“Dude believe me the reaction she has with tequila you wouldn’t want her to” Evan butted in as soon as it hits her stomach she throw up” I reached across the bar and Gibbs slapped him ‘What it’s true”
“It was just the taste of the guys body wash” I pushed my tongue out. “Or the oil that was on his body” the bar went silent
“Bull you were the same at New years when Billy dared you to take a shot from just a glass” Evan wrinkled his nose. I shrugged and nodded. I looked up most of the guys were looking at me
“Why don’t you get a Bomb then?” Levi suggested
‘Yeah you can’t be the prettiest one here in the bar and not join us for a drink” One of the others laughed holding out his hands.
“Okay” I walked away and brought back the glasses and poured myself a drink. We all sank the shots.
“We promise one more game of pool and we’re leaving” Levi said as the guys walked back to the pool table “You look like you’re ready to go home”
“No I’m good you can sleep when you’re dead right” I teased as I loaded yet more glasses into the dishwasher. “Evan can you round up the empty pitchers and see if they need any more please”
“Sure” he nodded and got off the stool Levi stayed at the bar.
“So have you guys decided on what you’re going to be doing tomorrow?”
“Yeah we liked the idea of going snowmobiling” he nodded “You said there’s somewhere we can rent them”
“Oh yeah there’s a place on the south side of town called ‘Jenks Repair and Rental’ I’m sure they’ll give you a good deal” I wiped over the bar and smiled at him
“I’ll tell the guys over breakfast because they ain’t going to remember crap after the amount they’ve drank tonight” he rubbed his hand across his jaw “You working again tomorrow night?”
“Oh yeah it’s Saturday… best night for tips best night for having a laugh with the customers”
“Oh so we didn’t make your night tonight… I’m wounded” he put his hand on his heart
“I’m sorry I leant over and put mine over his “I didn’t mean to offend” I teased
“Hey Rhia you know when you lean like that it looks like the boys are going to escape from your shirt” Evan laughed putting down three empty pitchers making me stand up straight and give him the finger.
“I’ll go and round up the money for the tab” Levi moved away from the bar.
“You were hitting on him” Evan nudged me as he came behind the bar and started the dishwasher
“No I was flirting with a half drunk guy to get a bigger tip” I turned away and wiped the back counter I felt Evan’s hands on my hips and his breath on my neck
“Bull that’s why your face is beet red and you’re smiling” he chuckled You can see your reflection in the tile at the back of the bar”………………….

Submitted: October 18, 2010

© Copyright 2020 Kirkyb. All rights reserved.


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aww everytime you mention shots mmmmmmmmmm

Mon, October 18th, 2010 5:41am


first two chapters in a row wooooooooooooot go me :D

Mon, October 18th, 2010 5:43am


Good morning.

Still with out a computer but we have managed to salvage the soccer photos YAY TFFT having to use Gaby's comp again so i'll post as much as i can before 2.30 my time when i have to go get the kids and pick up my mother rom the airprt :( then i don't know if i'll be able to get on before next week because of not having handy computer access i will try ti type up in the mornign and post it but i can't promise any thing

and for everyone that asked




Mon, October 18th, 2010 5:43am

Miss J

I think I just may like Levi.... Evan is something else, he has an attitude on him... An attitude like mine...Seriously though...

Greydin seems like he may be pretty cool....Only time will tell though....

I Love It!! Can't Wait For More!!

Mon, October 18th, 2010 6:01am


awesome chapter kirst :) glad Gabby won a couple games..thats awesome!

Mon, October 18th, 2010 6:36am

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