Angel's Watch

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Chapter 61 (v.1) - Darkness

Submitted: December 01, 2010

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Submitted: December 01, 2010



………………… There was a resounding thud as the car swiped the light pole and flipped as the front right tire hit the gravel at the side of the street sending to over and rolling into its roof in the ditch. There was a pain searing through my head from banging it off the dashboard as the car struck the pole I was upside down crumpled on the roof as Ian was scrabbling to undo his seat belt.
“You stupid bitch” he screamed you could smell gas “If you’d just have done what you were told” I kicked at the already half broken window the glass scraping my leg, the irony smell of the blood assaulted my senses as the rest of the glass fell out I scrabbled as fast as I could to get out the sounds of sirens in the distance “Bitch” I felt like I’d been hit by a brick as My hair was grabbed and I was thrown to the ground my shirt rode up and the wire was exposed “What the…? Ian was wide eyed “You’re wired” I got to my feet all fear gone replace with rage I couldn’t feel the pain in my head or the blood now pooling at my feet “You did it didn’t you? You got the FBI involved?” I nodded a smile spreading over my lips “You’re a two bit whore” he lunged for me I balled my fist and with the force I put behind it and the force he went for me the cracking sound as it hit the door was deafening he slumped to the ground. Something round his neck caught my eye something I’d brought for Ethan for his birthday one time.  I took my chance and pounced on him. I couldn’t see anything but red mist as my fist pummeled into him his shrieks and fighting no match for the total loss of control that raged in me.
I felt arms pulling me off of Ian but I kept fighting lashing out at whoever was holding me till I felt the ground beneath my back and I had someone sitting on my legs and someone sitting on my chest pinning my hands to the dirt.
“Rhia, stop Rhiannon” my struggling began to subside at the sound of Isaac’s voice “It’s okay honey” he soothed “open your eyes and look at me” I blinked a couple of times Isaac was the one sitting on my chest “Rhia breath slowly for me” his voice was in control “I think we can let go of her” he said over his shoulder to whoever was sitting on my legs the weight suddenly gone “Go help cordon this off” Isaac let go of my wrists and got off of me.
“Is it over” I gasped my breath shallow and raspy
“Yeah… it’s over” he nodded the feeling of relief wash unmistakable as the tears started to flow he sat me up and wrapped me in his arms and held me I buried my head against him my fist still clenched tight as if in spasm.
“Is she okay?” the sounds of a very stressed Levi running at full tilt toward us made the tears fall harder. I felt Isaac nod and move back slightly swapping places with his brother I clung to Levi with every ounce of strength that I had.
“You need to let the EMT’s take a look at her” I heard someone say “Look at her leg”
“Baby I’m going to pick you up okay? Let me know if I hurt you” Levi gently slid his arm under my legs and picked me up I winched in pain the adrenaline was beginning to wear off and I was starting to hurt everywhere he carried me as steadily as he could I could hear shouting I peered out and saw Ian being put into the back of an ambulance his face a dark mass of congealed blood his wrists cuffed to the bars on the stretcher. They closed the doors and drove away with the lights and sirens screaming into the darkness.
“Put her down on here” an EMT walked over and smiled at me “Lets take a look at you” I let go of Levi slowly.
“Can I ride with her?” Levi asked as the EMT checked me out
“Sure I need to make sure we don’t need to take one of the FBI agents with us first”
“The lead investigator’s my brother” Levi shrugged his face full of worry and concern
“I still need to check” The EMT climbed out of the back of the ambulance Levi sat by me and stroked my cheek gently
“I was so scared when I got the call that there’d been an accident” he murmured He lifted one of my still clenched hands “you’ve got the knuckles of a prize fighter” he teased
“Is he dead?”
“I don’t know but death to good for him he needs to be locked up for what he did and when people find out he murdered two innocent babies then someone will make him their bitch” he pressed his lips to my forehead
“I’m tired Levi” I moaned as the throbbing in my head became almost unbearable
“Don’t go to sleep baby okay you can’t go to sleep till the doctor lets you and we…” he trailed off and my eyes slid closed and darkness wrapped round me……………………….

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