Angel's Watch

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Chapter 56 (v.1) - Hell

Submitted: November 29, 2010

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Submitted: November 29, 2010



....................... I fell asleep on Levi’s shoulder nightmare filled dreams with Levi lying bleeding in a car wreck with Ian standing nearby rubbing his hands together laughing. I jolted awake dusk was falling how long had I been asleep. I was covered with the comforter off of our bed I sat up and rubbed the back of my neck the sound of voices filtered to me from the kitchen, I got up and walked out to find it filled with people in suits Levi was sitting on the counter top chewing his nails as his Mom was cooking something that was making my stomach growl.
“Er… sir” a woman nudged Ike and nodded in my direction.
“Anyone want to let me in on what’s happening?” Levi jumped off the counter almost taking out two agents in his rush to get to me.
‘Did we wake you?” he asked stopping in front of me.
“No I... had a bad dream” I looked round him “What’s going on?”
“Lets go talk” Isaac walked over and handed me a beer he’d pulled from the fridge. Levi put his hand on my back and steered me back to the couch.
“Why is our kitchen filled with people in bad suits” I looked at Isaac “Sorry no offence… yours looks good” I fidgeted uncomfortably.
“None taken” he sat down taking a gun from the holster under his jacket and laying it on the table next to where he sat. I grasped Levi’s hand
“I take it the vacation here is over?” I asked trying not to let the nervousness show in my voice. Isaac nodded “Ian?”
“Yep, we traced the call and he was calling from a town 20 miles south of here” my heart missed a beat as Levi’s hand held mine firmly “but we also got a call from the FBI in Billings” he looked at Levi then back at me, “You know we lost track of Ian two days ago” I nodded “the day care that your nephew attends called to say that they were due to have your nephew but no one had showed up and they’ve been calling the house and they thought it was strange because your sister is there like clockwork to drop him off”
“Yeah so she can go get her nails done or shop” I hissed “She was no kind of mother” Levi leant forward.
‘Rhia we sent a police unit to the home” he swallowed and rubbed his hand over his head “Your sister was found in the tub beaten and drowned” my felt my eyes grow wider “and the little boy was in his crib… Rhia I’m sorry honey”
“Dead… both… of them… Dead” the words stuttered from my lips
“Yes” Levi put his hand on my free hand “The boy was killed as he slept there were high levels of carbon monoxide in his room from the heater but your sister… they had to use dental records to confirm her identity” I leant back in the seat “Ian’s now on the run for a double homicide and we think he’s coming to you”
“We need to get her the hell out of here” Levi jumped in “She’s not safe while this bastard is loose”
“He did it for the money” I whispered”
“He told me he killed Ethan because I was getting the money” I looked from Levi to Isaac “I asked him what would he have done if it had been Laura and Liam… he said he has them insured” I felt the bile rise in my throat and ran from the room making it to the bathroom just in time………………….

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