Angel's Watch

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Chapter 58 (v.1) - Women's prison

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Submitted: November 30, 2010



................ Feeling Levi’s hands running over my skin as the hot water poured over the two of us made me wish it was over and this was what my life was supposed to be. The way his lips felt as they brushed over my neck as he whispered he loved me made my spine tingle, how his hands toyed across my stomach before heading lower making my back arch in response and a moan escape from my lips. The bathroom door knocked.
“Miss Tate we need to get you wired” a sharp woman’s’ voice called curtly through the door. Levi groaned and dropped his head on to my shoulder
“You want to answer that or shall I” he growled
“I’m taking a shower you’ll have to wait” I shouted back turning in Levi’s arms and wrapping one of my legs round his waist as he pushed me against the wall his body molding with mine as my fingers dug into his back as he pushed into me
“But Miss Tate…”
“Hey Back off I’m working n here” Levi yelled “damn FBI” he turned back to me ‘Now what was I doing”…………………..
……………… I walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and jumped as I saw the FBI agent sitting on the end of our bed waiting for us.
“Er excuse me” I looked at her
“You’re shift starts in 30 minutes and it take at least that to have you wired and all the checks made” she got up and raised an eyebrow as Levi walk out of the bathroom in just his boxers.
“What the…” I put my hand on his chest
“Go talk to your brother about the level of privacy we expect” I said firmly not taking my eyes from the agent. Levi grabbed a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and dressed quickly before leaving the room I grabbed underwear and a skirt and tank and turned back to the bathroom slamming the door closed in the face of the agent I dressed and put on my makeup before going back out to her.
“Are you finally ready” she huffed “We’re doing this for you, you know”
“Not to catch a guy that killed 4 people” I snapped back this woman was winding me up
‘Well you seem to think this is some joke the fact you have just dragged a guy up her to have sex when this should be your top priority” I turned on her.
“Are you kidding me” I got in her face “I didn’t ask for any of this. You think I wanted my fiancée and son to be killed” I poked her in the shoulder “I might have hated my sister but I’d never wished her dead and my 18 month old nephew hurt no one but then again I must have wanted that as well” she backed away “Yes I just had sex” I was almost screaming at this point with anger “I need to feel safe for a few minutes before I face the man that has taken everything from me… I wanted to show the man I love how much he means to me and that I appreciate him standing by me when most would run” the door opened nad Levi and Isaac stood looking at us “Maybe if you got laid once in a while you wouldn’t have such a stick up your ass” I looked at Isaac “She needs to be lept in the basement where the other FBI jack asses with no tact must live because believe me if she wasn’t wearing that badge I’d kicke her damn ass”
“Agent Falls I think you need ot leave and go back down stairs” Isaac said shaking his head
“I’m the only female agent here to conceal the wire”
“Right now I think I’m siding with Miss Tate” he said pointing to the stairs “I’ll fit the wire her boyfriend can stay her to make sure nothing inappropriate is done” The agent pushed the wires into Isaacs hand and stormed off
“Oh honey there’s chocolate in the fridge incase it’s PMS and you need sugar” I called over the banister Levi groaned and shook his head ‘Where the hell do you recruit from a damn women’s prison”
“Feels like it” Isaac sighed “You are okay with me doing this” he held up the wire
“Yeah I’m fine as long as I don’t have to be naked” I wrinkled my nose
“No” he chuckled but you will have to be without your shirt but that’s why Levi’s here so no one can accuse me of anything” Levi sat on the bed
“I’m good” he smirked as I pulled off my tank and stood there while Isaac fastened the wire on to me the microphone tucked in the front of my bra so tiny you could hardly see it unless you looked really hard and considering I wasn’t going to be serving in my bra my shirt was going to cover it, I put on the shirt and my shoes and looked at both of them Levi was chewing his lip nervously.
“Ike can you give us two minutes?”
“Sure” Isaac got up and left the room pulling the door closed behind him I walked over to Levi where he was still sitting on the end of the bed.
“Stop worrying” I smiled as he held my hips and pressed his face to my stomach
“I can’t help it Rhia I’m helpless her I want to kill Ian for everything he’s done” he groaned “I love you but I’m terrified he’s going to try something that no one can stop” I put my hand over his mouth
“Remember I have an advantage” I smiled Levi frowned “I have a guardian angel watching over me… If he brought us together he’s really got my back” Levi smiled under my hand.
“True” he nodded he stood up and took my hands in his face “I had a dream last night you know” I tilted my head and looked at him “Some firefighter told me I didn’t have to worry because as long as you have me here loving you and looking after you then he’d cover the rest” he bent his head and brushed his lips lightly over mine “He asked me to give you that” my heart skipped a beat “I love you Rhia” the door knocked
“Guy’s I’m sorry but Rhia’s already 20 minutes late for her shift” Isaac put his head round the door “Levi you need to drop her off like you usually do”……………………

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