Angel's Watch

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Chapter 59 (v.1) - Beginning of the end

Submitted: November 30, 2010

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Submitted: November 30, 2010



..................... Levi pulled up outside of the bar I turned to look at him
“Where are you going?”
“To Evan’s he’s as nervous as I am” he sighed rubbing his hand over his jaw
‘Theres no saying he’ll turn up tonight or even if I’ll ever see him” I put my hand on his face “I love you”
“I love you too” he kissed me and waited till I got out of the truck and walked inside the bar before he drove away heading to Evan’s farm. Kelly was laughing and chatting with two guys at the bar as most of the regulars eat and chatted while watching the race on the TV. I slipped behind the bar putting my purse away.
“Sorry I’m late” I walked up to Nick and smiled “Car trouble”
“It’s okay” he nodded “Just get to work” he teased I walked over to Kelly and squeezed her arm I could read the strain on her face.
“Oh you finally get here?” she pulled a face
“Yeah Levi’s Truck wouldn’t start but he’s heading to Evan’s now for him to take a look at it” she followed me to the back of the bar as one of the regulars waved his empty glass at me, I pulled out a fresh glass and began to fill it.
“You okay” she whispered “I hate the fact the guys can’t be here”
“I know but we’re okay” I looked at her “We’ll be okay”
“Can I kick his ass if he comes in here?”
“I know you want to but…” she smiled at me
“I know I have to be good” she groaned
We worked for the rest of the night the bar filling up around 10 like it normally did on a Friday night Kelly and I were to busy to even give Ian a second thought.
“Hey Rhia phone call for you” Nick called out “I think it’s Levi” I wiped my hands on the bar towel and walked over to him the noise in the bar making it hard to hear I took the phone into the kitchen of the bar
Me * hello
Ian * see you hang up on me at one of the places you work at and I find you in the other
Me * what is it you want Ian?
My heart was in my throat and I was gripping the phone with fear
Ian * you Rhia you know that
Me * no I don’t
Ian* run away with me
Me * what?
Ian * come on that muscle bound moron you’ve hooked up with can’t give you more than sex
Me * you’re insane… what about Laura and Liam
Ian * not a problem they’re taken care of
Me * what do you mean taken care of
Ian * Rhia do we have to do this over the phone
Me * well considering you’re in Montana and I’m here in Wisconsin it’s a little difficult
Ian * now why would you think I’d still be in Montana when I want you
I felt literally sick now
Me * I don’t understand
Ian * I’m sitting in the parking lot across from the bar you’re working in
Me * Yo…you… you’re here?
Ian * oh yeah and I saw your boyfriend leave you there
Me * Ian please go away
Ian * come over and see me and we can talk I have so much I need to tell you
Me * I… I …
Ian * I have something of Ethan’s
Me * what?
Ian *come and get it
The phone went dead I gripped the door frame frozen with fear what the hell could he have of Ethan’s. I took a deep breath I hope to god the wire was working because this was it this was going to be the beginning of the end………………….

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