Chapter 8: from one to another

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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....................... I sat at the counter working on the outgoing invoices while Mr. and Mr. Jenks went and spent the day with their new grandson in Green Bay two of the Mechanics were working in the repair shop the music blaring from the local country station. The door opened and whole heap of noise came in making me look up and smile.
“You have to be kidding me” one of the guys laughed “Hey Levi it’s your lucky day dude” Levi walked in wearing a black snow jacket a black hat on his head making the blue of his eyes pop more he smiled when he saw me.
“I thought we were getting snowmobiles not a drink” he chuckled.
“Sorry I can offer you all a coffee but that’s about it” I said getting off the stool “And I told you this place could sort you all out with a good deal”
“Do they have enough for all of us?” one of the guys asked.
“Yep we have 24 rentals and only 2 are out this weekend” I nodded “Have any of you done this before”
“Yeah most of us have” someone called out.
“Okay so you’re all familiar with how to ride”
“well depends what sort of riding you want to do” I felt an arm round my waist I opened my mouth to say something.
“Mark” Levi stepped up and shot a look to his friend, the arm recoiled from my waist.
“Sorry some of them are still a little buzzed from last night” Levi apologized.
‘well they actually have to take a breath test before they are allowed to rent on”
‘That’s a little extreme isn’t it” Fred asked
‘Not when last year we had four of these machines wrecked because the guys that rented them were a little buzzed still from the night before” I snapped and one of them broke his neck riding into a tree” I looked at them “so we have to breath test all of you that want to rent one” they all seemed to huddle for a minute before looking back at me.
Okay it’s a fair reason to do it” Fred nodded okay then lets get the tests started and then we can fill out the paperwork” I started to run the  test as Levi walked out and went back to one of the SUV’s outside. He ended up being the last in line for the test. “Well you should be good because you didn’t drink all that much at the bar last night”
“I know but you never know how the human body processes alcohol” he said as I offered him the mouth piece to breath into my hand was almost touching his face and  my stomach was doing flips as I watched his lips. I smiled as I thought about the places I had Evans lips last night and the imaged popped in my head of it being Levi instead… I felt a tug on my sleeve bringing me back to my senses as Levi pointed to the red light on the side of the indicator.
“Oh I’m sorry I was…” I felt my cheeks blush as I realized what I’d been thinking about. And this is the reason I try to not have one night stands it flusters the hell out of me. “You’re over the limit” my daydream slipped away as I looked at the light
“Dude you can’t go” Fred laughed Levi glanced at him “What the hell you had black coffee for breakfast?”
“I guess it was a Russian coffee” Levi mumbled “Look you guys go I can find something to do round her”
‘Yeah right if you want to spend the day in Wal-Mart then have at it” I laughed
“I can use the gym at the hotel and the pool I’ll be good” he shrugged he waited while we all did the paper work and I walked the others out to the storage shed where we kept the snowmobiles I stood back as they took off on them in a plume of fresh snow I shivered against the wind and hurried back inside.
“I’m shocked that you were over the limit” I said walking back behind the counter and put the forms in the file cabinet “Coffee?”
“Sure and I think I need to admit something” he said leaning on the counter as I handed him a cup “Gene keeps a hip flask in the center console of the car and went and took a good gulp of it” he turned a little pink “I didn’t really fell like going… I guess I thought you might… well i… well I wondered if you’d like some company”
“I’d love company but you shouldn’t give up time with your friends for a girl you don’t know”
‘why they would given the chance with a hot chick” he laughed “I’m Levi Becker” he opffered me his hand
“Rhiannon Tate” I giggled shaking his hand
“Nice to meet you Rhiannon” he grinned “So what is it you do?”
“I work hard to pay my bills and have fun on my day off” I shrugged “What about you?”
“I’m a student at UW Madison I have 4 months left till I graduate”
“Party town” I nodded
“yeah but it gets old fast when you do it from 18” he sighed
“so what are you studying”
“Well to cut a long story short I’m training to be a PE teacher well PE and History” he took a drink of his coffee “Not brilliant money but still I get to play sports and give back a little”
“What level”
“High school”
“Damn you’re in trouble” I laughed
“What do you mean?”
“You and high school girls have you looked in the mirr…” I trailed off my mouth was beginning to run away from me.
“Well thanks for the compliment… I think” he smiled “But I’m not interested in high school girls”
‘Oh in that case you’re in trouble with high school boys and their crushes” I teased.
“Okay and I don’t swing that way either” he wagged his finger at me. “So did you got to school?”
“I was going to be going to UW Milwaukee for business… but things came up…” I got off the stool and turned away from him “Hey you want a cinnamon roll?” I offered him the box
“No I’m good” he shook his head “So did you graduate from the high school here?”
“Here Oh no” I shook my head and put the lid on the box “I just sort of ended up here…” I looked at my watch I had 30 minutes before I could close up the store.
“Have you had breakfast?” Levi asked
“No I was supposed to be going out for lunch with Kelly” I shook my head glad he’d changed the subject.
“Well do you think she’d mind if I tagged along” he asked with a smile on his face.
“I’ll call her and ask” I reached for my cell
Kelly * I was about  to call you, I’m sick as hell
Me * since when?
Kelly all day I’ve had to stay in bed
Me * oh okay you want me to bring you some soup or something
Kelly * yeah it would be good
Me 8 okay I’ll pick some up and I need to talk to you urgently
Kelly * if it’s about Greyson…
Me * no it’s not… hang on a minute
I looked at Levi
“do you think you could run me to get some soup for Kelly and then take me home, my car’s still at the bar?” I asked nervously
“Sure” he nodded
Me 8 ell 15 minutes okay
Kelly * fine.
I hung up and want and said bye to the Mechanics who were just getting ready to close up shop on their end. Levi was waiting in the black SUV as I locked the doors and walked over to him.
“Okay Ma’am where to” he laughed as he pulled off his jacket the flash of a tattoo on his arm caught my eye.
“Er into town a small shop called the soup joint” I smiled settling back a little in the heated seat I was dreading having to face a sick Kelly to tell her I had slept with Evan and here I was sitting in a car with a guy I met the night before and I’m now thinking of what he looks like naked………….

Submitted: October 18, 2010

© Copyright 2020 Kirkyb. All rights reserved.


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AMAZING .. goosebumps!! I love your writing so much incase I haven't already told you!!

Mon, October 18th, 2010 11:16am


aahhh i thought i was gonna get first! lame :)

Mon, October 18th, 2010 11:17am


me to.. Levi all the way..

Mon, October 18th, 2010 11:24am


great stuff kirst..I'm going to miss you the rest of the is just a week right?

Mon, October 18th, 2010 11:25am


i hope so Megs i should as soon as the computer is done be on one a day becasue of Mom being here ;( and girl there is no way yuou have clean calls like missie said you're too much like we are and i'm trying to bang out one more before i have to disappear

Mon, October 18th, 2010 11:31am

Momof 4

I knew you would back me up on the calls Kirk. LOL!!! Why would you not want them, when they are really pretty fun.

Mon, October 18th, 2010 11:44am

fishinggirlmp something nevermind

Mon, October 18th, 2010 11:49am


LOL I know Lucy go see the picutres of Levi and see the Ink he has

LOL Megs see nothing you can say is there girl

Missie almost done with another chapter

Mon, October 18th, 2010 11:52am

Momof 4

Fabulous Kirk!!! The keyboard and your brain must be smoking :D

Mon, October 18th, 2010 11:55am


Where is everyone?

Mon, October 18th, 2010 12:10pm


I'm sleepy :(

Mon, October 18th, 2010 12:13pm

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