Angel's Watch

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Still friends

Submitted: October 18, 2010

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Submitted: October 18, 2010



………………..Evan body was pressed against mine his breathing slow and steady as he slept. I looked at the clock on the nightstand. I was feeling sober now and I was dying inside for what I had just done… twice. I was a bad friend taking advantage of the chance to feel whole again even if it was just tempaory. I slid out from under Evans arm and got out of bed and reached for my bathrobe and slipped it on. I went into the living room and peered out of t window Greydin’s car was still out there covered in snow with Evan’s truck parked next to it. There was no way that Kelly wasn’t going to know that Evan had spent the night. I ran my finger’s through my hair.
“Was it so bad that you have to leave your own apartment” a husky voiced Evan said from my bedroom door way.
“No” I shook my head but didn’t look round
“we can tell her I was just too drunk and I slept on the couch if you want” he rested his hands on my shoulders I stepped away from him and sat on the couch. “Okay now I’m really worried” he sat on the coffee table in just his boxers.
‘I’m so sorry” I swallowed hard “I took advantage of you and I shouldn’t have”
‘I think you’ll find I pushed it” he reached out a hand and touched my hair “I was mad with Kelly for getting it on with that idiot and you know I like you’
“I know but you’re still in love with Kel” I sighed shaking my head “and now any chance of you getting together again has probably been shot down by me” I  looked at him “I have things I have issues with and I can’t tell people about them” I sighed “I just fell alone sometimes to the point I need that physical crutch”
“Hey use me whenever you need” he joked
“Not funny I have to face Kelly tomorrow and tell her what happened tonight”
“Why did she tell you she was going to bang his brains out”
‘No but that’s not the point I refuse to keep secrets from peop…” I trailed off as I said it because of the look on Evan’s face :Let me rephrase that… I refuse to keep secrets that are going to hurt people I’m close to”
“So why keep your past a secret?” Evan pushed.
“Because there is only one person that hurts and that’s me” I got up and grabbed a bottle of water “Evan we had sex that’s it. I wanted to feel a mans touch… I wanted to feel safe and you made me feel like it but we aren’t meant to be together you and I both know it” he crossed the room and pulled me against him stroking my hair. I hadn’t realized I was crying till the tears wet his chest. He bent and scooped me up and carried me back to my bed and climbed in with me holding me against him not saying a word I slipped back into sleep without another word from either of us………..
…………… My alarm woke me a little after 6 I looked round and found my bed empty I sat up and rubbed my neck before getting out of bed. There was coffee in the pot and a note leaning against it
Went to dig out your car  and somehow accidentally managed to bank up the snow round a Mercedes that was parked next to my truck.
I’ll come back to take you to work.
 I reached down a cup and poured a strong black coffee and wrapped my hands round it before going into the bathroom and turning on the shower. I got ready for work slipping on a pair of jean and a hoodie before getting my boots and pulling them on. I picked up my cell and dialed Evan’s number
Evan * I’m on my way I got stopped by the cops for speeding
Me * Oh nice… did you get my car out?
Evan * I did but you have the keys so I couldn’t bring it back for you… I’m about 5 minutes from you
Me * okay and Evan everything's okay isn’t it?
Evan * yeah and thanks for letting me use the couch last night Rhia you’re a pal.
Me * is that how were handling it
Evan * Yup
Me * a friend ship ruined then
Evan * no I’m not going to let that happen… we both agree it was a night we chalk up to one of those things and we get on with it.
Me * thank you
Evan get your ass outside and get in the truck before you’re late to work.
I hung up the phone and pulled on my jacket and walked out and down the steps as the door to Kelly’s apartment opened and Greydin stepped out.
“Morning” I smirked
“Oh… er... hi” he fidgeted and watched as I walked over to Evan’s truck and got in.
“Wow he looks uncomfortable”
“Yeah well he was hitting on me and then goes to bed with my friend wouldn’t you feel a little uncomfortable”
“You mean sort of like if we saw Levi” he teased as we left the apartments I slapped him on the arm
“I told you I was after a tip”
‘Yeah okay Rhiannon” He wiggled his eyebrows at me
Jack ass” I smiled as we pulled into the parking lot of the store
“I’ll bring your car here I’ll get one of the guys to come with me.
“Well you can leave it at the bar if you want Kelly is picking me up to go shopping when I’m done here” he looked at me “I’m still going to tell her Evan I can’t lie to her and you shouldn’t either”

I know now get out I need to go to the farm and get some stuff done” he sighed “I’ll see you at the bar tonight” I nodded and got out and walked across the windswept parking lot and into the warmth of the store. The smell of engine oil and fresh coffee mixed with the cinnamon rolls that Mrs. Jenks made every Saturday morning as a treat for all of us that worked there……………..

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