Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Protected and trusted

Submitted: May 21, 2011

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Submitted: May 21, 2011



………………. I was standing on the stage looking out across the now empty arena one hand rubbing the back of my neck.
“Let me do that” Chad moved my hand and replaced it with both of his and massaged my neck and shoulders
“I’m tired” I croaked fighting the wave of emotion running through me
“Me too Sweetheart” He stopped rubbing and wrapped his arms round me “Lets go to bed” I nodded and turned as we walked off the stage to the waiting car.
“Lukas took a cab” Dan said quietly as we got in “Chris you okay?” I nodded he smiled at me as we headed for the hotel. Getting up to the room seemed to take forever Lukas was sitting in the lobby. He went to get up as we came in I caught Chad shaking his head out of the corner of my eye.
“See you guys in the morning” Alfie called out as they headed for the bar
“Night guys” I looked up and smiled at the people I knew I didn’t have to defend myself to.
“You want to forgo the whipped cream and the handcuffs tonight” Chad smirked turning me to face him in the elevator.
“I want to go to bed, I want to go to bed naked with a hot guy” I put my arms round his neck “You know I won’t and wouldn’t do…” He cut me off with a long lingering kiss.
“Don’t” he murmured pulling away “Lukas was an ass to say what he did… I love you and I’m damn sure you must love me to marry me” he lifted my hand “Mrs. Kroeger” I couldn’t help but smile when he said it.
“I still can’t get used to hearing that”
“I assumed that you might one day sort of…” he sucked on his bottom lip nervously
“Sort of what?”
“Well I mean it’s fine if you want to stick with Sommers, after all it’s the name you became famous with” the doors opened on our floor and he backed me out of the elevator “I have no problem with you not…” My turn to shut him up I backed him into the door and kissed him. My hands knotting in his hair.
“Okay get a damn room” Mike called out getting out of the other elevator “And Chris he had his tonsils out as a kid so your tongue won’t find any”
“Night Mike” I smiled at him as Chad put the card in the lock and opened the door to the room.
Chad’s shirt was off before the door closed. He reached for me with one hand and pulled me toward the bedroom. The lights from the city were giving the room a faint warm glow. Chad backed me to the bed. He smiled at me as he ran his fingers over my bare shoulder, and traced the outline of my collar bone making me shiver. His hands reached for the bottom of my shirt and pulled it off over my head. His hand bushed over my skin so lightly it hardly felt like he was touching me till his fingers caught on the ring in my belly button, he’d brought it for me when we were in Bali there were deep blue sapphires in each end of the bar with a line of four tear drop shaped sapphires hanging from the bottom. I felt my stomach contract as his fingers deftly undid my jeans and his hands moved to push them over my hips and down my legs. His eyes not leaving mine for and instant, till we were both naked and on the bed, His one hand lightly holding both of mine over my head while his slowly touched me not letting me return the favor of the touch. Every movement was loving, every time we made love it was different somehow more loving and more intense than the time before. The way his body molded to mine made me feel safe and like I was the only girl in the world. I was his girl, I was his wife, My back arched to meet his body, everything in me tensed and it felt like some was running a current of electricity through me as he drove deeper into me my name on his lips as we both held on to each other. For some reason I was crying I could feel the tears running into my hair. Chad moved off of me and pulled me to him his lips pressed to my hair.
“Go to sleep baby” he murmured snuggling me into the crook of his neck “I love you Chris, I love you and I trust you” were the last things I heard as exhaustion and emotion made my body cave in to the call of sleep………….

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