Angel's Watch

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Chapter 62 (v.1) - Closure

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Submitted: December 01, 2010



……………….. I opened my eyes and squinted at the brightness. I sat up and rubbed the back of my neck stopping before drawing my hands away and looking at them there were no marks or scratches on them I reached for my leg where the gash had been… nothing.
“Really Rhia you had to go the whole nine yards didn’t you” I jumped at the sound of Ethan’s voice he walked toward me a sleeping Kai cradled in his arms.
“What…?” I was speechless
“It’s okay” his smile lit up his face “It’s not what you think… well it sort of is but….” He pulled a face before looking down at Kai. “You want to take him for a while?” he laid Kai in my waiting arms.
“Oh god” the tears sprang to my eyes as I felt the warmth of his tiny body I closed my eyes and inhaled the perfect baby smell. “He feels real” I looked anxiously at Ethan he put his hand on the side of my face and kissed me gently “You feel real” he smiled and sat next to me “I’m dead right”
“No not far off but baby you aren’t supposed to be here” he soothed “God how much I wish you were but it’s not the right time” he rested his head against mine “You have a whole life to lead”
“I want to stay here with you and Kai” I looked down before pressing my lips to his forehead his baby soft skin feeling so sweet.
“No, you did what you were supposed to do and make sure that Ian got what he deserved” he sat back and shook his head “who taught you to kick ass like that by the way”
“Ethan please”
“Baby, I know we should be a family and we should be happy but it wasn’t supposed to be” He smiled at me “Levi needs you more than he likes to admit… Kelly and Evan really need you to ref the arguments” I smiled a little “but most of all you need them Levi Loves you and he loves youas much as I did and he’s not threatened by having to deal with me being such a huge part of your life”
“I know… and I do love him…”
“Then make a family with him make a life with him, it really is time for me to step back and let you handle things alone”
“No Ethan I need you” I pleaded
“Baby you asked me once if I sent you Levi” he touched my hair and breathed “and I did I know he’ll give you everything and then more…”
“Then why am I here” I looked round
“So you get your chance to say goodbye, we’ll never truly leave you we’ll always be there” he put his hand over my heart.
I looked back to Kai his eyes now wide and as green as his Dad’s I felt the ache inside of me as I lifted him kissing his cheeks my tears soaking them.
“Mommy loves you so, so much” I sniffed “I never meant for anyone to hurt you and I’ll never forget you sweet baby boy” Ethan’s arm slipped round my shoulders and hugged me “Good night Kai good night and I love you” Ethan cradled me against him as I cried.
“Do I get a goodbye like that?” he smiled down at me
“I love you and I miss you so much, but Levi is beginning to help me heal” he nodded “Take care of our little boy”
“Yes Ma’am”

“Kiss him every night for me and watch over me from the stars” my voice broke again He lifted my chin between his thumb and forefinger
“Forever baby, forever” he kissed me.
…………..”Okay Clear” there was a beep and then an almighty thud on my chest as my eyes shot open…………………………………….

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