Angel's Watch

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Hurting People

Submitted: October 18, 2010

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Submitted: October 18, 2010



................. We got to my apartment the Mercedes was still there half dug out I groaned inwardly I was hoping that she would be alone for what I was going to have to say.
“Nice place” Levi looked at the building.
“It’s not bad just really thin walls and floors and ceilings put it like that” hey you don’t have to wait in here I handed him my keys “up the stairs number 398”
“Okay” he nodded we both got out I walked to Kelly’s door and knocked as Levi smiled at me and took the stairs two at a time Greydin opened the door and looked at me.
“Hi Kelly said you were bringing us lunch” I handed him the brown bag
“Where is she I need to talk to her in private for a while?” I asked chewing my lip nervously In the bedroom she was..”
“It’s okay I know what she’s been doing I heard last night” a smug grin spread across his face as he walked to the kitchen I went to Kelly’s room and knocked on the door.
“It’s open” I pushed it and walked in Kelly was fresh out of the shower wrapped in a towel “I’m sorry I blew off shopping and I tricked you into going and getting lunch”
“It’s fine” I paced a little
“So who was he?” she grinned sitting on her bed and brushing her hair.
“Excuse me?”
“The guy you brought home last night from the sounds of it you had a good time” I swallowed the wave of nausea that washed over me “I’m sorry from the sounds that were coming from she pointed to my apartment above “it was like wild animals had been let loose” she giggled “you almost put Greydin off his stride” I promptly burst into tears. “Oh god what happened? did the son of a bitch hurt you?” she hugged me
“No he didn’t… I’m sorry… I’m so, so sorry” I backed away from her.
‘Sorry for what?” she looked lost.
“It was Evan” she looked blank for a moment “I didn’t mean for it to happen something just did I’m really sorry” the realization washed over her face.
‘Evan as in My Evan?” she muttered I nodded “you went to bed with him?”
‘Yes…but it was a mistake we’d both drunk to much I was having a low day and he was pissed with you for going off with Mr. Mercedes” I tried to explain “If you want to be mad at anyone be mad at me he still loves you and he’s jealous that’s all” I blurted out as Kelly sat on the bed and looked at me.
“Why tell me this?” she sniffed tears in her eyes
“I don’t’ lie to people I care about” I said shaking y head.
“No you get naked and screw them” she hissed “I love him and I was trying to make him see what he’[d given up” she put her head in her hands “And he goes and sleeps with you and from the sounds of it went the whole nine yards” she got up and crossed the floor the slap stung my cheek “Thanks for nothing pal” she spat. “Get out… I knew it was to good first I thought Jordy was hitting on you and then I find him getting shafted by some butch biker and then the one guy I’ve ever loved ends up screwing you I should have known it would happen. Is that why you left where ever it was you came from because you’d hurt all you friends to the point they didn’t want you around” I shook my head “Get out and if I was you I’d think about getting the hell out of town” he pushed me from her room and slammed the door Greydin was sitting on the couch.
“Wow naughty girl see you should have had some of this while you had the chance” He rubbed his hand over his pants.
“I don’t think so” I sniffed I walked out of the apartment and ran up the stair two at a time I pushed open the door and leant against it catching my breath.
“That didn’t sound good so sitting here like this really isn’t the best thing is it?” I looked up at Levi who was in the recliner with just a football covering his modesty
“What… why…? Oh god” I slid down the door laughing I rested my head on my knees. I heard the sound of a zipper and saw feet and then knees “I was trying to make you smile I heard you and your friend fighting over something” I looked up a half naked Levi crouched infront of me.
“I’s a mess” I groaned letting him pull me to my feet.
“so you slept with a guy what’s it to do with her?”
“It was her ex the only guy she’s ever loved” I walked over to the couch
“Evan?” I nodded
“Don’t ask and if you want to leave” I pointed to the door.
“Why would I leave unless you and he are now dating”
“No we’re not it was a mistake a huge mistake that might have just cost me my only female friend” I rubbed my neck
“Okay so go get changed call into the bar tell them you need the night off and I’ll take you out, out of town” he got up and reached for his t-shirt.
“I can’t I need to work or I can’t make rent this week” I sighed.
“Let me make your rent and still take you out”
‘I don’t think so I don’t take charity” I walked to my bedroom “You should go, thanks for the ride home” I closed my bedroom door and waited till I heard the front door close before I started to break down……………………………

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