Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Now I'm wet

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Submitted: May 23, 2011



……………. Okay I had to admit that I was thankful for having the bodyguard with me there were easily twice as many people outside of the hotel as there had been the first day we arrived in Sydney, The airport wasn’t a whole lot better when people recognized me I had to keep stopping and signing autographs and having my picture taken with them.
“Chris” Corey put his hand on my back. I was glad that Lukas had offered Corey job as head of our Security after I’d met him when I was in Vancouver and he came shopping with me. I went with him as we walked to the gate for the plane.
“Miss Sommers we’re ready for you to board” the overly smiley Steward at the gate beamed at me “And I have to say I’m a huge fan and so is my boyfriend”
“Thank you” I smiled back I swear to god my face was hurting like a bitch from all the smiling I was doing.
“You look like you need a drink” Corey laughed as we sat down
“Hell yes and we’ve only been back on the road for 5 days” I rubbed my neck “So did you hear the Kerions got himself a Marine Corps Nurse?”
“He was talking to me about it last night” Corey nodded “I’ve offered to go back with him as he security when he heads to Lejeune” I wrinkled my nose at him, he started to laugh
“Okay for those of us that don’t speak Marine?”
“Camp Lejeune it’s the Marine Corps Base in North Carolina where she’s based” He explained “It used to be home for me for a while”
“You still miss it?” It was good not having a conversation where I had to think twice before saying things.
“Once a Marine always a Marine”
“Corey that’s your stock answer to everything” I groaned
“Yes I still miss being a Marine” He nodded “But now I get to travel the world and not get shot at and I sleep in hotels not in Tents and bunks with 15 other guys” He laughed “Believe me this job has it’s perks”
“What babysitting two rock bands with some of the biggest diva’s as members?”
“Yeah Alfie’s a Bitch” he nodded trying to keep a serious face “I mean did you see him lose it when he couldn’t’ find his eyeliner the night before last?” He looked at me as the plane lifted off the ground. The conversation was easy and relaxed but you could see in the way that Corey sat and looked round him watching people he was working.
We got through the airport the other side with the help of the police there. Looks like someone had told them we were coming. We were driven to a gated house at the end of a long drive that over looked the beach.
“See I told you this job has perks” Corey Grinned as he got out the car and waited for me to get out “I get top come to places like this”
“Christine Sweetheart” Damian swept over to me and air kissed me “How hot Is it?” He pulled a lace fan from the pocket of this pants and fanned himself dramatically with it ‘I’m sweating and it’s so unattractive”
“Dude so are we” Corey puffed Damian looked Corey up and down and then looked at me
“Okay so where did you picl up the man mountain”
“He’s my body guard” I rolled my eyes “Corey Damian. Damian Corey” I introduced them
“Well Damn it’s getting hotter round here” Damian giggled blushed and hid behind the fan. “Kellan showed up about twenty minutes ago and is already doing laps in the pool even thought I told him NO” Damian tried to tear his eyes from Corey and failed “Any chances he’s?” he managed to look at me for a second before looking back to Corey
“None” I laughed as we walked up the steps of the house. People were milling round setting things up, How the hell the pictures end up looking so hot I’ll never figure it out because there are so many people stood round watching.
“Smiling to yourself like that can’t be good” Julia grinned at me before she hugged em “You wait till you see the stuff today”
“Hi to you as well”
“Sorry, you want a drink or anything?”
“No I’m good” I shook my head
“Well you need to get into makeup and hair and get into or out of you things” She gabbled “No Lukas today” she paused and looked at me “or Chad?”
“No all the guys are busy doing a hundred and one other things so you just get me” I followed her into the kitchen of the house that was now set up to resemble a hair salon. “Hey can I get a minute to go see Kellan?”
“Sure” She got a wry smirk on her face
“Oh don’t even go there” I shook my head at her and walked out of the open glass doors onto the deck round the pool People were standing round watching as Kellan powered through t the water.
“Damn that what dreams are made of” One of the girls there sighed
“Hell Yeah” The girl next to her nodded. I walked over to the side of the pool as he reached the end of it and took a breath. He wiped the water off his face
“About time you got here” He looked at me
“Sorry I didn’t know it was a race, and what is it with people here and just saying hi?” I held out my hands as he hauled himself out of the water he took the towel I held out to him and grinned “Oh don’t you even think of hugging me right now I have a Marine here watching my back”
“I can handle Marines” he dropped the towel and hugged me
“Oh My God you’re wet” I laughed
“It happens when you swim Chris It’s sort of something to do with the water” He roared with laughter before dropping a kiss on me head “So where’s Chad?” He grinned but keeping his voice down……..

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