Angel's Watch

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Chapter 52 (v.1) - I have a cunning plan

Submitted: November 24, 2010

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Submitted: November 24, 2010



................. I plotted with a now clued in Levi as we dressed with how we were going to set up a romantic proposal from Evan to Kelly I dressed in Jeans and a shirt that Levi had brought me for my birthday. He was sitting on the couch in the living room flicking absently through a book as I walked in.
“Nice shirt” he smiled “I knew it would look good on you”
“Not cheap either” I scolded him the same way I had when he had given it to me.
“Hey we’re not going to go there are we” he pulled me onto his lap “And you do know now I’ve made the move and I’ve got this” he tapped my chest where my heart was “It means I get to spoil you all I want”
“I don’t think that’s fair” I pouted
“Sorry the subject isn’t up for discussion” He stood up with me in his arms “Now I’ll go set up for Evan by the lake and drop you off at the bar to get things sorted at that end” he kissed me and set my feet down. We both walked out to the Truck and headed for the bar I pulled open the door and walked in slamming it behind me. Kelly looked up as the sound of tires squealing on the blacktop was the sound from Levi’s truck.
“God damn son of a using bitch” I walked behind the bar.
“You okay?”
“No” I snapped “I got home after leaving you and getting some of my things and he was in the garage with some girl” Kelly looked at me wide eyed “His bare ass out there while banging her over a pile of boxes”
“Say what?” she choked out
“Oh yeah he thought he’d invite his ex up to see his new house and she wanted to” I did quote marks in the air “See if it was still as good as she remembered” I poured a shot of Jack and knocked it back most of the bar listening to me by this point
‘Levi was doing some other chick”
“Doing her… they wanted me to join in” I poured another shot “I trusted him hell I had sex with him god knows what diseases he’s got”
‘I’ll kill him” she growled “I’ll kill him and then Evan will kill him” she hugged me tight “Go home if you want”
“No I want to work… I need to keep my mind occupied” I sighed “then we can both get drunk after we close up tonight so tell Evan he’s DD tonight” I walked away to take someone’s order, I got the perfect reaction from Kelly I tried not to smile now all we had to do was wait. We worked for the next hour Kelly watching me as I slammed round trying to keep up the pretence of being annoyed. The door to the bar opened and Evan walked in and glanced at me before hurrying over to Kelly.
“I’ve just seen Levi down by the lake with a blond chick” Kelly looked at him and then looked at me I was talking to some of the regulars “He was kissing her”
“Okay we’re going out” she wiped her hands on the bar towel “He can’t screw around after everything Shes been through” she nodded in my direction. Kelly walked over to me “Hey Evan wants me to pop out to look at some new furniture with him will you be okay for an hour or so”
“I’ll be fine” I nodded “I might be drunk or all the glasses will be broken but I’ll be fine” I waited till she walked out Evan turned and looked at me and gave em the thumbs up before he closed the door. I let out a sigh and grabbed my phone.
Levi * Okay I’m all set it looks pretty down here
Me 8 you’re a big softy under that tough tattooed hard sexy…
Levi * okay earth to Rhia focus girl we have still to complete the mission
Me 8 Missionary is that all I get
Levi * Oh you’re going to get your ass spanked young lady
ME * you promising
Levi * yes I am… and on another note how did it go… what did you tell Kelly?
Me * Er… well you’d better not let her catch you put it like that
Levi * Rhia.
ME * I told her you were getting busy with your ex in the garage and wantedme to join in
Levi * and that was the best you could come up with
Me * I needed to get her mad enough to leave the bar when Evan came in
Levi * oh that spanking’s going to be a good one
Me * you love me really
Levi * Oh damn shes coming…. Ow Kelly
The phone cut off I looked at the guys sat at the bar and pulled an OH Shit face……………..
“What the hell do you think you’re doing you’ll send Rhia over the edge and we’ve only just pulled her back” Kelly went to punch Levi again
“Whoa Rocky” he grabbed her wrist “Evan a little help here” he chuckled dodgeing her kicking feet
“Baby” Evan took over the restraint of a wild Kelly.
“Where’s the bitch I’m going to rip her apart”
“I’m leaving before Taz gets loose again” Levi started for his Truck “hey Evan Good Luck”
“You’re letting him run away” Kelly broke free of Evan and turned on hsm after he’s hurt Rhia.
“No baby” he smiled we needed a ploy to get you out here” he turned her to face the lake where there was a fire in the pit and tiki torches lighting it “I wanted a romantic time with you” Kelly looked at Evan and then at the refelection of the flickering flames in the water a blanket was laid out with a bottle of Champagne and a single red rose.
‘You did this?” KJelly Choked “Damn I only told Rhia this morning you wouldn’t know what romance was” she chuckeld
“Yeah well I guess having the friends we do helps when I need to do this” Evan dropped to one knee and opened the ring box. “Kel I know we’ve had our ups and downs but we’re supposed to be together so you want to make it official” she smiled “Will you marry this farm boy?”……………………

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