Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - Petes Pal

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Submitted: May 24, 2011



……. “Well how I see it is you have two choices” Chad sighed putting his hands on my hips as I tried to put on my lipstick before going on stage. “One you can only wear the ring when we’re in private” I looked at him in the mirror and raised my eye brows at him “No I don’t like that either’ he chuckled “Or you keep it on and dodge the questions”
‘I’ll keep it on and dodge the questions” I sighed I stood up straight and turned round to face him “I have to tell Jess first before the press”
‘I know and we can go right to Florida to see her after the VMS’s” I nodded
“Okay guys” the stage manager put his head round the door
‘I love you” I kissed Chad and wiped my finger over his lips to remove the trace of lipstick.
“Love you too” He smacked my ass as I followed the others out to the stage.
Once again I was in my sanctuary on the stage where nothing could touch me and I could be the strong person I really knew I was. Kerion and Alfie walked off the stage as it got toward the end of the set. The stage hand brought on two stools for me and Pete. I nudged him and pointed to a girl in the front of the crowd.
“Looks like she read the magazine” I laughed at him “Look at her shirt” he looked and smiled at the ‘I’d date Pete he’s hot’ that was written on her shirt “I think we should get her up on here” he nodded. I walked over to the front of the stage. “Okay we’re almost done and I know Nickelback are getting ready to come out here” the crowd roared I held up my hands “But I have to do one thing… I love Pete like a big brother but he can’t get a date… he’s our Cinderella” Pete groaned and hung his head there were screams from all over the arena “So I spotted someone that I think should meet him” I crouched down and said something to the security guy in front of the stage and pointed to the girl who was open mouthed as he went over to her and brought her onto the stage. She looked terrified. “Hi” I hugged her so we can all see from the t-shirt that you like Pete what’s your name?”
“Suzanne” she swallowed hard
“Well don’t worry he doesn’t bite”
“I do” Pete laugh
“Dude I’m playing you up to Suzanne here” the crowd roared with laughter  I took her by the hand and lead her over to the stool next to Pete and patted it I’ll let you keep my seat warm tonight “You no biting” I wagged my finger at Pete… Now I can see someone watching us from the side of the stage So I think I’m going to ask for some help and do something a little not ours” there was murmuring through the crowd. “Chad you think you” the noise was amazing as Chad stepped out onto the stage.
“So we match making?” Chad laughed bringing the stool out and putting it next to Suzanne her face was an absolute picture
“I think we are” I nodded at him
“Awesome” he high fived wit pete
“So what she we do?” Chad wiggled his eye brows at me
“Dude not helping” Pete chuckled
“I say something sweet” I walked across the stage
“Something in your mouth” Chad winked Suzanne turned beet red
“Okay really not helping” Pete looked at Suzanne “Sorry about these two” she giggled
“I know” I held up my hand again “Something to remind a certain someone of a Marine while we do this” Kerion laughed from the side of the stage”
“Far away?” I nodded “Same as on the USO flight?”
“Yep” I took the stool that Kerion handed on to me and sat next to Chad. By the time we finished Suzanne was near to tears.
“I’ll take her back stage to wait and meet him properly and give you chance to finish” Chad smirked as he lead Suzanne off the stage. We finished the last two songs and headed back stage Suzanne was there with one of her friends talking to Chad who now had Dan standing with him.
“Sorry I did that to you” I smiled walking over to her as I was handed a towel “but you were wearing that shirt and I had to do it”
How do you do that every night?” She gabbled I was terrified
“Sometimes I wonder that myself” I nodded “
“You girls want to go grab something to eat?” Pete smiled
“Excuse me I need to talk to Chris” Chad put his hand in the small of my back and led me to one side
“Nicely done Mrs. Kroeger” he pulled me to him
“Yeah well it’ll take some attention from us” I wiped my face “plus it’ll help him with the sexual frustration”
“Chris” he laughed
“What I’m sorry are you more relaxed after we’ve” he kissed me to shut me up
“You know I am”
‘Chad time” Ryan nudged him as he walked by
“Go I’ll be here when you’re done”
‘”Okay” he kissed me again and ran after Ryan. I walked back to the dressing room . Pete was already showered and changed
“Hell that was fast”
“Yeah well I’m sort of trying to be nice” he laughed “Since you decided to set me up”
“hey she’s cute she could have been a real Moose” I sat down and unzipped my boots Alfie helped pull them off
“You’re coming along” Pete looked at me
Like hell I’m waiting for Chad” I pulled a face “Take Kerion”
“He’s going to come along as well” Alfie grinned “Why don’t we all wait for the end of the show and all go out together?”
“Okay” I nodded. I walked out of the room to get something from the wardrobe room. Lukas was pacing the hallway.
“Mari you can’t be serious” He shook his head “Like hell…” he paused and looked at me “No I’m not doing this now… we’re not doing this now” he hung up
“Was that…”
Sorry I have to go check something out Chris” He hurried past me
Okay well that can’t be good can’t it…………………

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