Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Calm before the storm

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Submitted: May 24, 2011



............ “Hey Chris” I looked up from watching the guys sound check as Lukas walked over to me “I have the magazine from the other day” I straightened up as he came over he handed me the magazine “They’re definitely trying to figure out who you’re with after the conversation with Kellan”

“Aren’t you?” I couldn’t help but dig at him

“I’m sorry and I really didn’t understand how good of a friend he is with Chad” Lukas groaned “I know I’m going to be making up for this for years Chris”

‘Yes you are” I smiled as Alfie came over

“You okay?” I looked at him Miranda and Heidi had left early that morning to go back to the States

“Not really” He sighed I handed Lukas the magazine and hugged Alfie “Okay your boobs don’t feel the same when you hug me as Heidi’s do” He pouted.

“Dude” Kerion was walking by “why are you comparing Her Boobs to Heidi’s?”

“OH here we go again the great boob debate” Pete chuckled

“Yeah hang on a minute this debate starts and everyone wants to see mine” I pulled a face “and sorry there are two people on this tour that get to do that other than me” I held up my hand “One I’m married to the other dresses me I pointed to the wardrobe room” I took the magazine back from Lukas who was laughing “Not a word from you” I warned him, I flicked through the magazine. “Damn you guys look good in suits” I turned the magazine round to show them the full double page spread of the four of us.

“Hell my mom will be framing that one” Alfie laughed sitting on the packing case next to me taking the magazine and started to read.

Alfie Kreger the sweetheart of the group” He beamed “is the only one that actually admits to being in a relationship” he read out

“Well she’s fucked up” Pete laughed “I’m the sweet one in the group”

“Bull shit” Lukas coughed as Nickelback walked off the stage

“Shut up and let me read” Alfie sighed “Pete feigns that no one is interested in him, but I can tell you I know at least six women in the office with me now that would take him and do unspeakable things to him given the opportunity” we all looked at him

“Okay someone get me that reporters number” he laughed

‘What’s this?’ Mike looked over Alfie’s shoulder

“The interview they did they other day” Lukas explained

“Looking hot” Chad slipped his arms round me and looked at the picture

‘Okay you guys keep butting in and I’ll stop reading” Alfie complained

“Sorry” Chad Smiled resting his head on my shoulder. Alfie cleared his throat to read

Kerion owned up to chatting to someone but wouldn’t elaborate any further leaving the rest of his band mates looking on obviously he didn’t let them in this either… who ever the lucky girl (or guy… well you never know) is I’m sure we’ll all find out soon enough” We were all trying not to laugh as Kerion looked wide eyed not being able to get past the ‘or guy’ comment

“Seriously do I look gay?” He protested

“Okay and what does gay look like?” Ryan teased

“Hey I say we put you in drag” Mike sniggered ‘Chris you got something he can borrow?”

“Hey are you saying I dress like a drag queen?” I poked Mike

“No but remember the pirate outfit in Spain” Ryan laughed

“Okay shut up that wasn’t funny” I shook my head

“Oh MY GOD IT’S LIKE READING TO KINDERGARTNERS” Alfie shouted above the squabbling “Right” We all fell silent as he went back to reading “But the one person that guys and girls want to know about is Chris… One thing obvious right out of the gate is the big brother syndrome all the guys in Never West have for her” they all looked at me and smiled “As soon as I asked about the rumored and photographed relationship with Twilight’s resident hot muscled Vamp Kellan Lutz… The teasing started from all of them even though from the girl herself she said from the get go they were just friends… but how many girls can boast of $10,000 earrings as a gift from a friend. Asking of how she met Kellan Chris replied that he’d but his number in her Mobile phone and called her a short time later, Making Kerion claim that she had him on speed dial… but she didn’t. (I can tell you though she does have all the members of Nickelback on speed dial as well as her own band). But my wonderful readers she called Kellan while we were sitting there so I have finally spoken to him almost fainted at the chance to say the least.

Kellan seems very at easy with all of Never West not just Christine and while neither of them deny the relationship they had, both are adamant nothing other than friendship no exists… so Girls Kellan’s free of Chris, but Guys I’m sorry to say that I’m still not sure if Christine Sommers is available, because the only other guy she’s been seen around with is Nickelback front man Chad Kroeger and on that front she was giving stock answers about being star struck when she first met him because she thought she’d just killed two of Nickelbacks songs on stage, and the fact that rumors will swirl if she goes to dinner with a guy. Chad and Chris we’re both recently photographed heading in to the airport on the romantic island of Bali… Could this be the Rock’s next big secret, even with a eighteen year age difference they would make one hell of a couple and with …” Alfie trailed off and he looked at me

“Oh crap” Ryan chuckled “Anyone say busted?”

“What” I leant over and took the magazine, there was a close up picture of my ring “the iceberg sized rock sitting on Christine’s Ring finger speculation I’m sure is going to follow both rock stars where ever they go…”

“Well someone was going to notice it” Dan shrugged “hey did you wear it when you did the shoot with Kellan” I nodded

“People are now going to be looking to see if you have it on everytime you step out in public” Lukas sighed “You guys be prepared for what’s going to come”…………

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