Angel's Watch

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Chapter 60 (v.1) - Over my dead body

Submitted: November 30, 2010

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Submitted: November 30, 2010



………………. I walked out of the kitchen and put the phone back I walked over to Nick.
“Hey is it okay if I go for a break” I asked trying to make my voice sound normal I could feel Kelly watching me.
“Sure” he nodded getting off the stool he was sitting on so he could take my place helping Kelly behind the bar I walked to the door
“Hey” I jumped and looked at Kelly “You going for a break without taking these” she tossed me my cigarettes. I smiled my thanks and walked out closing the noise of the bar away as the door swung shut behind me I lit a cigarette and looked across the street where there was a small parking lot a beat up pick up was the only thing there a far cry from the cars Ian had in the past I inhaled deeply and started across the street. The only sound other than my footsteps was the thundering beat of my heart I’m sure it would drown out anything on the wire. I tugged open the door the interior light glowing dimly lighting Ian’s face enough to show the grin on his lips.
“Beautiful as ever” he laughed patting the seat next to him I slid in leaving the door open. “Close the door Rhia”
“I’m okay with it open I have to get back to work in a minute” my voice shook with anger and fear as I tried to reign it in. “So give me whatever it is you think you have of Ethan’s and let me go back to my job”
“Why are you working you must have the best part of three quarters of a million dollars” he threw his arm over the back of the seat and picked up a strand of my hair and rubbed it between his fingers
“Its blood money” I hissed “it’s tainted with hatred and lost love”
“Oh Rhiannon so dramatic aren‘t you” he chuckled “We’re supposed to spend the money together” he mused “Lost on some deserted island where you can be my girl Friday”
“Yeah right I can still see the tan lines where your wedding band was” I pulled my hair away from him “What does Laura think to you wanting her little sister after you killed Ethan and Kai” he sneered at me
“She won’t care she knew when we got married I only had eyes for you then your stupid parents fucked that up by dying and you running away” he turned to face me “You’d never have left and my seduction would have won you over in the end”
“Damn you think a lot of yourself, why did you stay with Laura”
“Five hundred thousand reasons” he laugh that came from him was sickly and turned my stomach she held the purse strings the tight bitch then when you came back into our lives with that son of a bitch firefighter I knew if I got rid of him there’d be so much more insurance money and I’d be the shoulder you’d cry on the strong man to help you get over losing him” his hand was on my thigh my skin was literally crawling at his touch “My body would be the one you’d turn to when you needed to feel the heat of a man” he nuzzled into my neck I wanted to pass out with fear and hatred right now.
“So you killed him and my son” I spat at him he jumped back
“Baby I did it so we could be together he wasn’t good enough and that bastard kid born before you’d known him long enough to know his last name” he yelled “they deserved to die” he looked at me his eyes full of malice “anyone that stands in the way of us being together will be dealt with”
“What have you done?” he reached across me and slammed the door closed ramming the car into reverse spinning out of the parking lot “Ian let me out I want to go to work”
“No we’re leaving that idiot that dropped you off more muscle than brains will get his comeuppance when he realizes I’ve got you” I reached for the door handle to find it missing and Ian laughing like a mad man “We’re going to be together”
“Ian no think about your Son” I pleaded knowing full well he was dead.
“I don’t have a son and I don’t have a wife”
“Yes you do”
“No, you see Liam I knew was never mine your sister was sleeping with some native American guy when I was working away so I let him go in his sleep unlike what was your bastards name…?”
“Kai” I hissed through my teeth “His name was Kai and he was a baby that had done nothing”
“Where as your bitch of a sister got the beating she deserved for cheating on me and wanting to go to the cops about me giving the keys to the car to Ethan” he ignored what I said “See baby” he looked at me and touched the side of my face “It’s just us and the money for ever”
“Over my dead body” I screamed grabbing the wheel and making the truck leave the road and head for a light pole………………………………………..

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