Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Unexpected visitors

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Submitted: May 21, 2011



………….. The door knocking stirred me Chad was still sound asleep. I looked at the clock, it was already Noon. I got out of bed and grabbed his t-shirt. From the chair in the living room of the suite, I walked over to the door and opened it.
“We good morning sunshine” Heidi was standing looking at me. I stood blinking at her trying to work out if I was still dreaming or if she was really “Not a morning person still I see… even if it is the afternoon”
“But… I… you” I promptly burst into tears.
“Oh hell what did you do?” Miranda’s voice called down the hall
“I told her she wasn’t z morning person” Heidi wrapped her arms round me and hugged me
“Oh god I miss you guys you want a job” I managed to get out as Miranda joined in with the group hug.
“Well at least you miss us” Miranda smiled I pulled them both into the living room and to the couch “So we have to ask did you get the package?”
“Okay if you mean the dress and the shoes then yes” I sniffed wiping my eyes.
“And she looked amazing in them” Chad yawned as he walked out of the bedroom in his jeans. I watched both of my friends still get star struck He walked over to both of them and bent and kissed both of them on the cheek “Thank you for helping me out with it”
“Hmmm” Miranda Nodded trying to hide her blushing
“Sure” Heidi croaked
“So I’m sure you don’t need me in here” He came over to me “You do know that wearing my shirts only turns me on?” he kissed me “You okay” his face changed from sexy and smiling to concerned
“Yes” I nodded “I’ll deal with the Lukas issue later”
“Okay I’m going to go shower alone again” he groaned “Oh and I need to talk to you girls at some point while your… wait a minute what are you doing here?”
“Lukas sent us tickets” Miranda shrugged “he told us Chris need to see her girls for a while” Chad looked at me and raised his eye brows
“He has something mentally wrong I swear to god” I sighed
“Oh thanks Pal” Heidi looked at me.
“No Chris and Lukas got into it last night and he was out of line”
“Oooo” They looked from Chad to me
‘I’ll tell you later” I smiled
“You have other things to tell them first” He laughed as he walked back to the bedroom.
“And you’re leaving me for it” I smiled
“I think I’ll hear the shrieking over the water in the shower” He closed the door.
“Oh my damn you have a hot man” Miranda flopped back on the couch
“I know” I laughed
“Okay so Bali is it like the pictures”
“Nope… way better” I got up and walked to the phone and ordered room service coffee and strong at that.
“So was it all of Nickelback with you because I know the guys were trekking in the jungle?” Heidi asked
“No it was just me and Chad in a villa overlooking the ocean”
“Damn why didn’t Alfie take me?” Heidi pouted
“He will you were busy and congratulations in graduating early”
“Yeah well school blows” Miranda shrugged “It’s wired without you guys people show up wanting to see where your locker was and shit like that” I felt uncomfortable at that school should be somewhere safe not for people to bug the crap out of my friends
“Yeah especially after the last time you guys were in town” I curled up my legs. “It was crazy they had to close the school for two days”
“You didn’t say anything”
“You were dealing with the shit you’re parents had given you” Heidi smiled at me “You went to Vancouver remember?” I smiled, Hell yes I remembered Chad and I had been together since then and the night we went dancing
“Okay that smile is a remembering hot sex smile” Miranda grinned throwing a pillow at me
“Yeah well” I hugged the pillow to me.
“So anyway we still want to hear about Bali” Heidi pushed “In fact pictures would be good”
“Okay I haven’t had the chance to down load them or in fact censor them”
“Hey we like Uncensored” Miranda rubbed her hands together
“Yeah I know you do” I groaned “And believe me you’re not seeing some of the ones that were taken” I got up “Get the door if they bring the coffee” I called out going into the bedroom. I pulled the picture out that we’d shown the guys the day before.
“Coffee’s here” Heidi smiled as she handed me a cup
“Oh thanks” I took it “Okay sit down I need to talk to you both of you and it’s serious”
“Oh Crap” Heidi looked at me all the color drained “I don’t like it when you say that because some of the shit you’ve dealt with…”
“It’s not bad” I assured “her far from it” she looked at Miranda who was chewing her lip.
“You’re not pregnant are you?” I closed my eyes and shook my head I forgot that they didn’t know and even Alfie hadn’t told Heidi.
“Chris?” Miranda sat on the table in front of me and put her hand on my knee. I opened my eyes and looked at her.
“No I’m not pregnant” I smiled weakly. “here” I handed her the picture Heidi got up and stood behind her to look at the picture
“Damn you look awesome in the dress” Miranda beamed “Mind you Chad does look hotter than you” She looked at me and grinned
“If I didn’t know better it looks like you’re getting married” Heidi commented still looking at the picture.
‘Well funny you should say that?” I put my left hand over the picture
“HOLY MOTHER OF GOD LOOK AT THAT” Miranda’s hand was at her throat and her eyes were bugging out of her head
“Is that real?” Heidi sank down on to the arm of my chair
“No I buy glass” Chad walked into the room pulling on his t-shirt “Yes it’s real”
“You two are engaged?” Heidi was grinning and clapping
“Er… Well NO” I shook my head
‘Oh Baby we were” Chad laughed
True we were” I nodded
“Wait you’re hurting my head” Miranda whined “I got off a long assed flight and I can’t handle this”
“We got married” I smiled there was silence
“Okay I think I’ll go make sure everyone’s okay” Chad side stepped to the front door
“Chicken” I shook my head at him as Miranda and Heidi looked at each other and then started screaming “Okay Baby run” He winked at me and mouthed I love you and left the room. “Okay calm down” I tried to call over the noise
“Married” Miranda grabbed my hands you didn’t tell us”
“We didn’t tell anyone. It was me and Chad with the minister and the house manager”
“I’m going to kill Alfie for not saying anything”
“Hey don’t blame him, neither of the bands knew till yesterday afternoon” Heidi pulled my hand on to her lap and looked at the ring
“This is huge Chris you’re married to Chad from Nickelback”
“I know he was half naked in the room a short while ago” I laughed at her
“Mrs. Kroeger” Miranda giggled
“Yep” I nodded.
“Six days ago”
“I have to ask one thing though” they both looked at me “You can’t tell anyone at all”
“What about Xander?” Miranda frowned
“I’ll call Xander” I nodded “We don’t’ want the press finding out yet and I have to tell my sister face to face”
“We can keep quiet” Heidi smiled “So Mrs. Kroeger can your best friends give you a hug”
“Oh hell yes” I laughed as they both piled on me laughing and giggling……………….

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