Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - Dancing

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Submitted: May 25, 2011



……………….. We got into the club Pete was already on the dance floor with Suzanne both of them looking a little awkward moving to the music that was thumping. Chad’s fingers linked with mine once we were in the VIP area pulling me close into him.
“You guys okay?” Kerion asked handing us both a beer
“Not really but life’s a bitch and he dated her” I nodded at Chad as he talked to Mike.
“That bad?” Alfie lent in to me
“Oh yeah” I nodded.
“Okay I’m going to say it because I’ve been dying to” Ryan laughed “I’m going to be the first one to dance with the bride” Chad looked at him and started to smile
“Dude feel free but be warned shes good” I knew he wanted to talk to his brother more.
“Okay Chad I get it we’ve heard more than once but I’m only dancing with her” Kerion snorted beer down his nose.
“Okay that’s just wrong” I groaned Chad winked at me Ryan pulled me toward the dance floor next to the still awkwardly moving Pete and Suzanne.
“Okay you need to loosen up” Ryan laughed standing behind Suzanne and putting his hand on her hips
“Yeah both of you” I pushed pete into her “Ryan placed Suaznnes hand on Pete’s chest and looked at me over both of their shoulders
“How the hell does he have no rhythm to dance?”
“Chad doesn’t either” I shrugged  “No just move” I slapped Pete on the ass and held my hand out to Ryan. We were all dancing.
“You know you and Chad are going to be okay right” Ryan said I looked at him as we danced “I’ve known him all my damn life and I’ve never seen him like this over anything other than his Lambo”
“Oh gee thanks for that” I laughed “I’m scared to be honest with you”
“Of what?”
“That she’s going to really rock things and Chad’s going to…” Ryan stopped dancing and looked at me.
“He won’t trust me… and after all” He held up my left hand “He wouldn’t have put this on there, when Chad sets his mind to something he does it”
“I noticed” I nodded
“Chris you guys are a phenomena you really are the tours now almost turned into a joint two headliner we’re selling out places faster then I think possible “Chad was the one that talked all of us into giving you guys the chance and once again… and do not tell him I told you this because he really doesn’t need his ego boosting anymore. He was right and he saw something in all of you”
“Oh great now you tell me” I swatted him
“Hey it only took a few times of hearing you all and then working with all of you to realize that with a little help…” I put my arms round him and hugged him
“Thank you” I kissed his cheek
“What for”
Being some of the coolest people on the face of this planet”
“Yeah we’ll I guess we kinda are” he laughed ‘Now Mrs. Kroeger your husband’s looking at you” He pointed to where Chad was standing smiling I beckoned him over. “Dude I’ll let you dance with your wife because I really think I shouldn’t be dancing this close with her” Ryan winked at me and walked away
“Hey you” Chad put his hands on my hips and pulled me against him
“Ryan giving you the pep talk” I looked at him “Ryan likes to make sure every ones okay”
“Well it worked” I put my arms up round his neck “You and Mike talked it through” He nodded
“I’m sorry” he moved with me “You don’t need to be worrying about this with everything else”
“Okay you want me to chew you out again because I will Mr. Kroeger”
“Hell no” he laughed.
He moved his hand to the side of my face and kissed me. We were in the middle of a dance floor full of people and he was doing something that he’d never done before and openly kissed me… hell yes he’d kissed me back stage and in front of the guys but never in public. He pulled back and smiled at me.
“They’re really together” I heard Suzanne gasp
“Yes they are” Pete laughed “and I think they just announced it” I looked at him and grinned………..

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