Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Risque and a risk

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Submitted: May 25, 2011



We all went backstage and I was pulled away from the guys and into a separate dressing room. Two wardrobe women helped me out of my gown and shoes and into what had to be the most daring costume I’d used onstage to date. I slipped my arms into the coat and fastened it round my ribs. The door knocked
“Miss Sommers” I looked up at the stage manager “five minutes we have to get you to the stage” I nodded and hurried with him to the side of the stage where the guys were waiting to go on.
“Damn Chris” Lukas’s mouth fell open “Hell even I need a cold shower… oh shit look at the boots” he messed with the collar on his shirt “Please tell me the…” he pointed to my chest “Boys are restrained we don’t need a super bowl incident”
“Oh God Lukas” Alfie laughed
“What I’m just saying” I pated his cheek
“It’ll be fine… there is more tit tape holding me together right now than skin”
“I think she’s going to blow them all away” Pete kissed my cheek as the guys headed out onto the stage.
The sounds filtering back were of the show being opened. I followed the stage manager back and under the stage to the platform that was going to lifted me up through the centre of the stage. I pushed on the ear pieces as the butterflies were throwing a party in my stomach. The sound of the guys playing made me smile as the platform began to rise and I started to sing with my back to the crowd to begin with steps…. There was a huge flash and a shower of sparks as I turned round up to cheering and whistling….. I walked to the front of the stage letting the music and the atmosphere take me, the noise level rose again as I shed the coat leaving the top and the shorts short enough if the camera angle was right you’d see my tattoos on the inside of my thighs.
“Oh shit” Chad whistled as I walked across the stage till I was about level with where they were “Blood is flowing to all the wrong places right now”
“Keep a poker face bro” Mike nudged him “The camera’s going to be looking for your reaction” Mike chuckled “and hot damn I have one hot sister-in-law” Chad looked at him as the camera guy walked and panned onto him. He looked back and the camera and winked………………..
…………… We got to the end of the Song and took our bows and hurried back stage to change while the show carried on.
“Nice job” Lukas walked into the dressing room as I slipped my feet back into my shoes and straightened my gown “Chris there were a lot of guys out there with…”
“Well isn’t that the idea to be memorable” I smiled “Opening act can’t be easily forgettable”
“You’d have been more than memorable if you’d slipped over ” Kerion grinned as he fastened his shirt. “and the puppies had gotten out of the kennel”
“Oh god” I groaned
“Well dignity was kept intact” Lukas laughed “You guys go back to your seats…” his phone rang “I need to get this it the lawyers. I sucked in my breath “It’ll be okay” he smiled at me as a producers waited to show us to our seats in the audience..
“Okay where did you get that outfit from?” Chad smiled as I sat down
“Stage costume that was all” I shrugged innocently “Why?”
“Because damn I have one hot wife” he whispered in my ear.
“Isn’t that why you married me?” I looked at him
“Something like that” he chuckled as Alfie and the others sat back down.
A stage manager came over and Chad and the others all got up and walked away with him, I knew they were presenting…. There was nothing quite like sitting watching an award ceremony live. I linked my arm with Alfie as we watched Chad and the others all stepped out onto the stage. 
“This is a category that we love” Ryan smiled
“Someone has to step up and try to take the lead from us older guys” Mike nodded people started to laugh
“As you can tell he’s the old guy in the band” Chad teased “But we’re here to announce the best new break out artist or group”
“All the people in nominated for this are all amazing and anyone of them deserves to win” Dan added reading from the autocue.
I saw the looks they shot between each other as the announcer read out the names on the list including, Never West. Clips from our videos played along with the others in the category. The breath caught in my throat. We had no idea that we’d been nominated
“Er… Did they just say us?” Alfie squeaked
“I think so” Kerion mumbled we all looked at Lukas who was looking skyward and smiling I reached over and swatted him
‘You knew and you didn’t say anything”
“Yes and would you have slept and would you have not worried about the performance you gave earlier” he grinned
“No but I might have worn underwear” I hissed as Ryan opened the envelope and the four of them started to laugh.
“Well we’ve already been rocked by them tonight the winner’s Never West” Chad laughed
“Go on you look like you just got slapped by a fish” Lukas laughed as Alfie squished me in a hug to break ribs for a skinny kid he’s damn strong. The four of us hugged each other and made our way to the stage as the sound of the last single we’d released played. Nickelback hugged us.
“I’m not about to give them anything” Chad smiled as he hugged me “So I’ll kiss you later Mrs. Kroeger he breathed in my ear
Pete pushed me in front of the Microphone. “Wow okay so we have to thank our Management team for not even telling us we were nominated and I’m sure we’ll be taking it up with them later” we all looked round at Nickelback making everyone laugh “But seriously thank you for this we were 4 kids in high school less than a year ago and now well all hell broke loose. People dream of being famous, being a Rock star. Hell we did and for us it came true even if there was a few bumps… well hills… well mountains we had to deal with. We have to thank or friends and families for backing us and dealing with us not being around Jess see you in a couple of days sweetie…and I guess we should thank these guys” I pointed back to Nickelback “without the constant love and support from you guys we couldn’t be as good as we are” I stepped back and let Kerion say a few things before we were shown off the stage. Chad stopped me and picked me up kissing me.
“See things are paying off for you guys” Mike laughed
“Yeah you guys are getting awards now so I don’t think you have to worry about dealing with the whole you and he are what got you here” Dan pointed to me and Chad
“I can’t believe we won something” Alfie swallowed looking at the award. Lukas appeared backstage
“Chad” he waved him over as I hugged Alfie Pete and Kerion again
“This is so much like a dream” we were all on a high it was the first think we’d ever won
“Okay I think we need to go back and sit down” Mike offered me his arm “Leave those two talking for a minute” I nodded and walked out with him and the others.
“Okay what’s wrong?” Chad asked
“I just got a call from the cops in Chris’s home town with all the press about Chris and the way some people have perceive the stage Chris Aaron’s sentence has been over turned and he’s out”
‘The guy that raped her” Chad choked
“Yeah… I don’t know how we’re going to tell her”
“I’ll do it” Chad nodded “I can try everything I can to make her feel safe”
‘I’m increasing security because some of the things he’s said about her in the court room and wanting to make a fresh start with her”
“Yeah well the son of a bitch is going to have on difficult time getting passed me”…………………

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