Angel's Watch

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Chapter 51 (v.1) - Shower again!

Submitted: November 24, 2010

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Submitted: November 24, 2010



...................... Evan dropped me off and I went and packed a few things into a bag and stopped at the wooden chest on the dresser I picked it up and carefully put it with the bag and grabbed the keys for my car from the side in the kitchen and headed out to the farm Evan and Tommy were working on a tractor as I pulled up.
‘Where is she?” I called out closing the door
“In the Kitchen getting ready for work” Evan called back ‘Hey Rhia” I walked over avoiding the muddy puddles “Would you mind working again tonight?”
“Well I thought that was the plan if you ‘re going to go through with it tonight” I laughed
“Oh yeah” he scratched his head “have you sorted” I put my hand over his mouth
“I’ll call you later okay” I walked away and into the house “Hey you” I smiled at Kelly who was putting on her makeup at the kitchen table.
“Hey yourself” she croaked
“Wow you still sound rough”
“I feel it” she sighed “but need the money”
“Don’t we all” I nodded “Did Evan tell you that Levi brought the old house on the north side of town?”
“He mentioned something about it” she nodded “is it as nice as I always thought it would be?”
“You’ll have to come and see won’t you” I leant on the table “I’m moving in with Levi” she dropped her mascara and looked at me “he asked me last night and I said yes”
“Wow that’s… that’s fast” she loked a little concerned “You sure about this?”
“Kel I thought you’d be on my side” I groaned feeling a little hurt.
“I am but with everything you’ve been through I just want to make sure you’re doing this for the right reasons” she held my hands
“I love him, he loves me and it feels right”
“Well then I’m happy for both of you” she smiled “you’ll be getting married next”
“Hey I don’t” I looked down
“I’m sorry my mouth ran away I didn’t think”
“I dont’ know if I’d say yes to anyone else”
“I thought you said you loved him”
“I do I really do… but I thought I had everything once and then lost it all I guess I don’t want to tempt fate” I played with the bracelet on my wrist
“I’d jump at the chance to marry Evan” she chewed the inside of her cheek “But he’s too much of a big lug to notice the hints I’ve been dropping” she got up and put away her things “Maybe this 4th of July I’ll ask him when we’re all out at the lake” she looked at me with a twinkle in her eye “Yeah that’s what I’ll do we have what…” she ran to the calendar and skimmed through “Oh you so have to help me plan something for him” she grabbed my shoulders and shook me “Say you’ll help me plot something “It’s 6 weeks till the fourth”
“Okay okay” I laughed calm down “I’ll do everything I can to make it perfect”
“Oooo we could do a winter wedding” she carried on. I got up and hugged her tightly
‘Look I have to go and you have to be at the bar to open up” I reminded her “I’ll try to get Levi and Isaac there for lunch and we can talk some more”
“Okay sounds like a… whoa who’s Isaac?”
“Levi’s brother the FBI guy” I smiled walking to the door “Oh and the main reason for me coming round here is to give you the heads up Greydin was in the bar last night” her face dropped “So watch your back and call me if you need me” I walked out waving my goodbyes to Tommy and Evan before I got in my car and headed for Hom.e I smiled as I thought about the fact I was moving in the one of the hottest, sweetest horniest humans on the planet, but I needed to make something happen for Evan and Kelly right now. Isaac and Levi were in the Kitchen drinking water as I opened the door.
“Here she is” Levi smiled “So did you bring back some clothes?”
“Well I had to because wearing this skirt and your hoodie isn’t really right for work” I smiled “Oh and we have some hard work to do this afternoon”
“Hmmm I like the sound of that” Levi pulled me to him
“Oh will you stop your worse than a rabbit on Viagra” Isaac groaned.
“You’re jealous bro” Levi looked over my head at him “When was the last time you got laid” I watched Isaacs face turned angry “And if you say when that bitch left you were walking out of here and going to find you a piece of ass to bang”
“Hey” I slapped Levi
“I’m sorry”
“Leave it Levi” Isaac walked to the door
“Dude you’re still wearing your wedding band and it’s been over a year” Levi shrugged “get over her and move on”
“I said leave it” Isaac squared up to Levi sandwiching me in the middle
“Hey both of you stop” I pushed them apart “Damn Levi apologize to Ike” I demanded “and Ike he’s trying to say that he doesn’t like seeing you working your ass into the ground and not having someone to go home to” I knew this was what Levi felt because we’d talked about it quite a few times. The two brothers backed down and looked at me
“I’ll go and get showered and changed” Isaac sighed walking to the door “It’s hard to let go of the one person that you love Levi” he said before walking out of the door” Levi turned and leant on the counter top I rubbed his back.
“He’s right until you’re ready and until that right person steps into your life you can’t let go” I pressed my lips to his shoulder “I should know” he turned his head and looked at me”
“I kow I guess I’ve been wanting to say something to him for a while” he sighed “I’ll make it up to him, So you need help getting your stuff from the car?”
“I only have a bag and my jewelry box” he nodded
“I’ll grab them if you can start the shower for me” he edged to the door “And what did Evan want to talk to you about?”
“Well that’s what I need help with this afternoon” I called out as I stripped off my shirt and headed for the stairs “But I need a shower first”…………..

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