Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - fear all round

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Submitted: May 25, 2011



…. The door to the room knocked Mike got up to answer it as Chad lay on the bed with me.
“How is she?” Kerion asked “We can’t sit out there any longer the doctor didn’t say anything”
“A damn mess” Chad looked up “I think we all under estimated and took for granted the hold this guy has on her” He got up “Let’s go in the other room”
“Why the hell did they think its okay to let out a guy that’s raped someone?” Alfie was chewing his nails and pacing the floor ‘She’s a different person on stage she’s doesn’t feel vulnerable how can people not see that?”
“The side we know of Chris is the real side we all know the side the public sees is the stage side the confident sexy woman ready to take on the world” Lukas sighed pouring everyone shots of whiskey. “Hell look at her tonight she could take over the world she worked so damn hard” Chad sat on the table and put his head in his hands.
“None of you saw her that night” Alfie fought back the tears “None of you saw how terrified she was when I had to drive her away from that son of a bitch after he’d done what he did to her” He sank the whiskey “You guys didn’t have to listen to here the nights she woke up screaming” Kerion and Pete looked at each other. The three of them had often held me at night while I broke down, some night sitting with me till I fell asleep so I knew I wasn’t alone. “Even you don’t know” he looked at Chad. “And I know you know stuff that she hasn’t told anyone else but for this guy to be walking around, the faster we can get out of the US the better”
I’d never told Chad about the nightmares, passing them off when I had them a couple of times with him as something and nothing, but they’d become less frequent because I’d begun to feel more safe with each passing day.
“We got to comfortable” Chad sighed holding his glass out to Lukas to top up “We thought the biggest problem was her Mom screwing with her head we never gave a thought to him being out a second thought we thought he was gone for a long time”
“I’ve cancelled the next week of concerts in Brazil” Lukas stood up “I know we were off for a couple of days anyway but we need to make sure Chris isn’t about to have a breakdown… Corey’s making a few calls to get help with more personal security”
“The girls have finished school” Pete looked up “Why don’t we get them to come with us hell even get Xander here till he leaves for college”
“Yeah you know she misses having them to talk to and at least she’ll have someone with her twenty four seven then” Ryan looked at Chad “You can’t be there all the while we have stuff to do away from Never West and vice versa”
“Okay would you leave your wife if some sick fuck was after her” Chad snapped getting up and pacing the floor “and we have Corey who Chris trust”
“There’s a huge difference Chad” Ryan got up “my wife can be with me all the while if she needs to be. Chris has her career that’s still getting established, we can drop off the face of the earth for 6 months and no one will think twice about it for them its professional suicide you know it and so do the rest of us”
“I know” He rubbed the back of his neck “Let me talk to her when she wakes up and find out everything I can before we make any choices for her we shouldn’t keep things from her like we have”
“Okay” Lukas Nodded “You need anything?” he put his hand on Chad’s shoulder
“People to stop hurting Chris” he looked at him “Make my excuses for the interview in the morning”
“I will” Lukas nodded the others filed out back to their rooms Mike hung back
“You okay…?”
“No not in the slightest all I can do is watch her hurt and my hands are tied”
“You’re not regretting what you did are you?”
“What?” No hell no I love her I know that much but… can she ever love me in the same way because of everything that’s happened to her?”
“You are kidding right?’ Mike laughed “do you not see the way she looks at you, the way she’ll step back when a fan wants a picture taken with you or a girl wants a kiss from you… I see it kills here to hear stories of the strip club nights and lap dancers you’ve banged the ass off” Chad raised his eye brows “She doesn’t want to rock the boat with you, she feels safe with you Bro”
“She’s talked to you?” Chad narrowed his eyes, Mike nodded
“Yes we’ve talked and she’s insecure that you’ll still go back to Mari or she’ll find you drunk off your ass with some strippers tits in your face because she’s not everything you wanted her to be” Mike shrugged.
‘But she is”
“I know but after everything that’s happened you’re the good thing that’s working she’s waiting for the bubble to burst” Chad put his head on the door frame “Look all I’m saying if you think you’ve bitten off more than you can chew tell her and get it over and done with because this ain’t going to be easy” Mike opened the door “we all love both of you and hate to see either of you hurting”
“I’m in for the long haul Mike I knew when I asked her to marry me that she was going to have to learn to trust all over again” he shrugged “She’s the only one I’ve wanted to change for… hell I’d give up everything if it meant she’d be happy and we’d be okay”
“You need to make sure she knows this Bro” Mike walked into the hall “Call if you need” Chad nodded and closed the door before he stripped off and climbed into the bed next to me pulling me into his arms……………………

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