Angel's Watch

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - OH NO

Submitted: October 18, 2010

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Submitted: October 18, 2010



………………….. “We’re heading back to the hotel” Levi walked over “You got the tab?”
“I do” I turned and grabbed it from behind the bar and handed it to him he quickly counted out the money and handed it to me
“And the guys said that you’re to get this” he handed me a $100 bill. “For putting up with us and not groaning when Fred showed off his abs”
“Why would a girl complain about any man showing off a good body” I winked “And tell them thanks”
“I will ,we’ll probably see you tomorrow night”
“I’ll be here” I nodded as I put the money in the register. “Oh and have fun tomorrow”
“We’ll try” he shook Evan’s hand “Nice to meet you”
‘You two” Evan sat down and watched them pile into two large trucks and pull out of the parking lot “I hope to god the sheriff ain’t waiting downt he street”
“Oh he will be but at least one of them was a DD and I think Levi didn’t drink that much or I could get in shit for not stopping him from driving” I walked over to the doors and looked out at the steadily falling snow and sighed as I locked the door.
“so first name terms with him” Evan teased I turned and looked at him.
He introduced himself” I groaned going back behind the bar and pouring a beer for me and one for Evan as I took out the draw from the register and started to cash it up.
“Okay what ever”
“Oh Jeez Evan stop it they are in town for the weekend” I shook my head and pulled a pen from the draw and started to write down the takings for the night “and anyway you’re still a jack ass for doing what you’ve done to my poor car” I gestured outside “and if this snow keeps up then I won’t find it till spring”
“I’ll digg it out ofr you tomorrow” he put his hand on his heart “I would have done it to Kelly’s if her’s had been here as well”
‘Oh and that would have gone down well sh’e have ripped your balls off and been wearing them for earrings” I laughed as I put the money in the bag and walked back to the small office before locking it away in the safe. I went back out and over to the jukebox and fee it the dollar before picking 3 tracks “You get my fourth” I nudged Evan in the back and sat on the stool next to him and picked up my beer.
“Wow at least we get to listen to something other than Nickelback” he ducked already prepared for the gibbs slap that was going his way as he dissappeared for a minute I watched the second hand on the clock tick away the time as far away began to play.Evan sat back down.
“So how long is it you’ve been here?” he asked leanign on his hand and tipping his head in my direction.
“Here almost 7 months”
‘and where was it you were before that?” he narrowed his eyes
“Around trying to find the best place to settle for a while” I shrugged taking another drink I pulled my cigarettes from my purse and lit one.
“You shouldn’t be doing that in here?” He laughed
“I know but once we’re closed and not serviong Nick lets us” I poked him in the ribs
‘so where did you come from”
“Okay I know this town can be a little slow on the uptake but dude really I have to exlain the birds and the bees” this time it was my turn for the Gibbs slap
“You know what I mean smart ass”
“Long story but lets just say I don’t want to live in the city any more” I got up and sank the rest of my beer “Now stop digging in my past” I smiled and I want to go home I have to be t work for 7.30 in the morning and it’s already 1.15” Evan got up and sank the rest of his beer.
“Well my dear you have my keys remember” I put on my jacket and reached into my pocket and threw them at him “I’ll go start it and get the heater going while you lock up” I nodded and started to turn of the lights before locking the doors and heading across the calf deep fresh powder that had fallen since getting to work. Country music already blsting out as I opened the door.
“One of these days’ you’ll get a taste” I winked t him
“IO can make you walk” I pointed out as he skidded out of the lot.
“And I’ll call the sherriff and have you done for criminal damage withm y car”
‘Oh sometimes Rhia you’re too quick mouthed for your own good” He rested his left arm on the ledge of the window while he drove slapping my hand twice when I reached for the radio. The silence was comfortable like when your’ sitting with someone you’ve known your entire life not like me with Evan just the past few months. We pulled up to the apartments where Kelly and I lived Greydin’s merc was parked outside .Even in the half light I could see the nerve in Evan’s cheek twitching.
“Stop they probably just got home and for someone that has said he doesn’t care what she does you look like you care now”
“I don’t” he snapped
“Yeah right I reached over him and turned off the ignition and pulled out the keys”
“With the amount of beer and shots you’ve done tonight I shouldn’t have let you drive but since I was over the limit as well” I opened the door “and with you being angrier than an bear with a sore ass you’re going to stay the night on my couch” I got out and walked to the stairs to the apartment. I heard trudging in the snow and stomping as he stamped the snow from his boots.
“Did anyone tell you that you’re a bossy bitch”
“Oh yeah” I laughed putting the key in the lock and opening the door the warmth flooding out as I pulled of my boots and y jacket. “You want a beer or you want and hot chocolate?”
“Beer sounds good” he closed the door I walked into my tiny kitchen and opened the fridge and pulled out two beers I handed him one and put my down on the coffee table
“I’ll go get you some spare bedding” I walked int my room and pulled out two extra pillows and a sleeping bag I changed into my P.J’s and walked back out
“Oh nice tinkerbell Pants” he laughed as I threw the things at him
“Hey back off my P.J.’s my house” I sat down on the other end of the couch and picked up my beer.
“You have no picutres” he said looking round the room
“why would I have pictures?”
“Because even I have picutres of my family and friends” on the walls in my place.
“Evan I asked you not to dig” I snapped getting up “Night” I walked to my room and closed the door. I sat on my bed and took a mouthfull of my beer as the sounds filtered through from down stairs, indicating exactly what Kelly was doing with Greydin and it wasn’t talking about his car. My door knocked and Evan put his head round.
“I’m sorry” I looked at him “I’m generally a curious person and all we know about you is the past six months he stepped inside and sat on the end of my bed his beer bottle in his hand “Rhia I won’t ask….” There was a really loud ‘OH GOD YES” from down stairs “Oh you have to be shitting me” he got wide eyed I started to laugh. “Rhia it’s not funny” he hissed
“Oh it is you should see your face” I cried the tears streaming down my cheeks as there was a bump and another ‘YES, YES, OH MY GOD’ from down stairs.
“Rhia this is bad” he put his head in his hands “My ex is down there getting the life screwed out of her and all you can do is laugh”
“Hell yeah” I punched his arm “Evan come on lighten up face facts she has sex I’m sure you and here did it more than once… infact the night you guys split up you’d had her screaming so loyud I almost called the cops” I watched him blush “Hey I’m not a pervert or anything but the walls and floors are really thin and I refuse to leave my apartmentr when she wants to have sex I normally turn up the TV”
“I can’t believe I’ve got to listen to this” I reached over and turned on my i=pod ont eh small dock next to my bed “Oh I don’t know what’s worse Nickelback or on your back” he pointed down stairs making me fall about laughing agin I bumped him with my shoulder catching him off balance and knocking him off the bed with a thud making it silent downstairs. I bit my lip and looked at Evan.
“Damn they must think you’re at it as well” he whispered.
“Yeah right” Evan got up
“What you don’t find me attractive?”
“Rhai what we’re adults and like you’ve pointed out several times she’s my ex and when was the last time a guy made you feel good” I looked down “When was the last time you let go” he stroked my cheek and lifted my chin.
 I could feel how rough hs hands were from the hours of working he did with them. I inhaled the musky scent of him that no matter how hard he tried it was an inground smell that would never wash awa,y mix that with the alcohol and my arms went round his neck. I wanted to feel everything that he had mentioned. The last time I had been used and thrown away when I wasn’t conveveient any longer by someone I thought I loved. I brought my lips to Evans my tongue deep in a fight with his already half of me screaming to stop the other half letting go and craving him……………..

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