Angel's Watch

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Chapter 63 (v.1) - New beginning

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Submitted: December 01, 2010



…………………. I was in the ER I could smell the blood and feel the pain now I tried to lift my hand.
“Welcome back” a face appeared over mine and smiled kindly at me “You gave us all a fright for a minute” he chuckled he was wearing a white coat obviously a doctor.
“Where’s Levi?”
“You’re boyfriend is out there with your friends and family” he pointed through the door where white faces peered back at me. “Give us a few more minutes to make sure you’re not going to go out on us again” he patted my arm “and we need to get these cleaned and bandaged” he touched one of my hands the pain seared through it making me pull away “I’m sorry I thought the Morphine would have kicked in by now” a nurse adjusted the drip bag. The doctor picked up a chart and walked outside while two nurses repaired the wounds on my hands and my leg.

“How is she?” Levi asked quickly
“Well apart from scaring us when her heart stopped for a while she’s bruised and battered luckily no broken bones but we do want to keep her in for a couple of days with the knock she took to the head it needs to be monitored closely” The doctor looked round “Who’s her next of kin?”
“I thought you said she was okay?” Evan butted in
“She is but it’s one of those questions we have to ask” the Doctor shrugged “Are you her Mom?” he looked at Polly
“Her parents are Dead and so is her sister as for anyone else we don’t know” Levi pulled a face as the realization how little they knew about my past still ‘I’m probably the closest we live together” the Doctor nodded and wrote something on the chart
“Can we see her?” Kelly asked not taking her eyes of the nurses that were now putting the last of the dressing’s on my hands
“As soon as the nurses are done” he nodded “But I want you to keep it to five minutes only we don’t want her overly stimulated right now while her heart recovers from its little stumble should we say” the nurses walked out as if on cue “Okay” the doctor nodded “Can I talk to you?’ he touched Levi’s arm and lead him away as the others literally fell over themselves to get in to see me.
“There’s more isn’t there?” Levi rubbed his hand over his face
“No, she’s going to be fine we had to give her a relaxant to open up her hands and this was clenched inside one of them” he reached into his pocket and pulled out the necklace that I’d snatched off of Ian’s neck he held it out to Levi He took it and ran his thumb over the flames on the cross.
“Son of a bitch” he murmured
“Nothing Doc it’s okay” he closed his hand round the silver and the leather “So I can go and see Rhia now?”
“Yes but like I said keep it short” the doctor turned to a nurse that was waiting with another chart as Levi walked to the door to the Trauma room he pushed it open.
“I think we need to go” Kelly smiled kissing my cheek “I think someone wants some alone time” she nodded to Levi standing waiting.
“We’ll be back tomorrow” Even kissed my forehead “I’ll sneak in that burger you want”
“I knew we were friends for some reason” I smiled as Levi’s mom smiled at me
“Honey don’t worry about anything okay. You have a new family that will look after you” She walked out after Kelly and Evan and hugged her son and smiled at him she pulled the door closed behind her as Levi walked across and sat on the stool that was next to the bed I turned my head and looked at him.
“You know I will kick your butt if you scare me like that again” he leant his arms next to mine and looked at me
“I’m sorry… I didn’t kow what else to do he was going to take me away and I wasn’t having that and he threatened you” Levi rasied one eye brow.
“He had some sick thought that we should have been together” I could feel my heart begin to race “All it could think of was getting away from him and when the car rolled he lost it and he was going… going”
“Shhh” Levi moved to stroke my face “You might want this back” he held up the necklace
“I saw that round his neck… I gave it to Ethan on his last birthday” I felt angry again now “I saw red and I lost it” Levi pulled me to him and rocked me gently stroking my hair “Is the bastard dead?”
“I don’t know we’re waiting for Ike to come and see us” the door opened and the doctor walked in.
“You have to leave so we can move Miss Tate to a room” he said softly “I’ve made arrangements that you can stay in there with her” Levi nodded and got up he bent down and kissed me “I love you”
“Love you too” I watched as he walked out Ethan was right he needed me as much as I needed him…………………………..


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