Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Apology

Submitted: May 21, 2011

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Submitted: May 21, 2011



................ I took a sip of the hot tea that the wardrobe girl handed to me.
“How you doing?’ I looked over my shoulder as Lukas walked into the dressing room “Chris I need to talk to you” I smiled at the wardrobe girl and walked out of the room past Lukas into the hallway and turned to look at him as he pulled the door closed.
“Well I have less than five minutes till I go onstage” I wrapped my hands round the cup as the distant noise of the waiting crowd filtered back to us.
“I need to apologize about last night I was wrong” I leant against the wall. “I honestly trust you, but with everything that’s gone on I’m wary of other people trying to mess things up and with the way Kellan was messing when you called him yesterday during the interview… well I don’t know I think he still has a thing for you”
“It’s none of your business if he does” I shook my head “I’m the one that will say no if he does say or do something he shouldn’t and frankly the likelihood of that happening is so remote I’d have better look having a relationship with my fucking mother” he raised his eye brows “You crossed the line Lukas You crossed it with my husband and with one of my best friends… I wouldn’t be so pissed if Chad didn’t know Kellan like he does “Hell do you even I know who it was that basically pushed Chad and I together
“No” Lukas shook his head.
“Try calling Kellan and asking him what he told Chad when I went to Vancouver” I walked away from him and pushed open the door to my dressing room and the sanctuary of my band Heidi was sitting on Alfie’s lap while Miranda was talking to Kerion who was waiting with the usual stick of gum for Pete to stop throwing up in the bathroom.
“You got New FMB’s Kerion laughed as he looked round”
“Yep” I nodded trying to calm down after talking to Lukas
“Two minutes guys start making your way to the stage” the stage manager put his head round the door
‘Please tell me the pink Mic is gone” I asked as Kerion banged on the door for Pete handing him the gum as he finally came out
“All gone” He laughed holding out another new one this time with black crystals and a cross in red and silver on it
“Sweet” I nodded handing it to Miranda while I put in my ear pieces as headed out of the door I knocked on Nickelbacks door
“We’re naked” I heard Dan’s voice call out
“It’s okay I’ve seen all your asses more than once in the last four and a half months” I laughed
“Damn Nice new boots” Mike grinned “Hope to god they’re scotch guarded they’ll stain” Chad looked at him
“That’s why we use the leather ones not the suede” I tipped my head to Mike “they wipe clean” Chad walked over to me and put his hands on my hips.
“Lukas apologized to me before”
“I told him that he needs to stay out of my business and that he needs to talk to Kellan to see who gave us the push to get together” Chad smiled
“Yeah we do owe him that don’t we” He pulled me to him “I love you”
“Love you too” he kissed me his hand ran over the tight black shorts I had on
“Chris Stage”
“I’m coming” I smiled at him and turned on the heel and walked away
“How the hell do you not walk round permanently turned on” Ryan laughed
“Dude” Chad looked at him
“No I mean Damn”
“Because she’s my wife and we don’t tend to go right to sleep when we got to bed” Chad laughed
“You told Mom yet?” Mike looked at him
“No but I will” Chad sighed sitting back down……………..
The next few days Lukas apologized several more times and having Miranda and Heidi around gave the guys endless hours of fun with all the teasing they were doing. The girls were less intimidated of them now and spoke to them like they’d known them forever.
“I’ll be back later” I moaned as Chad kissed my neck
“I know but I don’t think I’ve gone a day in the last four and a half months where I haven’t seen you for almost the entire day”
“Hey Blame Lukas for scheduling” I closed my eyes as he nibbled my ear “Okay I’m going to have to sit on a flight for almost three hours sexually frustrated  Mr. Kroeger”
“Hey you’re leaving me as well I’m going to need a cold shower before I go do the press thing with the guys”
“Good” I smacked his ass “I’ll see you tonight” He nodded his finger tugging on my ring “I love you”
“Love you too baby” He leant on the door and watched me walk down the hall to the waiting security guard who was coming with me time to Go see Kellan……………

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