Angel's Watch

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Chapter 64 (v.1) - Future

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Submitted: December 02, 2010



****Okay once again we come to the end of a story i hope this one was okay and that you enjoyed it and as ever on to the next ****

………………. Levi walked into the room I’d been taken to with a bag.
“I thought you’d like to get out of the hospital gown and into some of your own P.J.’s he put the bag on the table at the foot of the bed and pulled out a sexy lace back see through outfit
“Since when did I have something that looked like that?”
“Since I got hold of the Victoria’s Secret catalogue” he laughed reaching back in fetching out a tank and shorts
“You never said you liked stuff like that?” I moved to sit up Levi was with me helping me.
“I’m just thinking about the rest of the time we have together” he smiled
“I hope so” he rubbed his fingers lightly over the bandages on my hand “You want to do the forever thing”
“I do” I nodded
“What changed your… or what made you decide?”
“An angel and being able to know when I can let go to a certain degree” I looked at the swollen tips of my fingers sticking out of the end of the bandages “I know now that things are going to be okay”
“Ethan tell you” he smiled
“Yeah… if you don’t think it’s too weird then I’d like to” I reached on to the nightstand and picked up the necklace “Give you this… you don’t need to wear it but I think I know that Ethan approves of you”
“You sure… I mean don’t you… the stuff in your box” he stumbled over the words as he took the strip of leather from me.
“I have the things I have and I have him and Kai in here and here” I pointed to my head and my heart. “But I have you as well” the smile spread across Levi’s face “And it’s you that I want”
“Miss Tate have I told you how much I love you” He moved to me and pressed his lips to mine the kiss was more than we’d ever experienced it was free and open and without a dark cloud hanging over us. He pulled back “You need me to call the nurse to help you get changed?”
“No I think you can help me out”……………………
………………… I felt my eyes open slowly the room dimly lit the sound of quite conversation the only sound in there.
“What time is it?” I groaned my head slightly pounding.
“You’re awake” Isaac walked over with Kelly “Levi left about 20 minutes ago to grab some stuff from home”
“How long was I asleep?” I winced at the pain in my hands.
“4 hours” Kelly smiled “Oh and Evan and Tommy sent you those” she pointed to a huge arrangement of Calla lilies and roses.
They picked those out” I pulled a face
“No I picked them out they told me to get them me I brought you the chocolates” she winked “I know you have a chocolate tooth”
“I love you” I chuckled “So I guess I have some questions I have to answer right?”
“A few” Isaac nodded
“I’ll go and try to find… well I’ll let you talk” Kelly kissed my cheek and walked out Isaac walked and sat on the chair next to the bed
“First how are you feeling?” he looked at me
“I ache, my hands throb but to be honest I feel relieved that he’s done… he is done right… I mean the wire”
“Yes he’s under arrest he’s in a prison hospital and he’s looking at 4 counts of homicide” a rye smirk spread across Isaac’s face “Well he can’t say anything right now because he looks like he went 10 rounds with Tyson, Ali, and the local bare knuckle fighter”
“Am I going to be in trouble for that?”
“Hell no” Isaac answered quickly “Don’t even worry about that… so did Ian actually have something of Ethan’s?”
“Yeah he had a necklace that I’d given Ethan” I nodded “He was wearing it and that’s why I laid into him the way I did”
“Okay… so did you have any idea he has this crazy obsession?”
“No I thought the time he hit on me at my parents funeral it was just one of those gross inappropriate moments… I had no idea the level he wanted to take things to.
“Yeah when we were listening in it was sort of a shocker he’s going to be assessed for sanity” Isaac sat back “Regardless of what happens he will not be seeing the outside world again he’s locked away for good… I have to talk to you about your Sister and your nephews funerals I’m sorry but you’re their only next of kin”
“I know I want them to be brought to the same place I have Ethan and Kai” Isaac nodded
“You want me to help out with that?”
“You don’t have to?” I looked at him
“I know I don’t but considering you’re as good as my sister-in-law” He got up “Rhia I let you down” he looked round as Levi walked in “I let both of you down. I promised you wouldn’t get hurt and I’m here visiting you in the hospital.
“Hey I was the one that crashed the car into the light pole not you” I smiled at him “Thank you for everything Ike you didn’t have to do it”
“I know I didn’t but seeing him as happy as he is when he’s with you is reason enough” he chuckled “You rest up and I’ll see you tomorrow” he closed the door.
“Kelly called me to tell me you were awake”
“I want to get out of here and sleep in our bed”
“I know but the doctor wants you to stay where they can keep you under observation” he sat next to me on the bed “You can be in our bed tomorrow” I rested my head on his shoulder “and you get to be in my arms for forever every night” he kissed my head.
I’d truly found myself again, my life was never going to be totally complete parts of my heart could never be fixed but I had the start of my life and I was going to make sure Levi and I lived every moment like it was our last and one day hopefully we’d have our family but for now I had my friends and Levi and his family making me feel safe and loved the future feels like it was going to be everything it should be……………………….

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