Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Shoot

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Submitted: May 23, 2011



................. Kellan picked up the towel and rubbed his hair with it
‘He’s working along with all the others” I shrugged
“Oh I was hoping to see him”
“Oh Jeez thanks” I pouted
“Yeah well I’m only friends with you to get to the Band” he nudged em with his elbow
“Ow and you know that wouldn’t surprise me” I put my hand in the pockets of my jeans
“Okay so what’s wrong?” he stopped walking and turned to face me
“I need to talk to you” I looked round “but not here and not with everyone around”
“Okay that sounds a little scary”
“Really dahling” Damian breezed by us we all know what you two have done with each other” Kellan and I both turned red.
“It’s nothing scary” I said shaking my head “It’s personal”
“Okay you want to go for a walk on the beach or something?”
“Oh no you don’t you both need to get the shoot done first” Julia grabbed my hand and looked at Kellan “Make out with Chris later” I saw Corey look at me and smile and shake his head, being round us twenty four seven he knew I was with Chad. “Now go shower while we get Chris ready” She pulled me into the house and sat me in a chair as Damian started to work on my hair my phone started to ring.
“Corey can you get that from my purse please” I asked as I was made to look like I’d just got out of bed with a perfect full face of makeup including long lashes. Corey handed it to me.
Me * hey you
Chad * so you got there in one piece?
Me * yeah thanks to Corey and a few cops
Chad * wild was it
Me * crazy I feel safer when we’re altogether
Chad * so you done the shoot yet
Me * no I’m getting my hair and makeup done
Chad * you talked to Kellan about Bali yet?
Me * No to many people around, we’re going to take a walk later
Chad * good idea…
Me * he was disappointed you weren’t here
Chad * I’m pissed I’m not there… getting to look at you for most of the day in nothing but underwear sounds like a perfect day
Me * I’ll get Corey to send you pictures
Chad * I like that idea baby… hey say hi to Kellan for me I just wanted to check in with you and to tell you I miss you
Me * I miss you too, it’s wired none of you being around
Chad * quiet
Me * very
Chad * I have to run we’re heading to another press thing
Me * okay I love you
Chad * Love you too and I’ll see you in bed tonight
Me * as long as you’re not sleeping
Chad * I might fake it to see how you wake me
I heard Mike shouting in the background
Chad * okay now I’m getting shit from my big brother
Me * I’ll call you later
Chad * okay
I hung up and handed Corey the phone
“I was going to send him pictures anyway” Corey laughed
“Thanks” I nodded
‘Okay so that was intriguing” Damian looked at me as he teased another piece of hair within an inch of its life
“You shouldn’t be listening in” I looked at him
“Okay it’s a sort of hard not to when you go all gooey on the phone within a foot of me” He put his hands on his hips “So you want to spill and tell us who it was?”
“Kellan from the other room” I pushed my tongue in my cheek I watch the look exchanged between Julia and Damian. I liked these two people but truthfully I didn’t trust them with my secrets I’d only met them a couple of times before.
“Guys we need Chris as soon as we can” Micheal the Photographer put his head round the door.
“She just needs to get dressed” Julia said snapping back to the real world, She handed me the underwear and the boots to wear and waited outside of the door for me to come out. “So you and Kellan are back on then” She tried to act casual
“Hmmm… Did you say something?” I smiled inside as I pretended I hadn’t heard her
“I was just wondering is you and Kellan we’re together again?” She shrugged as I walked out
“Now that would be a spoiler wouldn’t it” I took the cuff she held out and slipped it onto my wrist along with the wire ring. Her eyes lit up at the sight of the diamond on my left hand, I walked across the room without another words to hushed talking from Julia, Damian and two of the crew in there about the ring.
Kellan was standing talking to Michael in jeans
“You look beautiful” Micheal clapped his hands together “Amazing Chris” I felt my cheeks go red a little
“Okay so how come he get to wear clothes this time?” I protested looking at Kellan “And thank you Micheal”
“Because you’re hotter than me” He teased
“Okay well I knew that” I laughed it was a crazy fun relationship that had developed between Kellan and I even after the hooking up we’d done, nothing was awkward, he was an amazing friend that was always there when I needed a guys point of view other then the guys I was with all the time and Chad and I owed him for pushing us together.
“Hello Earth to Christine” Kellan waved his hands in front of my face “You okay” He rubbed my arms “You zoned out there for a while” I put my arms round his neck and hugged him. “Well okay then” he chuckled wrapping me in his usual bear hug “Chris you’re worrying me” he murmured in my ear.
“I’m okay” I assured him as I let go and he set me back on my feet ‘I just wanted to give you a hug”
“Hey not complaining” he held up his hands laughing
“Okay guys” Michael sighed any chance of getting one picture of you two serious for a minute. You get worse”
“Sorry” I looked round Kellan at him
“Right I want it to look like right now you don’t like each other” I looked at Kellan and we both had a fit of the giggles “Yes I know it’s a stretch for both of you, but imagine he’s cheated on you or she’s cheated on you” I took a deep breath and tried to control my urge to beat him with the nearest pillow “You hate each other but the passion and fire’s still there”
Kellan stood behind me my hand holding on to the waist band of his jeans His held the top of that arm with one hand as his other one came round over my shoulder and his hand slid round my neck tipping my head back to his shoulder. Making it
“Wow first shot is perfect” was the only sound in the room “Keep it up” the sounds of the camera clicking was punctuated every now and then by direction from Micheal as we managed to keep it serious. Before it disintegrated into a pillow fight.
“Okay guys I think we’re done” Micheal called out I looked at him and smiled “Nice job both of you” Kellan followed me back to the kitchen were people were now eating including Corey.
“Hey I’m going to be on the beach” I slipped on a white shirt that Damian handed to me
‘Okay” he put his plate down
“I’ll be okay you can eat.” I smiled “I need to talk to Kellan” Corey nodded. “Okay you” I poked Kellan in the arm “Lets go”.
“Ooo I love it when you boss me around” He grinned handing me a bottle of water.
“Shut up” I pushed him out of the door………………..

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