Angel's Watch

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Chapter 53 (v.1) - What a question

Submitted: November 24, 2010

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Submitted: November 24, 2010



.................. Isaac and Levi were playing pool as I worked the bar. Every time the door opened because we’d told everyone about what was happening everyone looked round. Levi walked over to me.
“Two beers please”
“Where are they?” I scowled “They should be here by now”
“They might be having too much fun” he laughed taking the beers from me “And I still owe you” he pointed to the still red hand print in his face. I turned away from him and smacked my ass laughing. ‘Oh you’re lucky that there’s a bar between us Miss Tate” he wagged a finger at me. The door to the bar opened and everyone fell silent as Kelly walked in.
“You took long enough to look at furniture” I laughed
“Yeah right” she looked at me with a huge smile
“Did you say yes?” Levi asked before anyone else could say anything Kelly held up her left hand, the ring catching the light as the bar broke out into applause and shouting and cheering. I walked round and hugged her before hugging Evan. Kelly walked over to Levi and put her hand on the hand print on his face.
“I’m sorry” she smiled “I really thought you were cheating on Rhia because of the performance she gave” she laughed “You forgive me”
“Of course” Levi laughed putting his arms round her waist and lifting her up in a bear hug “You hit like a girl” he teased putting her down as I went back behind the bar. By 11pm the bar was half full and Nick was in working. Levi was sitting with Evan, Kelly and Isaac all drinking like it was the end of the world.
“You can go home if you want Rhia I got it here” Nick smiled as the drunken bunch toasted something about Mickey mouse.
“Gee thanks I get to ship their asses home” I sighed
‘Well imagine if you don’t leave here till 1 they’ll have even more drink in them.
“Hmmm you have a point” I nodded “Okay I’ll see you in a couple of days”
“Okay night Rhia” Nick smiled as I grabbed my jacket and purse and walked over to them.
“Okay guys I think we’re done for the night” I smiled as Levi pulled me on to his lap.
“I love vish gurl” he slurred ‘I wuv you” he grinned at me
“Good but I still think I need to get you all home” I pulled the truck keys from his pocket as Isaac’s phone rang
“Fuck it’s my bosh” he hiccupped taking it from the table and staggering through the door to the outside.
‘Okay Beauty and the beast up and at em…” I got off Levi’s lap and pulled Kelly to her feet.
“O love you Rhia and Ehtan loved you” I stopped and looked at her “He didn’t mean to leave you”
“Okay I’m going to let it slid as you are too drunk right now but you need to stop” I snapped a little too quickly as I hauled her out to the truck and pushed her inside. “Ike” I grabbed Isaac as he put his phone in his pocket.
“Rhia I’m sorry” he hiccupped “Ian’s gone mishing” my heart sank as I helped him into the truck next to Kelly “We’ll find him” I closed the door and walked back into the bar where Evan and Levi were arm wrestling each other.
“Okay Dumb and dumber out to the truck now” I pushed them out of the door trying not to think of what Isaac had just said I wasn’t going to get any sense out of these guys before morning anyway I walked round to the drivers side and pulled out taking Evan and Kelly to the farm and letting Tommy deal with them. I got back to the house and put Isaac to bed on the couch in the living room before going back outside to Levi hw was sitting on the steps of the porch looking up at the moon. ‘You going to start howling?” I smiled he jumped and looked round at me his eyes sharper then they had been
“No I was waiting for you” he patted the step no signs of slurring in his voice as I sat next to him “I’m sorry I let you get them all home by yourself” he smiled
“You’re not drunk?”
“I have a buzz on” he chuckled “but no I’m not drunk the others didn’t notice when I wasn’t taking the shots and I dropped them into Isaac’s beer” he winked at me “You think I want to get drunk when I have you to hold all night” he kissed my temple “SO you think Evan and Kelly are happy”
“I think Happy is an understatement I don’t know if they’ll be happy in the morning when that Whiskey kicks them in the ass” I rested my head on his shoulder
“I heard what she said about Ethan” I looked at him and then looked down “It was the beer talking”
I know and that’s why I didn’t say anything or go off at her” I nodded as the warm breeze lifted my hair “Isaac took a call from hs boss” I felt Levi tense up “Ian’s gone missing the FBI don’t know where he is”
“If he thinks he can hurt you he’s going to be in for a shock Baby” Levi murmured kissing my head again “I love you don’t you forget that”
“I won’t” I snuggled against him.
“Would you ever marry?” I jumped and looked at him “I mean after…”
“You’ve been talking to Kelly haven’t you?” I accused
“She was worried about you that’s all” he held me tighter to him “and it’s good to know as well”
“I don’t know I loved one man and when I agreed to marry him he was taken from me” I said shaking my head “Levi I don’t want to think about it right now” I begged
“Okay I’m sorry” he rested his head against mine “I do have something for you though” he got up and pulled me to my feet and walked me into the house.
What?” I asked dubiously as he led me up stairs past a snoring Isaac on the couch he opened our bedroom door and sat me on the bed going over to his dresser and taking something out of the drawer and walking back over.
“I know you’ve dreamy about Ethan telling you it was okay for you to love me” I nodded feeling the lump in my throat “and I wasn’t supposed to come up here with my friends that weekend but someone dropped out and I took their place” he took my hand and rubbed his thumb over the back of it “and it was the best think that happened but I think Ethan had something to do with it” he smiled a little “well I hope he did and he thinks I’m good enough still” he put a square box in my hand “I saw this the other day ad thought it made a whole lot of sense” I lifted off the lid and pulled back the wad of paper “I love you and I know he loves you” Levi murmured…………………


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