Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Third installment of the Accent series with Christine Sommers and her Band that's rocking the world... Married life is it all what it's supposed to be... how will people react to that whole thing and will old enemies come back to haunt and hurt again... will Chris's ever so un-normal life ever become anything but insane.... You'll have to wait and see

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Any Accent

Submitted: May 17, 2011

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Submitted: May 17, 2011



……………….. Chad and I stepped out of the car at the airport his fingers slipping into mine as the driver took the bags out of the truck.
“Looks like we were found” Chad nodded in the direction of the half dozen photographers snapping pictures.
“Yeah but at least we weren’t found in the house” I squeezed his hand
“We hope” he sighed as we ignored them and walked into the terminal, we were pulled away from the main hall to the private lounge.
“Finally” Alfie called out “We have a plane waiting for us you know?”
‘Oh shut up” Chad laughed as I hugged Alfie and Pete. “Where’s the other’s?”
“Kerion and Dan left yesterday to do some drum thing in Australia and Mike and Ryan are in the bar” Pete sat back down
“So how was trekking in the jungle?” I sat down in front of them as Chad walked into the bar to find his brother and Ryan.
“Amazing perfect escape and then you come here and get the wakeup call with the press” Alfie ran his hand through his hair and I have to start using waterproof eyeliner”
“He looked like a drowning raccoon half the time” Pete giggled helplessly “So what did you get up too?”
“We kicked back and relaxed and lay out in the sun” Chad laughed walking back in with Ryan and Mike.
“Hey You” Mike leant down and kissed my cheek “Feeling more relaxed?”
“Relaxed doesn’t begin to cover it” I looked at Chad he winked at me.
“Ready to start work again?” Ryan smiled at me
“Itching to get back in stage” I nodded. We all fell silent which for us was unusual for all of us.
“Okay what’s going on?” Alfie sat forward and looked round at all of us.
“Nothing” I shrugged.
“Er… Bullshit” Mike sat down and put his elbows on his knees “There’s something in the air in here”
“Yeah Humidity” I laughed getting up as the Steward came over
“The flight is ready for you to board”
“Humidity my ass” Alfie followed me as I walked after the Steward
“Well I don’t really need to know your ass is sweaty” I laughed
“Chris… Come on”
“Alfie you need to see Heidi I think you’re in need of relief if you’re thinking some things going on” I walked up the steps to the plane and sat down. Chad got on and slipped into the seat next to me
“We need to tell them” he trailed his fingers lightly over the back of my hand “I can’t believe they haven’t noticed this?” he rubbed over my engagement ring. “We need to find a band to sit under it” he moved his hand and stroked my cheek “I love you Mrs. Kroeger” his words made me blush.
“I love you too” I kissed him
“When are we going to fill these guys in because come on that dumbass is my brother” he jerked his thumb in Mike’s direction “and really they’re all family”
“I know but we’re missing three of them with Lukas, Kerion and Dan not being here” I looked round at the others “We need to tell all of them at the same time”.
“Okay” he nodded “But they have to not say anything to anyone not even to Heidi or Miranda”
“Oh come on don’t you think they know you were up to something” I laughed “My friends might have runaway mouths, but they’re pretty quick to work stuff out” I kicked off my shoes an curled my legs up “and didn’t you rope them into getting the dress and the shoes”
“Okay you have a point” He nodded “So you think we need to tell Kellan as well?”
“I think so” I chewed my lip “He’s been one hell of a friend”
“And he needs to thank you for making him look so hot in those underwear adds” he laughed
“Yeah right the other way round” Pete chuckled sitting down in the chair in front of us “talking of Kellan” I looked at him “You have another add still to do right” I nodded Chad looked at me “And you’re totally fine with him pawing her” Chad started to laugh.
“Okay firstly there’s no pawing going on” I groaned “Secondly he’s a friend”
“And thirdly I trust her and him” Chad added “And come on who would you rather see her half naked with on a billboard in time square me or him”
“Personally just Chris” Mike laughed as he walked by to get a drink
‘Thank you” I laughed
“I mean my Brother’s no Kellan in the body department” Mike ducked as Chad threw a shoe at him
“Hey there’s nothing wrong with my body” Chad scowled at Mike “I’m not fat I have a six pack and I’m 36 years old how olds Kellan?”
“twenty six” I answered, they all looked at me “What A girl tends to know these things” I shrugged “And what the hell are we doing debating the difference between Chad and Kellan’s bodies for the ads are work and they pay really well” I got up and Gibbs slapped Pete.
“Ow what was that for?” He grumbled I shot him a shut the hell up look and walked back to the bathroom
“Dude what the hell did you do to her?” Ryan leant over and nudged Chad’s arm.
“Nothing” he shook his head
I sat on the floor between the two bathrooms the bonus to flying private sometimes. I rested my head on my knees, I felt a tug on my ring and I looked up as Chad sat down on the floor with me.
“Okay so what was all that about?”
“It felt like he was putting my choice of guy down” I looked at him “How many people have already said you’ve given up being with Kellan to be with Chad…”
“I have” Chad laughed nudging me “and I still can’t believe it sometimes”
“I love you I love everything about you” I turned to face him “You know everything about me more than anyone knows and I made my choice because I fell in love with you… Kellan is a friend and if people keep saying things about me and him then are you going to start believing them”
“No why would I are you planning on running off with our resident vampire?” I smiled and shook my head “Are you planning in jumping into bed with him or for that matter humping the ass off him in a limo again” I groaned and put my head on my knees, my husband really knew a little too much about my previous sex life “Chris what you had with him was well before us” he rubbed my arms “True I do get a little jealous when you guys are doing the shoot because those pictures are… well according to Ryan soft porn” He lifted my face “People are going to think what the hell they want when they see the two of you in the pictures, but remember I’m there when they’re taken. They don’t see the messing around and the fighting and the name calling that goes on” he stroked my face “They don’t see the relationship that I have with him and most of the world doesn’t’ even know we’re friends” I sighed “We know the truth… it’s MY bed you’re in every night… You agreed to marry ME… It’s ME you trusted with all the deep dark crap” he rested his forehead against mine “I don’t let what people say get to me unless it’s going to hurt you and I think Pete was just messing round”
“I’m sorry” I rubbed the back of my neck “I just had a moment where…” Images of the pain Dimitri had caused and the hatred I had for Arron flooded my mind “Where it felt like someone want to take away my happy” I touched Chad’s face “People always step in and ruin it and I’m scared”
“I’m not going anywhere” he smiled at me “You were a girl on a stage that blew away for guys in a rock band we gave you a little bit of help and you turned my life on its ass and had me falling in love with you hell I was the one that didn’t want to be tamed”
“All it takes is a good pair of handcuffs and the right moves”
“And you have all of the above” he chuckled “Come on” he got up and pulled me up “We still have to face all of these guys and tell them they didn’t get invited to the wedding”…………………..

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