Angel's Watch

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Chapter 54 (v.1) - Found

Submitted: November 29, 2010

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Submitted: November 29, 2010



…………………. I bent and wafted a mug of coffee under Isaac’s nose.
“Ow damn my head” he grumbled “What the hell did I drink last night?”
“I think most of the bar” I handed him the cup as he sat up his free hand on his head. “I know you probably don’t want to talk to you” I sat on the floor and hugged my knees to my chest.
“Where’s Levi?”
“He’s sleeping” I looked at him “Last night you said something about Ian going missing” Isaac rubbed his hand over his face before taking a drink “You took a call from your boss” I pushed.
“I remember” he nodded “We’ve had him under surveillance since we reopened the investigation, and we think he’s gotten wind that we were watching him”
“But what does that mean? He’s not dangerous… Is he?” I could feel the panic rising in me ‘What he did to Kai and Ethan was a one off… right?”
“Honey I told you the deep we look into Ian the more bad stuff we’ve been finding” he leant forward and put the cup down and held my hands “I promise you that we will not let him hurt you more than he already has done” he smiled but there was something in his eyes that made me nervous.
“Oh I sleep in for a while and you hit on my girl” Levi walked into the room and dropped a kiss on my head.
“Yeah well when you sleep like a log then it’s the risk you take” Isaac laughed sitting back from me I got up and walked outside taking my cigarettes with me.
“Hey I was kidding” Levi rubbed my shoulders.
“I know” I lit the cigarette “I’m worrying about Ian” I turned and looked at Levi “Things that Isaac has said it’s stressing me out” Levi pulled me to him.
“I’m sure if things were too bad then Ike wouldn’t even dream of putting you in danger”
“I know” I nodded “I just want him out of my life”
“He will be” Levi stroked my hair “he will” he reassured me “Then we can get on with our lives”
“Hey do you guys have any Tylenol?” Ike put his head round the door.
“In the cabinet in our bathroom” I smiled “I need to get ready for work at the store” Levi kissed me
“You want me to drive you?”
“No you stay look after your brother” I patted his arm “I have to run to the grocery store after work so we can eat and I think Kelly will want some girly time after what happened” I walked into the house.
“Ike” Levi stopped his brother from following me “Please you need to fill me I n at least on this Douche bag”
“Let me make a few calls okay and then we can go for breakfast or something”
………… I was talking to Tommy as he waited for one of the pieces of farm equipment to be serviced as the phone rang.
“Excuse me a minute” I scooted back on the chair across the office and grabbed the phone putting it under my ear “Jenks Servicing can I help you?”
Ian * see I told you that I’d be in touch
Me * how did?
Ian * I have friends that can do things for me
Me * Why can’t you leave me alone?
Tom looked at me with a worried expression I scribbled a note asking him to call Levi he grabbed my cell and took it outside
Ian * why do I have the FBI on my ass?
Me * I don’t know
Ian * really it’s strange how you’ve hooked up with a new guy and then the FBI shows up
Me * I’m not with anyone
Ian * Rhiannon really you and your sister are really two peas from the same pod aren’t you? Dumber than a box of rocks.
Me * go to hell Ian you’ve already destroyed me once what more can you want?
Ian * money’s always a good thing
Me * I don’t have any?
Ian * bullshit I know you got a share of your parents Life insurance and that guy that got you knocked up had life insurance
Me * go to hell
 Ian * now, now Rhia you really should be thanking me for putting you in the money?
Me * you killed my son and my fiancée and you think money makes up for not seeing him grow up, not being married to Ethan… you’re one sick son of a bitch
Ian * Oh Rhia I can hear the violins playing right now get over it.
Me * what if it was the other way round and it was your wife and son.
Ian * I have them insured
Me * go to hell Ian in fact you’re to evil ever to go to hell.
 I slammed the phone down and tried to stop myself from shaking violently as Tommy walked back in
“Levi and his brother are on their way” he walked round the counter and put his arm round me “I called Kelly and Ethan as well” I wrapped my arms round myself, it felt like I’d poured ice water over myself he knew where I worked and he knew about Levi now I was scared he’d do something to hurt him…………….

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