Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Meeting time

Submitted: May 17, 2011

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Submitted: May 17, 2011



…………………. The rest of the flight wasthe normal rowdy Nickelback/Never West flight. I sat next to Alfie who was writing yet another new song.

Hey so when’s Heidi coming out again?” he handed me the book while he picked up his guitar.

“She’s crammed everything in so she can graduate early” he smiled I talked to her yesterday”

“Okay you don’t have your phone… none of us do”

‘No but the hotel did’ He nudged me “I’m going to talk to Lukas about seeing if she can come with us for a while”

“Good then at least I’m not the only girl” I pouted “and I’ll stop getting crap hugs” I poked my tongue in my cheek. Chad looked round and raised one eye brow at me.

“Yeah right I severely doubt that Chad still gives you crap hugs” Alfie laughed you guys holed up in that beach house for the last five days did you even get dressed”

“We had to we had a maid and a house manager” Chad called out as he threw poker chips into the pile on the table in front of him.

We finally arrived in Sydney and were all hurried through Immigration and out to the two waiting limos. Chad winked at me as he went with his band and I went with mine. We were okay still with all these guys knowing we were together but we still didn’t want everyone else to know.

“Okay you need to spill whatever is eating at you?” Kerion looked at me ‘

“What?” I looked at the three of them

‘Chris we know you to well” Pete smiled “And we know this isn’t a bad thing… but you’re keeping something from us”

‘Look it’s a little complicated and Chad and I need to talk to all of you”

“Oh crap we’re not getting kicked off the tour so you can go at it like rampant rabbits are we?” Kerion pulled a face

“No and we don't”

Okay I think we can say Er… Bull shit” Alfie grinned “How many times have you joined the mile high club?”

“Why did you guys stay in the limo for 20 minutes before the last show we did?" Pete added

“And I’m sorry that Tour bus we had for those few days needed to go in for new shocks” Kerion dug his finger into my ribs “hell I think for a guy his age he’s doing really good” I shot him a look “What?” I shook my head trying not to get mad at him.

“Come on we’ll act all surprised when you sit us all down” Pete put his head on my shoulder

‘No” I shook my head “You have to wait till we’re all together” we pulled up outside of a hotel Nickelback were already out of their car and signing autographs and pictures were being snapped we got out and the same happened to us. We finally got inside Lukas was standing in the lobby waiting for us

“So how was the break?” he laughed shaking the guys’ hands before he hugged me.

“It was good” I nodded

“Just what we needed, now bring on the stage” Alfie clapped his hands together.

“Hey can we all just go to one of the rooms” Chad asked looking round “Something happened” all the color drained from Lukas’s face

“Do we need bail money"” Mike laughed

“Or do we need to hide you?’ Dan butted in

“I don’t know” Chad looked at me “It’s something big and we don’t know how you’re going to take it”

“Oh I’m going to be sick” Lukas groaned “I swear to god you guys are going to cause me and ulcer” I put my arm round his as we walked to the elevator

“We’ll visit you in hospital”

“Gee thanks” he rolled his eyes “we can go to my room” we all piled in his suite I walked over to Chad and he put his arms round me and kissed my head as the others sat down.

“Okay” Ryan leant forward his elbows on his knees “Don’t take this funny Chris but we know you can’t get pregnant” I nodded “So that’s one thorey out the window”

“They do it like they’re trying to get pregnant” Pete laughed I threw a pillow at him.

“So come on which one got arrested or did the paparazzi get naked shots?” they all looked at me

“Hey”I wrinkled my nose “I was dressed all the time” Chad coughed “When I was outside” I shrugged he coughed again “Oh no... that was all you it wasn’t my fault I was naked in the pool” I turned and looked at him with my hand on my hips he started to laugh.

“I know what you were planning on doing” Lukas smirked “So did you?”

“Sort of" Chad Nodded

‘Sort of how can you sort of do it?”

“Well it didn’t last long that was all” the other guys were wide eyed and open mouthed as Lukas and Chad had a tennis like conversation

“Dude will you just tell us my head hurts” Dan flopped back on the bed ‘and I’m so not drunk enough for this”

“Okay” Chad took a deep breath “You all know Chris and I holed up in Bali”

“We Know” Mike nodded

“Well I asked Chris to Marry me” there was a stunned silence.

“Marry…. as in Husband and wife?” Kerion scratched his head

“Dude” Pete rolled his eyes at him Lukas was beaming

“So what… well” Mike got up and smiled “Finally” he pulled his brother into a hug “And I have to say nice choice” he chuckled “So I guess…” Chad looked at him

“There’s more” Mike backed away “the engagement lasted about an hour”

“Fuck” Dan started to laugh “What the hell did you do that has to be the shortest engagement ever”

“We got married” I said with Chad standing behind me his hands on my shoulders “we got married at sunset with the house manager and the justice of the peace” I reached into my purse and pulled out the marriage license and a picture And handed it to Ryan who was closet his mouth hanging open………

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